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  1. Points that are extended out into the lake/plateau'd are good, and I would say anything above 45 degrees is great for a bama rig. (50-55 perfect)
  2. What specific part of the transom?
  3. Anyone have thoughts on 1990's champion bass boats? personal likes and dislikes?
  4. One of the few decent truman reports. Truman is a beast and nobody ever knows what's actually going on with the fish.
  5. Here's my 2008 G3 Center Console. It tops out a 28mph, and it runs super shallow. I like it because for being just under 18ft, it has a big deck and fishes three people well.
  6. Does the silica gel packets that you find in beef jerky/ or new boxes of shoes actually work to keep things from rusting?
  7. I would hit some points that have a variety of depths.. deep points, shallow/long taper etc.
  8. I am looking to start a online store, where I import japanese fishing products and sell them to the U.S market. I would like some feedback on what you guys would like to buy that is exclusive to Japan. I could see importing exclusive megabass vision 110 colors, and the new megabass wiggle wart style bait successful. Is buying from a credible U.S company with fast shipping appealing to bass anglers?
  9. You can find them with low quality electronics. If you have sonar or preferable down imaging, just look for a rise in the bottom, goes flat for split second, then drops back down.. that's a road bed.. also there will be signs on the bank where there is a clearing in the trees. Another good way to find road beds are going on the satellite google maps, and you can see where roads just end, and the lake starts, then the road continues on the other side.
  10. check bass tournament stats, this spring there was a five bass limit over 30 pounds. Stockton is great for bass.
  11. Why keep a bass.. I assume they don't taste great.
  12. If you aren't using topwater frogs you are missing out. Combo that with a weedless belly weighted swimbait for the fish that miss the frog... you are golden!
  13. braid to flouro leader on spin cast is definitely the way to go. There is seriously no negatives to running this line.
  14. Fish laying on the bottom are generally the fish that are easier to catch (largemouth and smallmouth), I find it hard to see these fish on the graph when they are on the bottom, but it is more about seeing the structure on the graph. You aren't going to catch those fish that are suspended in 50ft water easily. The best way is to adjust sensitivity to get a clearer picture as soon as you put the boat in the water. Once you have a good picture, look for offshore humps, extended points etc, with boulders especially. The fish setup on these things will be the easiest to catch.
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