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  1. Next weekend I am driving to western MO to buy a MyPod camper (teardrop). I am wanting to use the camper on the way back home (SEMO), and would like to check out the Gasconade or Big Piney to do some wade fishing. A quick search of the Gasconade hasn't yielded much info on what the water levels are at accesses and wadeable water . I'll be travelling I44 but in no hurry and could take an alternative route home. Can anyone give me advice on a good campsite out of my vehicle and MyPod on the river where I would have a good stretch of wadeable water on the Gasconade, Big Piney,, or any other river? I've never fished any of the central MO rivers and just looking for some easy fishing for an evening and following morning before I head home. I have a 4 wheel drive truck but want an easy in/easy out spot and break up the drive instead of driving all day straight thru. Thanks in advance. Mark
  2. WOW still going after 20 pages!! Give it up boys!! The Trumpers are going to believe whatever The Don tells them to believe. I'm sure they still believe Russia had nothing to do with flooding the media with the Hillary email scandal 2 weeks before the election while Trump Organization buried the Stormy Daniels affair, still believe we've wiped out ISIS, still believe everyone of Trump's people indicted or appearing before Congress is lying, or still believe North Korea is not pursuing WMDs. Heck, Trumpers probably still believe Mexico is going to pay for the Trump Wall. They believe whatever the biggest liar in the history of our country says - hook, lines, and sinker.
  3. By all means, let's keep polluting !!! Ain't hurtin nuttin!!
  4. Funny stuff, Jerry! Collecting soda bottles was every kids first job - 2 cents, then 3 cents, then a nickel before aluminum cans too over. fishinwrench, you are correct, too, I remember all the trash in towns, shooting rats at the city dump, sewage running down the gullies to the creek, the chemicals we would dump anywhere, every factory I worked in back in the day had no regard for disposing of waste. liphunter - exactly right too. Too darn many people, and I believe I've read that the world pop will double by 2050. I believe Mother Nature will eventually have enough, and something like a worldwide pandemic is coming that will kill millions or billions, if nukes don't take care of it first. Don't think I will be around though. Hate to sound like a doomsdayer, but I do wonder what this planet will look like in 100 years, and if man don't change, it won't be pretty.
  5. I realize you all are having some fun but it does sadden me that we have polluted our planet more in the past 100-150 years than the entire previous history of mankind. The environmental legacy we are leaving our grandchildren is sickening. What's more - I am afraid we are past the point of no return when you look at the amount of industrial pollution coming out of China and India, let alone what the US is continuing to contribute. We can debate whether climate change is man made or a natural cycle until we are blue in the faces. There should be no debating that we have to stop polluting our planet. It makes me sad because our descendants are going to rightfully blame the generations that followed the industrial revolution (our generation, our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents) for destroying what God gave us to take care of for all of mankind. Laugh and poke fun, we are going to be the not so funny of a joke in the future.
  6. Yeah I've watched the youtube video, it's good to know stay left. Looks doable, just checking. I'm retiring Al, Buffalo and Jacks Fork are at the top of my bucket list. How's the pan fishing on the lower Buffalo? My problem with pan fishing Ozark streams is I can't keep the pumpkin seed off. I've read you will catch about anything on lower Buff. And I know I've read the regs - thinking it is 2 smallies over 16"? - do hope to eat fish, don't really care what kind.
  7. Question: It sounds like the Clabber Creek shoals are about the only tricky spot in the lower river. Correct? I always have a long rope attached to front of the canoe, and walk around tricky spots especially early in the trip and a full canoe - wet sleeping gear sucks!! Usually at shoals or tricky turns, one side of the river will be wadeable. Is it possible to get out with a rope and walk thru the shoals at Clabber? I consider myself an above average navigator and can probably handle Clabber with the advice to stay left, but still would rather error on the side of caution and would probably walk thru my first trip. At the risk of being shunned by some, I take a radio for morning weather updates and Cardinal baseball around the campfire, but NOT blaring music on the river or at camp.
  8. Read the pinned thread above your thread - Float Trip Planning Questions - to answer many of our questions. Be advised - the river is extremely low right now. Expect to have to get out of canoe and pull thru some low sections. While not an abundance of gravel bars to camp on, at this time of year you will not have much problem finding a place to camp as long as you start keeping an eye out early.
  9. You will enjoy the Current River. Easy floating and enough fishing to keep your interest. For coon problems, leave some onions and/or garlic on top of your coolers and food. Sure fire method to keep critters out11
  10. Wow, what an experience! Mary's a trooper!!
  11. Mark

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Amazed at so many anti Beatles fans. The music stands the test of time. I'm not a fanatic and always considered The Beatles and The Rolling Stones tied for the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.
  12. Just missed you, JD. 3 of us camped at Whites Creek last Mon/Tues/Wed. Fishing was fair to good for us - esp. good in evenings. Lots of 12-14", and a few 16" fish. Beautiful camping weather before this heat set in. Floods have really hurt the Eleven Point. Good campsites on the river are harder to find. Use to love Stinking Pond with lots of good wading water. But sand and pea gravel has washed away, and trees downed. Same as my other fav spot - Tumbling Shoals. Areas with long sections of trees wiped out. Lots of places where 6-8' dirt bank exposed with serious erosion taking place. Some good holes now filled in with gravel. Mother Nature taking her course I guess. Still a beautiful river and one of MO best kept secrets. One day saw about 10 other people, busiest day maybe 25.
  13. Good story Al, and sad.
  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/05/19/mountain-lion-cougar-panther-attack-kills-man/626259002/ Wowser!! I can't imagine the terror!! I saw my first and only bobcat in nature a couple years ago. She was sitting on edge of woods. I was in my car on a dirt road. I stopped about 40 yards away. We had a stare down for a good 10 minutes. She never moved and I drove off. Later a local buddy who said "Oh Yeah! Saw her too. She's been guarding her litter for a couple days". Definitely wouldn't want to tangle with her. Can't imagine a mountain lion. I believe there are a few in Missouri now, correct?
  15. Help Brian and others. No one on here seems to know for sure..
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