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    MickinMO reacted to Phil Lilley in Firemen's Benefit today   
    Hardly anyone is prepared to land a big trout.  I'm not sure our G3 livewells are big enough and we're on the lake everyday.  Our pontoons don't.  Our jon boats have a long enough well but the opening isn't big enough, plus the water isn't deep enough.
    But on a tournament day, there's a big group of very good trout fishermen targeting fish and it does seem like they are more likely to land one than most anyone else.  Both have been caught on jigs.  Guides fish crawlers every day and they do catch nice fish but not the big browns.  I mean big, big browns.  Not so far.
    The idea behind the measure tournament is catch a lot of trout of all sizes and release them without harm.  I like the idea of scoring the length of the 8 longest trout... might be something to kick around.
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    MickinMO reacted to Seth in Firemen's Benefit today   
    The fight may have killed the fish regardless of what care it received after it was landed, but the 10 minute ride back to the dock out of water darn sure didn't help. A lot of boats aren't equipped to handle something like that. Personally, if I had caught a fish like that without a livewell to support it, then I would be calling Lilley or flagging somebody down to try get another boat down there that can handle the fish while keeping it in water with a net. It such a freak thing though that it's hard to be prepared for it if it does happen to you. I'd bet a lot of the people fishing the tournament didn't even have a net capable of handling a fish like that either.
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    MickinMO reacted to Travis Swift in Lilley's Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report, August 6   
    Doc i don't throw either, i'm a jig man but i know from the Landing down spoons are very popular.  Lil' Jakes and Thomas Bouyant spoons catch a lot of trout down there.  I think alot of times it's cause they are freshly stocked and go for the shiny stuff.  My daughter is 8 and I tie her on one of these spoons with 4 pound test and start "ducking".....kidding about that part but she catches plenty of fish on these spoons and there will be times in fact that as she reels in there will be a dozen to 20 trout at a time in schools follow the spoons back to the boat.  I've found it's the easiest way for her to catch fish down lake while i'm fishing jigs.  So by all means heck yes throw those spoons, maybe some guys will chime in from above the landing but i know from the landing down they work very well.  Welcome to the board, tons of great info and people on here! 

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    MickinMO got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr in Busted   
    Unfortunately, you have to do a lot more than that on a regular basis to actually get put into prison. I mean, you have to try really hard on numerous occasions to go to jail these days.
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    MickinMO reacted to Gatorjet in Heads UP!   
    Good thing it isn't the next weekend, same as the Branson Firefighter's Benefit tournament. Not that I will be fishing the landing, and below or  anything.
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    MickinMO reacted to MOPanfisher in Busted   
    Of all the fish out there to poach and keep, why someone would poach trout is beyond me.  Sort of like there being deer and turkeys and someone poaching possums
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    MickinMO reacted to Seth in Lilley's Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report, August 11   
    W'eve started using size 6 and 8 Gamkatsu octopus circle hook in the past year when using crawlers and minnows on Taneycomo and deal with far less gut hooked fish. Most are hooked in the corner of the mouth. It works really well for those who have a hard time detecting bites too since the fish hooks itself when the rod loads up. No need for a hook set. Just start reeling. I've not tried this type of hook with power eggs, but i think it would also work well for them.
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    MickinMO reacted to Phil Lilley in Lilley's Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report, August 11   
    There hasn't been much change in generation and fishing patterns since my last fishing report for Lake Taneycomo.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been turning on their turbines at noon every day and running water through the afternoon, shutting it down about dark.  They've been running four units full during the week and two to three units on weekends.  Water temperature is holding steady at about 53 degrees and water quality is good.  The dissolved oxygen content is good (see chart).

    It's been foggy on the lake, sometimes not clearing up until late morning.  And on cloudy, rainy days, the fog hangs around all day.  Boating in the fog is tricky at best.  When the water isn't running, you can make headway just moving slowly without getting up on plane.  But if the water is running, it's tough without running fast to stay on top of the water -- but then you're running too fast to see someone coming at you.  Then there's the fog banks, those dense clouds that look like everything else.  You think you can see far, but all of a sudden, you can't.  And if someone is just on the other side of the outer cloudy wall, you're in trouble.
    Then there are the kayaks that now frequently float Taneycomo . . .  need I say more?
    You really can't be a hurry on this lake in the summer.  And for the most part, people have been really wise and courteous. 
    Our fishing guides continue to bring in nice limits of rainbows for clients, morning and evenings.  And it's the same refrain -- night crawlers and the pink worm.  Duane Doty is still throwing his stick baits early in the mornings and catching nice rainbows and a few brown but no monsters in the past couple of weeks.  Read my last report for a detailed account on why you should be using two-pound line with our clear water right now.
    Stitch and Jim frequent the resort spring, summer and fall and are serious about their fishing.  Jim told me they started "blowing up" their night crawlers this week and it made a huge difference.  Just ask Stitch.

    She caught this 25-inch brown off the dock one night while fishing with an inflated worm, using two-pound line.  Man, what an angler!  Not many people have the skill and patience to land a fish like that on two-pound.
    I  fly fished a couple of times this past week, catching fish on small flies - #18's and #20's.  I'm using midges and scuds mainly, 7x tippet.  I'm not "tearing it up," but the trout I'm catching are good size and in very good health.  I'm fishing mostly the trophy area, but early the trout are feeding on midges, so using a zebra midge under a small indicator 12- to 48-inches deep is working around actively feeding rainbows.  Target those fish that are rising if you can.  Again, 7x tippet is a must.  I'd use fluorocarbon, too.  And I would stay small --#16 to #20-- and brown has been working good for me.
    One other thing I wanted to mention pertaining to being responsible for rules and handling trout.  Rules:  If you put a trout on a stringer, in a basket or in a live well, it's yours and counts toward your daily limit.  It is illegal to "cull" or release trout and replace one fish with a bigger fish.  Possession limit means how many fish you can have in your possession at any one time.  Possession means in your ice chest, in your freezer.  Your possession limit is a two-day limit or eight trout.  You cannot legally fish for a week and keep your daily limit each day and store them in your freezer.  An agent can ask to inspect any place he/she suspects there are illegal fish stored, so no place is exempt from inspection. 
    Last thing.  Don't catch, kill and release.  If you're bait fishing, most likely the trout you catch will swallow the bait.  If you are not going to keep a fish that has swallowed the hook, cut the line and let it go back without touching the fish.  It has a much better chance of survival if you do that than to try to dig out the hook.  And if you have to handle a trout, use a damp rag.  Using a dry rag wipes off the protective slime on a fish's body, exposing it to bacteria in the water.
    Good Luck!

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    MickinMO got a reaction from Johnsfolly in Busted   
    You can't fix stupid
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    MickinMO reacted to Gatorjet in Busted   
    Boating under the influence, multiple Wildlife Code violations, warrent from another state. 
    Sounds more like an extended stay in the Grabar Hotel should be in order.
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    MickinMO reacted to Mulnik in Heads UP!   
    The power boat nationals will be racing at the Branson Landing August 17 and 18.  Might want to stay away from there.
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    MickinMO reacted to moguy1973 in Heads UP!   
    Taney seems like a great place to have power boat racing.  
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    MickinMO got a reaction from snagged in outlet 3 in night fishing questions   
    I asked a related question a year ago or so related to night fishing by boat. You rarely see anyone trying it. Duane pretty much said the fog is too unpredictable. Makes it too tough and dangerous. 
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    MickinMO reacted to CLoyd in 8/3 - Night Time Report   
    It's just a different streamer pattern.  It's called a zonker style fly, and is tied with pine squirrel or rabbit fur strips (zonkers).  I really like the action of this type of material in the water and have been tying a lot of this style of fly over the last few years.  The fur really breathes and moves a lot.  It also holds a little more of it's bulk when you strip it.  Marabou becomes needle thin.
    I think the hibernator is an excellent leech imitation.  I tie most of mine unweighted so they are slow sinking and can be dead drifted, which is mostly what I do at night.  Leonard really came up with a great pattern with the hibernator.            
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    MickinMO reacted to aarchdale@coresleep.com in David Dudley on Taney   
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    MickinMO reacted to Phil Lilley in Shop at Lilley's Online   
    Not sure if I posted this here yet.
    Buy your Frank the Tank shirts as well as most of our best marabou jigs online now.

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    MickinMO reacted to Krazo in Table Rock Release Tuesday   
    I would think safety as well.  I'm not all that familiar with the lakes in this chain but Im assuming there are more people and boats on this lake than any of the others.
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    MickinMO reacted to Dylan Cluver in Table Rock Release Tuesday   
    Table Rock is the money maker! It's all about $.
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    MickinMO reacted to netboy in Table Rock Release Tuesday   
    Definitely hard to figure out their logic sometimes (well all the time).
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    MickinMO reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Table Rock Release Tuesday   
    People been trying to understand and predict what the corps will do since the apostles fished here.  
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    MickinMO reacted to oghfm in Didn't Wade Water   
    today cause I left the Super Guide in the garage and took ye olde  Arkansas Traveler,  it'll float in a ditch.  Same pattern except they refused all colors but firetiger.  8 caught, 7 keepers, avg 23 fow and 1.7 mph.  Seen a lot of shad just off the bottom in 20-23 fow.  Me thinks the eyes are hanging out in the trees (shade) during the day and easing out for those shad as the sun sets,  but I'm wrong more  often than right.   14 fillets will  be released to the grease at a later date.
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    MickinMO reacted to tjm in Corps has now cranked it to 19.6k cfs   
    They're gettin there, on the other side of the same hill the unregulated  Elk is currently about 27300 cfs. So far this has been a really productive storm.
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    MickinMO reacted to tjm in How high will she go?   
    So not a good day to fly fish the tail water?
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    MickinMO reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Death Of a Lake   
    MDC can kill a lake too.
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    MickinMO got a reaction from JestersHK in One Cast Trophy   
    Well, here is the MDC video story on the state record rainbow. Caught at Roaring River in the park right below the hatchery pond dam. Wonder if it was a recent stocker from the pond or it truly had been in for awhile?
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