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  1. My initial thought was indeed the type of races at Lake of the Ozarks with the big offshore boats going 200mph. This sounds much for manageable.
  2. Unfortunately, you have to do a lot more than that on a regular basis to actually get put into prison. I mean, you have to try really hard on numerous occasions to go to jail these days.
  3. Completely unscientific, but when drift fishing with bottom bouncing rigs, it seems that night crawlers tend to produce more distinct strikes allowing for actual hooksets in lip for even novices vs powerbait eggs/nuggets where they just swallow it. If they do swallow it, NBD to just just cut the line and put a new rig on your swivel. You'll be fishing quicker anyways.
  4. You can't fix stupid
  5. I asked a related question a year ago or so related to night fishing by boat. You rarely see anyone trying it. Duane pretty much said the fog is too unpredictable. Makes it too tough and dangerous.
  6. How is that different from a wooly bugger? Caught so many fish back in my college days stripping woolies down at the dam. They look similar, but the hibernator looks thicker
  7. 20k cfs would make the tailer water level about 713-714, correct?
  8. 11500cfs release by this afternoon. Guessing that will be doubled within a day or two. Corresponding move at Table Rock coming I bet. Going to get dicey
  9. Well, here is the MDC video story on the state record rainbow. Caught at Roaring River in the park right below the hatchery pond dam. Wonder if it was a recent stocker from the pond or it truly had been in for awhile?
  10. I am trying to imagine what a 17lb rainbow would look like and I'm coming up with nothin' after seeing this 12lb fish. What a catch and great job on the video production
  11. At least Table Rock has some storage left. That won't last long though with the forecasted deluge to come the next five days and when they start purging Beaver. Hoping for the best
  12. Trust me, I know all about the locals and their precious 659. When I moved up here I couldn't get over the whining over a 1 foot drop or rise. Growing up on Stockton I was used to anything under 10ft difference from normal pool being acceptable and these people want to complain about 6" either way?
  13. You mean Ameren might be fudging the numbers?? No way
  14. I have tried to find it online and can't. Up to 60,000 CFS now. That is a lot of water. I think Table Rock's record is 72,000 back in 2015. Hope the forecast for next 10 days doesn't pan out. Pretty ominous if it does
  15. Conejos River in Southern Colorado
  16. Didn't FLW require you to run Ranger back in the day? This is nothing new. Even if the kiddo wasn't part of a non-compete, it's still maybe a little too soon.
  17. I recall seeing 881 one time back around 97 or 98. Can remember fishing around the submerged picnic tables at Ruark Bluff. Another thing that stuck out to me was how little clearance there was under the bridges compared to normal. We put in at the end of a gravel road. We were launching at what seemed like almost the edge of the corps land. Let's just say chicken rock was not earning it's reputation that summer
  18. So the guys who went MLF gave up on the opportunity to make The Classic? Man, money talks I suppose.
  19. We are all a little right. There were certainly forests in the Ozarks, just not as dense as what we see today in some spots. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/pubs/gtr/gtr_srs108/gtr_srs108-001.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjx-9Hnq9ziAhUBaq0KHa_3CxEQFjAKegQIBhAC&usg=AOvVaw0bMRhmfE2WCU14Z6hL_oEP&cshid=1560081548979
  20. Two ideas on that. Schoolcraft was only in the Springfield area for about a week. What is now the south side of Springfield proper and points east near Rogersville. Up on the plateau it very well could have been mainly grasslands. Springfield is relatively flat compared to points all around . Also, he may have been lying. He was trying to become a miner and find new claims/sources of lead. Last thing he would want to do is have a bunch of loggers from the east come trapsing all over it.
  21. That's probably oak wilt of some sort. I lost a 105-125 year old white oak in my yard a couple years ago. Went from looking perfectly fine to completely dead in less than a year. Doing some research I got in touch with MU Extension and DNR. They both got back to me. The severe droughts make them more susceptible to picking up a disease. There are also factors about elevation and terrain they can't explain yet.
  22. So these guys are doing MLF full-time and not also doing BASS Elite or FLW?
  23. Many parts of Missouri were ruined by logging. Much of the bootheel was wetland or forest at one time. Both of those help slow or negate flooding. They drained the wetlands and cut the trees to grow crops. Then they built levees to "protect" the farmland. The levees make flooding worse.
  24. If they are running water go to Lilley's and buy bottom bouncing drift rigs in several sizes and powerbait eggs. The person at the counter will have an idea on hotter colors. I always buy powerbait from Lilleys. I may be superstitious, but I figure they sell more trout bait than walmart or bass pro (maybe not bass pro at the landing, but I avoid the landing at all costs) and not sitting on the shelf for a year can't hurt. Seems the last few years we have had most luck with orange or an orange/white tandem. Chartreuse, rainbow, yellow, etc will work too. Get a couple colors in garlic scent too. Two eggs per hook and try different colors and combos. I think the powerbait works better than gulp eggs. You can also put night crawler on. Powerbait micetails have been good at times in white/bubblegum color. Easy fishing for a youngster as usually the trout will end up just swallowing it and there is no hook to set for them. I'd boat up to just past monkey island and drift down past Scotty's. Stay closer to the south side of middle as you drift between the island and Scotty's. We catch most fish before 65 bridge and in the no wake zone right there across from Scotty's marina near the mouth of turkey creek going towards the business 65 bridge. If water is off I'd put a splitshot about 24-30" above a size 10 hook. 4lb line is best, but my brother uses 6lb and still catches fish. Two power eggs on, throw it out, and just let it sit. You can also use a float with a pink worm. I'd anchor at the mouth of turkey creek or out in front of the landing. If you want to get the motor warm and see some of the lake boat up to short creek area. It's not as good as it used to be before the floods took out the gravel bar, but that area still can be good and daddy will have a chance to hook nicer fish throwing a jig while junior is fishing powerbait. Of course, I caught a 17" rainbow in short creek area last year using a drift rig with powerbait eggs so you never know.
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