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  1. Thanks I will have to try that hear inva week or so.
  2. Did you put in and float down to Taylor? I'f so how was it with a boat?
  3. Would it be possible to put a small John boat in at 215?
  4. It was rough yesterday morning between two of us we had 11. We had to go past the scurves for them.
  5. I'm heading up there know,. I will be in a 14ft flat bottom trolling motor on the front. If anyone sees me say hi and you could even jump in with me if you want. Good luck to all
  6. @Crs89 All of the above is really good advice, you just have to pick what you would feel most comfortable with.
  7. I was down this morning caught them on white jigs in zone 2 consistently from 9-11. Once I decided to keep my 4th I just worked with the boy for the next hour.
  8. Thanks for all the advice, due to the chance of rain my wife decided she didn't want to go this afternoon and have the kids in the rain fishing. So I ran up to Bennett with the 10 year old this morning and we had our limits. I'm going to make a trip down for sure soon though. I hope.
  9. Don't worry I'm not giving up, except for maybe a week til I can get out again. Gonna take the kids to roaring river tomorrow.
  10. No fish for me. Fished from 930-200 today with no whites. I have the worst luck. Hope everyone else does better than me.
  11. Planning on coming down with the kiddos tomorrow to fish. I've been to Bennett multiple times but never roaring river. Any tips/advice to get the kids some fish would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  12. I would try at night with a dark colored jig. I have had really good luck at night with Browns.
  13. I will be getting down there about 930 in the morning. Good luck to all
  14. I went to Bass Pro today and looked at the airstream rods. They had both the Browning model and Bass Pro models. There was no difference between the two and seemed to be very nice for the price.
  15. I will keep my eyes out and let you know if they go on sale😁
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