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  1. Tyler, I'll say if you don't mind a some work the first day and wanting some adventure, I've done the upper 11 pt once in July when the water level was normal summer flow. Yes, the first 3 miles was some work, it's a small creek at the headwaters. A spring enter at 3 miles and 3 more springs in the next 3 miles - all 4 are worth seeing. Not too bad after the first 3 miles from what I remember. Although we weren't hauling camping gear either making a big difference. You'll definitely have the river to yourselves all the way to Greer.
  2. Brian, what's the number of the person who handles your cottage rentals?
  3. I'm not following you, Gavin. I'm not wanting to float. I'm wanting to wade smallmouth fish, camp out of vehicle for a night or two, and was looking at the accesses on the upper Bryant and upper NFOW. My thinking that the upper reaches would be shallow creeklike waters. What does sketchy mean?
  4. I was hoping to "wade fish" and you say "bank fish". I was hoping to be far enough upstream the that the water would be shallow enough to wade. Are both those accesses deeper water? Of course I realize all streams are high right now. Thanks for your help.
  5. With my usual streams blown out, I'm looking for somewhere to camp out of my truck with some wade fishing. Figuring I'm going to be limited to the upper reaches of smaller streams that may drain faster and water goes down fast. Is there any place on the upper Bryant (or upper NFOW) where I can pitch a tent and wade fish?
  6. Agree, at first I was hoping by June 1st, then July, now I'm starting to doubt all summer for a vacation. Not just for my own personal safety, just the idea of everyone being on covid alert everywhere I go.
  7. Good point about the covid. I'm kinda on hold too. No point in going on vacation if I can't have a few beers in a bar or brewery.
  8. I'm thinking July. I'll probably do as you say for camping and ,yes, plan to take US 61 along Lake Superior. You seem to know your way around there...besides streams, if you had to pick one area for scenery and fishing, where would you go? I've never caught a walleye, pike, pr nuskie. And more interested in smallies than trout. If you said "go here and you'll catch walleye" where would that be? Also, travelling solo after a couple days I'll be ready to find a brewery or bar and socialize a little, so I'm going to camp within a half hour of a town.
  9. I've researched quite a bit and am on BWCA forum. I get it that the real way to experience the boundary waters is by canoe or boat where permitted. For various reasons (mainly I'm 62 and some physical issues), I'm wanting to base camp out of my truck on the water preferably for free and on a small stream to wade. The BWCA forum posters gave me a few good leads for lakes for free camping. But I've been amazed that there are so few free camping places on water with the thousands of lakes in the Northwoods, and haven't found one on a stream. (Yes, I know I can primitive camp in National Forest but must be 300 feet from water for dispersed camping.) Guess I'm spoiled in MO with so many free places to camp on our streams. I did find last night an Ash River State Park for $14 per night w/well water and vault toilets. I can handle that, but amazed most campgrounds at resorts were $25-30+, and cabins are out of my price range travelling solo. I'm hoping to explore the area in 10-14 days but travelling on a frugal budget. I'll want a shower and bed (and civilization) every 3rd or 4th day, and long travel days, so there's $400-500+ in lodging alone. Thanks for tip on resort people hauling you in and out. I can handle that. Or I can afford to rent a canoe for a day or two from base camp. Solo camping out of a canoe can be a lot of work I guess I'm hoping for someone to give me their secret free honey hole not on the map! LOL I am amazed that with all the wilderness that there aren't primitive Forest Service camp from vehicle sites on the water for $10 per night everywhere. Quite the opposite.
  10. wily, ash river is on my radar. Can I drive to the "remote camping sites" or are they water accessible only sights? For expense purposes, I am wanting to camp like 3-4 nights out of my vehicle and grab a room for a couple nights. I would appreciate more info, esp on camping sites. It seems like someone mentioned on another forum something about a bridge on the Ash River with free camping under it. I may be confused on that.
  11. Thanks Al, since posting that, I found where ONSR are closed until at least May 10th when further determinations will be made. Guessing that includes Eleven Point too.
  12. If the state is reopening tomorrow, May 4th, is it legal to gravel bar camp on a river?
  13. HAHA Watching a show on the Mississippi River in MN right now!! Don't have a jet and don't want to haul my johnboat that far. I would like to float a day or two. Maybe you can help?? I would really like to find a good stream to camp out of my truck and wade fish, preferably free/cheap dispersed camping. I've been disappointed in my research. There doesn't appear to be many free/cheap camping spots on water in MN, unless they aren't advertised. We are spoiled in MO with so much free public camping.
  14. Big Bass, refer to the second thread "Float Trip Planning Question" in this section - it was saved by the moderator and gives good brief descriptions on different sections of the Eleven Point. IMO anything over 1,200-1,400 cfs is tough fishing for me, but Al is a better fisherman than me. I watch the Bardley gauge near RIverton and it has been dropping about 50 cfs daily. SO best case, it's at 1,700 cfs today, so it may drop to 1,450 cfs by Sat. And spotty showers tomorrow. It's up enough that you will cover some miles fast. Mileage will depend on how much you pull over and wade fish, tho wading will be tough with more current. It's been too high all spring for me to make the trip.A couple of buddies went a couple weeks ago and said it was tough fishing, but didn't say if they got skunked and I didn't ask. And you didn't say if you were targeting trout or smallmouth. The thread above describes that as well. Don't let me discourage you> It will be easy floating by the weekend. Greer to Whitten is the prettiest section IMO - about 12 miles.
  15. Good info Mitch. I am thinkng about a MN trip this summer and am looking for a good smallie stream to float.
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