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  1. I've had good luck on x-raps but I'm sure the customs would catch you more fish.
  2. That's a good night
  3. I use 25s for light line, and 30s if I'm throwing 8lbs test or heavier.
  4. I was throwing an xrap most of the night
  5. I hope you guys are having better luck than me it was tough sledding last night. Only managed 2 rainbows but both were tanks. One was 21 inches and the other 19. That was my first rainbow over 20 so that was awesome. Hope you guys are catching more fish than I am.
  6. Pflueger presidents is what I have on all my rods. I'm slowly every year replacing the kids reels with the president's as well.
  7. I'm interested, this would be awesome if my schedule allows. I'm not near the fisherman any of you are but it would be great to learn.
  8. Yeah I searched it, all they had was Memphis, Vicksburgh, and rock island.
  9. Most were probably 14-16 inchers
  10. Speaking of sharing tips and ideas. I was down a few weeks ago behind the darn with no water running and it was low! I had never been behind the darn with the water completely off. We were having zero luck and my neighbor tied on a torpedo of all things and started catching fish. So I did the same we probably had 15 in two hours before we had to head back. Anyone else ever try throwing top water baits.
  11. I dont think they have a little rock app for droids, closest was Memphis
  12. What is the website to check the water coming from the darn?
  13. My pictures didn't turn out, I'm not much of a photographer that's my wife's job (literally). 2 friends and I were fishing up by the cable we had around 25 trout or so and 7 walleye all on x-raps. Pretty happy with my first chance to get to taney this year.
  14. You guys going to be fishing tonight?
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