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  1. Nothing wrong with white bass. Just have to get the red/brown stuff cut out of the fillets and I let them soak overnight in a brine before freezing or cooking them
  2. Always did best tied up to a tree at mouth of coves. Big Sac arm south of twin bridges. Minnows
  3. What a hog. That dull slap of the water gives me chills
  4. Wonder how many years in the lake's existence there has been a 10ft rise between Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  5. Lot of old models and data used. A lot more runoff in the basin with NWA, Springfield, and Branson development. Feds were using data from the 1960s to price mortgages in the 2000s and helped lead to the meltdown.
  6. And yet, they could have been passing more water though and keeping the White from potentially becoming ridiculous. But no, they backed it off once the lakes dipped just below flood pool setting up a situation when any large widespread rainfall could have destructive consequences from from NW Arkansas to New Orleans. Corps plays russian roulette.
  7. Still trending further east with 4pm advisory
  8. Still trending east little by little:
  9. Updated forecast maps: Although not great considering how full the lakes are, max rainfall in the 3" range. A few local amounts up to 6" possible in north central Arkansas and south central MO. A few days ago there was a swath of 4-6" totals in the forecast all the way through central and eastern Arkansas and central MO. I'd put more stock in the local office maps at this juncture to pinpoint more exact areas of rainfall amounts. The 7 day QPF is based entirely on computer models and is a good source for rain potential and areas that will get rain. Pretty good consensus with the local offices
  10. More model data here: Also, follow Ryan Maue on twitter.
  11. Updated storm track cone and rainfall forecast. Forecast track hasn't changed much for center of circulation. Width of uncertainty just getting smaller. Maybe a slight trend east
  12. I'd go past Shell Knob to Big M or Eagle Rock area. Troll or drift (drift sock if wind is right alignment with cove) jigs with 3" grubs or roadrunners in big coves or small tributary arms like Roaring River. When sun goes down tie up to trees in large coves nearest the main lake you can get and use minnows under a bait light.
  13. One good thing is that it at least appears to move fast and not stall out.
  14. Getting close to a 50/50 chance of it being a hurricane at landfall
  15. Hoping for prolonged dry spell. If they are keeping Newport below flood stage don't understand why they wouldn't keep dumping water. Seems like malpractice to hold this much water back and then if the rain returns they would have to double or triple the current flow leading to complete devastation along the whole chain and river. Oh, and a gulf storm is looking more and more likely
  16. Bingo. Two lakes become one when Taney tailwater matches Taney elevation
  17. Is there a source for Taney tailwater level? BS 695 is downstream at the dam. Would be higher upstream and taney is 702 at powersite dam.
  18. Two or three years ago when they were running about 20k cfs we were headed up from Lilleys dock in the morning and started seeing a bunch of stuff floating in the water and a couple of older gentlemen in a pontoon were scooping up what they could with dip nets around the pump house. Didn't think a whole lot of it, but as we continued up lake we kept seeing more tackle and trash. We get up to Trout Hollow and there is a small bass boat about half sunk with the stern up in the air. Luckily, a dock barge was there assisting the fisherman who looked pretty dang scared obviously. Would seem he had tried to anchor up in that eddy across from there, but just was not smart with that much water was running. I don't know if that dock barge just happened to be up there to work on fortifying some docks or what, but that guy was lucky to be alive
  19. They have put two or three more wing dikes in on the Missouri that you can see just from the Jeff City bridge in the last few years. Who knows how many that you can't see from the road. All under the guise of deepening the channel. Sorry, but barge traffic between Jeff City and Omaha ain't coming back. The only barges above Jeff City are local sand dredging operations. Jeff City government leaders are trying to establish a port authority thinking that all these barges will start coming up from St Louis. If it was feasible and made money they would never have stopped doing it. Throwing more tax incentives and federal dollars at a ruse.
  20. First boat I bought in the 90s was a '78 Ranger with a 115 Evinrude on it. Same model year. We nursed that thing along and kept rpms low based on advice from by buddy's dad. Guy who bought it from us tried to run it all out and blew it up within two weeks. We tried to tell him when he was looking at it because he kept asking how fast it could go. Well, it can go about 45-50 mph, but you want to keep it around 30mph and run a max of 5000 rpms. He didn't take our advice.
  21. Looks like 12000 cfs is essentially going to produce a crest below 932 and will only keep pace with inflow/evaporation. With sun and warmer temps returning to the midwest power demand should be up like normal for this time of year. Was hoping for some over the top like they are doing at Beaver and BSD. Congress and the Corps need to work on a new water control plan for the White. The current policy just ends up making flooding worse for everyone. With all the lakes full another big rain will put central and eastern Arkansas in peril anyways along with everyone else within the chain. I know they ran water all winter, but they should have dumped more. The Corps water policy is like playing russian roulette and mother nature keeps putting extra rounds in the revolver.
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