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    MickinMO reacted to Phil Lilley in Lilley's Lake Taneycomo fishing report, June 26   
    The days of no generation may be over for now.  We've seen the dam operators moving some water the last few days from lake to lake, even though the White River at Augusta, Arkansas is still at flood stage.  With no rain in the foreseeable future, we may see more and more water running through Lake Taneycomo.
    We've been seeing about 6,000 cubic feet per second of flow for most of the day lately with a bump up to 12,000 late in the afternoon.  That's 2 units to 4 units worth of water.  There's really no way to know if this pattern will continue but for now it seems reasonable to think it will.
    Trout fishing has been just ok.  There are days though it has been real stinky!  Early and late, of course, is the best times to fish.  Most of our guides are on the water by 5:30 am and the bite is good for a couple of hours.  Then they have to work for fish.
    Most of the guides are either drifting a Berkley pink powerworm just on a hook on the bottom or on a small jig head under a float.  The pink worm is actually catching some big trout.  This little gal caught a trophy brown trout using her kid pink fishing rod.

    Anglers are catching mainly rainbows drifting night crawlers and power eggs.  And we've heard all colors are good except red or pink, which makes no sense because the pink worm is working better than power eggs.  It must not be the color.  Best area to drift is Lilleys' Landing down through the bridges.  Stay in the middle when drifting because there's a lot of old, sunken dead trees on the edges of the lake.
    Right now there's a ton of stocker rainbows in the Branson Landing area.  They're being caught on the Berkley pink worm on a small jig head under a float 5-7 feet deep.
    I personally haven't tried drifting minnows lately and we haven't sold many but I would think drifting them on the bottom should catch trout, especially brown trout, seeing all the browns being caught right now.
    Trophy brown trout are still being caught at various areas of the lake on bait and lures.  I've been asked why does it seem all of a sudden we're seeing so many big browns being caught.  The short answer is I don't know.  But it does coincide with an increase of trophy rainbows which I believe is a result of constant flow of water from Table Rock over the past 2+ years.  The food base in Taneycomo (plankton, scuds, midges, sculpins, small forage fish) stays much healthier when the water is running verses when there's long periods of no generation.
    We've had reports of browns being caught on the pink worm, night crawlers, marabou jigs (white, sculpin/ginger and sculpin/peach), Doty's custom painted jerk baits, MegaBass 110+ jerk baits and other jerk baits, and smaller jerk baits drifted on the bottom, mainly in the trophy area.
    Trophy rainbows are also being caught, mainly in the trophy area though.  They being caught on scuds drifted on the bottom, jerk baits and marabou jigs (same colors).  Last count, we were up to 55 - 20-inch trout or bigger registered as catch and release trophies for the month of June but I know Blake caught a 24-inch brown last night close to Lookout Island.
    Drifting scuds on the bottom is just ok... there's a lot of algae on the bottom and cakes up the fly.  You need to reel in and check it pretty often.

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    MickinMO reacted to JCreek in Crappie at Night   
    Took the wife out Wed evening.  Night actually by the time we put in.  She forgot the boat key....  Had to go back for it....
    Had a spot in mind.  Taken.  Went on in and found a spot but not as deep as would have liked at a little over 20 ft.  Threw the green light in and tossed crawlers at cats for an hour or so with no takers.
    I've been night fishing before.  Spent sundown to sunup out there once.  Something about this night was different.  I stumbled all over the place.  Need a bigger boat with a larger payment.  Almost fell in twice.  Once stumbled over the wife as she sat on the port gunnel of the back platform.  116 pound lady kept this old 200 pound man from going in the drink.  Nice bruise on her back from my elbow.
    At any rate.  Nice big active minnows from the 66 station in Stockton netted us 5 really nice white bass.😀  Had one crappie at somewhere proud of 13 inches.  She was full of eggs.  I'll let you biology types explain that one.  I though it a little late in the year myself, but I'm only an expert on non fishing matters.
    We both lost several whites.  I had one in the boat that was easily the largest one I ever caught.  He was hooked in the lip and as I went for his lip, he flipped - broke the line, skipped off the gunnel and was gone.  I lost 2 or 3 more at least.  Wife lost 2 or 3 also.  6 LB Stren.  Used that on my ultra light gear for 40 years or more.  Guess they improved it and I'll look for something else.  I've tried smaller braided and found it too hard to tie especially in the wind.  Cleaned the last fish at 0300.
    I've joked about white bass, but we ate them.  Compared to that frozen crap from China they were delightful!
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    MickinMO reacted to moguy1973 in Drowning worms   
    Bass haven’t been biting so I took my daughters fishing for bluegill and pumpkin seeds down by the dock shore.  They were done fishing so I took the float off and used up the last worm on my youngest’s princess pole on the bottom off the dock. Caught this.  Probably the first flathead I’ve ever caught. 
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    MickinMO reacted to Flysmallie in Drowning worms   
    I bet that was a battle on the princess pole. Flatheads are fun. 
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    MickinMO reacted to olfishead in Crappie at Night   
    Go on summer dark nights. Fish over deep water, (I like fishing in standing timber , tie to a snag.) Minnows seem to always produce the best. You will have to experiment with different depths, usually on Stockton between 15 and 20. One of the best ways to do that is let down deep and reel up very slowly.
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    MickinMO reacted to MNtransplant in Bottom of the 9th   
    Started fishing around 6 with no luck, threw jigs in brown and olive, stripped woolies and clousers, tried a jerkbait..nothin...when it got dark i dug to the bottom of the tacklebox and found a baby ratl trap that i normally throw for white bass up on the little sac..first cast and after 3 cranks got crushed by a chubby 19" rainbow...proceeded to give me heck after getting in the net. Broke a set of trebles and flipped out of the net right as i took the picture...but still kicked off all ticked off at me.
    About 5 casts later a small walleye smashed me with about 6 feet of line out so that was a nice little scare..
    An otherwise unsuccessful trip was turned around in the last 20 minutes.
    I think I could get into the night fishing thing on Taneycomo.
    Every drive back to Springfield I just keep thinking how blessed I am to have such an awesome fishery close by as well as the opportunity to enjoy it. God has been very good to me.
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    MickinMO reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Week of June 7   
    Yes.  Caught a bunch of stinking trout too.  
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    MickinMO got a reaction from Mitch f in One Cast Big Brown   
    What a hog. That dull slap of the water gives me chills
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    MickinMO reacted to Ryan Miloshewski in Taneycomo Magic   
    Fished for a week on Taney May 27-June 3rd and did great. Midges, scuds, egg flies, jerkbaits and the like worked well. But I know Chuck Gries well and hung around his fly shop for hours each day. Met two guys who wanted to night fish. Told them to meet me at Outlet One at 8:30 pm. They showed. We fished, drank beer, and chatted.
    Turns out one guy was one of the first Navy SEALs ever and the other trains other countries on underwater mine demolition. Super cool guys. The trainer has top government clearance and didn't give me any information on aliens, sadly. Just the magic of the great lake. Would not have fished with those guys ever if I wasn't around. We exchanged numbers and now they want to get together whenever they are in town. Both live on the east coast. 
    I've met some of the best people of my life via the outdoors, and this one doesn't disappoint!
    Oh, and they both caught two 20-inchers at night. They're hooked!
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    MickinMO reacted to JestersHK in One Cast Big Brown   
    Lots of jumping had heart pumping.  Nice fish indeed for Blake who handled him perfectly. 
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    MickinMO reacted to Phil Lilley in One Cast Big Brown   
    Short Version
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    MickinMO reacted to fshndoug in One Cast Big Brown   
    Nice job Blake.Great job in handling the fish.
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    MickinMO got a reaction from JestersHK in One Cast Big Brown   
    What a hog. That dull slap of the water gives me chills
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    MickinMO reacted to Phil Lilley in One Cast Big Brown   
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    MickinMO reacted to mojorig in Cristobal Moisture   
    As requested, here is the Bull Shoals Lake data from 1951 to 2018. I took the Christmas Day water level minus the Thanksgiving Day level for each year. So this graph should be showing the increase or decrease in water level for the requested time period for these years. For example, in 1982, the water level rose 22.8 feet in that time period while in 2009, it decreased by 14.4 feet.
    To answer your question, it has happened four other times - 1971 (10 ft.), 1973 (17 ft.), 1982 (23 ft.), and 1984 (15 ft.).

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    MickinMO reacted to Ham in Cristobal Moisture   
    It was nice that the COE gloated on Facebook about being right ( getting Lucky).
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    MickinMO got a reaction from snagged in outlet 3 in Cristobal Moisture   
    Wonder how many years in the lake's existence there has been a 10ft rise between Thanksgiving and Christmas?
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    MickinMO reacted to Terrierman in Cristobal Moisture   
    I believe it takes an act of Congress.  I would not hold my breath that this congress can do anything like this which actually makes sense.  The Democrats will be all over the Republicans and the Republicans will be all over the Democrats and Mitch McConnell will sit on anything the House of Representatives sends to the Senate.  Our country is as close to broken as it needs to get.  NOTHING gets done anymore in DC.  Other than posturing.  There's plenty of that.
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    MickinMO reacted to netboy in Cristobal Moisture   
    Here is the Corp's response on their recent release strategy... 
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    MickinMO reacted to Phil Lilley in Cristobal Moisture   
    Cristabol was a dud.  Rejoice!  Praise the Lord!!
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    MickinMO reacted to Terrierman in Cristobal Moisture   
    Giant PIA to get to our boat that is at State Park Marina.  Parking lot is underwater, parking is at the park entrance and three golf carts running shuttles.  Took us an hour to get to the boat.  But once we did, the lake was just fine.
    Just looked at the radar.  Hope it stops moving NW.
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    MickinMO reacted to netboy in Cristobal Moisture   
    Latest update from the COE...
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    MickinMO reacted to Fish24/7 in Cristobal Moisture   
    Government conspiracy, in attempt to cause earthquakes, is why they keep Bull full. jmho. I don't trust them to do anything in favor of the people. Trillions of pounds of additional water at these levels. We get more flooding from Cristobal and historical data shows quakes , volcanoes ect.in other places happen after flooding.
    It's already happened before in 2017 with numerous minor tremors around Harrison  that geologists said were caused by "heavy water".the next one/ones could be a massive quake/s ...or not.
    All according to their sinister "Water Control Plan",just my opinion.

    Hey,let's dump trillions of pounds of water with record releases. g, that wouldn't trigger a quake either now would it...😡
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    MickinMO reacted to netboy in Cristobal Moisture   
    Looking better for the White river watershed.
    The COE issued a dire warning yesterday.... but things change.
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    MickinMO reacted to Quillback in Cristobal Moisture   
    An inch or so wouldn't hurt in this area.  
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