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  1. New Business Venture

    Instead of relocating them could you just weigh them in for me and send me the winnings
  2. Black Bear hit by Macks Creek

    You don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than the slowest guy
  3. Did they drop the lake?

    Fishing today was slow at best for me
  4. Did they drop the lake?

    Went out tonight (Thursday) and it was down at least a couple of feet up around the 3 mm
  5. Something you LOZ folks may want to check out

    Thanks for the heads up, I might go by and check this out
  6. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    I've been down the past couple weekends, backs of coves are loaded with shad but not catching a lot of bass. Crappie off the docks has been good. So this weekend I won't waste my time looking for bass and just go after the crappie.
  7. BBB

    Looks like it might be a wet one Saturday morning, good luck.
  8. Fall Fishing Trip

    I sure hope so, this is my favorite time of the year
  9. Fall Fishing Trip

    I was out Saturday morning hoping to find some white bass. I was throwing a red eyed shad, first 4 cast I caught 3 crapple all about 15". I started thinking maybe I need to crappie fish instead. Stayed fishing for bass, never caught another crappie but I did find some large mouths, no whites though.
  10. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    I would add white rooster tail for white bass
  11. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Just an FYI if u don't fish loz much, in October, I think around the end, they have that big bass tournament. Its comical to watch, one boat fishes another one waits to fish that spot. A lot of boats and not great fishing for someone who is just fishing for the weekend.
  12. Anybody going to fish today

    I fished this morning for a little while caught a couple off a main channel point. Yesterday caught a few in the morning but mid morning to evening was a tough go.
  13. Still slow?

    Have you been able to catch any white bass in the evening or morning?
  14. Booyah

    I also use a 50/50 vinegar/water, seems to work very well.
  15. Big Ed Fishing Today

    I agree, the fishing was great, most of the fish are shallow. The water is very dirty but they are biting.

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