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  1. I have read that some people float the lower 23 mile section in a johnboat. At normal early June water levels, is it possible without hassle of pulling thru shallow riffs? And the big question, is it legal to use a johnboat with a jet prop attached on it as long as you don't use the jet?? Is current enough to push a johnboat along ok without a lot of paddling and work? Buddies have jet boats and no longer like getting in and out of a canoe all day, plus the extra space would be ideal for hauling camping gear in a johnboat. Thanks in advance.
  2. sold canoe rental

    Mike and Wendy Jones are great and will go above and beyond to accommodate customers. Did they sell Huffstedler's or they running both operations?
  3. Southern Colorado in September - Part Two

    Actually, my long term plan is to buy a very small travel trailer for retirement and take 1-2 month trips.
  4. Trout Park Etiquette

    I've been to Montauk once, and that was enough of the trout parks for me. I call it "Six Flags of Fishing". I really don't see the sport in fishing trout parks anyway. The only night I camped there, we could hear the truck dumping trout in by the hundreds right next to our tents. Good place for kids and city slickers who like to brag about "limiting out". I'm thinking they do everything but put them on the stringer for you. I'll never go back.
  5. Southern Colorado in September - Part Two

    Thanks Podum. We've conversed before on the Lake City area. Just can't find anyone else to go with me. On my list for retirement. Definitely want to see area in the fall.
  6. Patrick Bridge CG

    Advice also needed on jet boats?? I cannot find info but thought I read at one time that the last few miles before entering the lake is jet boat accessible.
  7. Patrick Bridge CG

    My buddies are leaving our trip planning to me - none of us have been to NFOW. Need some first hand info with pressure on!!LOL What is the scenery like in that section? We want to be "in the woods." Looks like on the map that the area is outside of Mark Twain NF. Watched youtube videos and stream looked tree lined. But doesn't appear to be big hills and bluffs. Is the terrain starting to level out to a flood plain? With fall colors popping, we're wanting a stream that is scenic. Also aware that upper section thru canyon is thru NF, but guessing that section is low and maybe not the best time for smallies?? And buddies will want to trout fish. Also, it appears Red Ribbon Area starts at Blair bridge, correct?? We do like to harvest enough to eat one night. Red Ribbon is no bait restrictions too, right? Sorry to the purists, but we're "bait chuckers". Almost exclusively power eggs. I believe this section is stocked with browns, correct? Some alternative baits suggestions??? We occasionally will throw artificials. Bringing 1 canoe, buddies have jet boats. Should they leave boats at home? I believe I read they are only useful at the last section before entering the lake. Little advice there. please as well. But I'm thinking we can float from Blair to Patrick 3 miles, and Patrick to next access is 3 miles. That would be enough water to keep us happy for 2 days. Am I thinking right there?? Looks like easy shuttles so we could shuttle our own vehicles?? Thanks in advance. We fish almost exclusively on the Eleven Point, and hard for me to get my small group of buddies to go anywhere else, mainly because it's so scenic. small crowds, we always catch fish, and have a good time.
  8. Question for Brian

    Brian, heading down with another guy or two on Oct 7-9, and wanting to camp at a new site. Realize water is awful low right now and wondering about getting a jet boat (friend has jet, I will take my canoe to float one day) very far upstream or downstream from accesses. We have camped just about everywhere on the Turner to Whitten stretch and most familiar with that section, and want something new. If he launches boat at Turner, how far upstream will he be able to get and any good campsites we can get to. Or if he launches at Greer CG, how far downstream can we get and is there any good camp sites? OR if he launches at Whitten, how far down can we go downstream with the current low water level? Looking for some new scenery to camp. Advice appreciated. We need Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark
  9. First timer asking advice

    fishinwrench - what is F3T shindig?? Notice you replied to my post on NFOW also. Our fishing trips are almost limited to Eleven Point. We're wanting to try something different and see different scenery. Would like to catch some fish, of course, but mostly interested in a nice campsite on water, off the beaten path, pretty scenery, and some wading water. Any advice would be appreciated on any of the rivers you fish, and probably a one time trip for us so you wouldn't be given away info to somebody who is going to fish out your spots.
  10. Buddy and myself have 3 day weekend Oct 7-9 and looking for some new fishing. Bringing own canoe w/2.5 HP motor. Prefer base camping at or near access with wade fishing, and float 1 day - several hr drive for both so arrive noonish on sat. and leave noonish on monday. I'll do some quick research but prefer 1st hand advice, understand not wanting to give up honey holes. Basically looking for a good somewhat secluded place to camp and wade fish, build a fire/BBQ/play some guitars/listen to ballgames and not get hassled or overrun by partyers. and hoping Oct is slow time for crowds. All advice appreciated and totally unfamiliar with the area. Mark
  11. Is the Patrick Bridge campground open? With the current low river level, is it good wade fishing? Wanting to try something new, and interested in what it's like.
  12. test

  13. A Question of Ethics?

    Should be limited to nongame fish. Shoot all the Asian carp you can!!
  14. 2 or 3 night July float - Help

    Jeff, good info to be forewarned on lack of gravel bars and I'm sure you wouldn't be happy in the float camps off the river as short distance. However as long as you don't wait too late to claim a spot on a gravel bar, you'll be ok finding a spot on the river. Like I said previously, about 5:00 or 6:00 you will need to start looking seriously for your spot. I've seen many people floating by when it is getting late and hear them say "Oh no they have our spot!!". Don't forget a fishing pole. Drift fishing is a good technique. Below Turner is no bait/size restrictions - worms, shrimp, minnows, crawdad, or any plastic likeness will work. Just a hook and enough weight to bounce off the bottom, cast behind the canoe, and keep floating and wait for a tug, (tug may be light so be ready to set the hook), and a good chance you'll caught something to throw on the grill!! Heading down Monday myself!! Usually very little traffic during the week.
  15. WOW JD, I wasn't aware of that!!

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