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  1. I need to get more confident with a crankbait for sure, but with how fast the water was there didn't seem to be many places it could be thrown especially in deeper water. Did you throw out into the channel and reel back to the bank?
  2. Awesome fish Yaknar! What was the water clarity like? My Friday trip wasn't great and I'm sure a lot of that had to do with the weather and speed of the river, but the water clarity was less than a foot for sure, maybe closer to 6 inches at that time from all the rain.
  3. Ended up doing more floating than fishing yesterday. Water was up, running fast and dirty and the wind was crazy. Only caught a handful of fish between 3 of us. One guy had a nice smallmouth come off at the boat otherwise it was all very small bass or some average rock bass and only 1 perch. Yellow or Chartreuse rooster tails caught most the fish, got one on a black and blue ned craw.
  4. Don't think I have the right gear for that lol also don't think I am brave enough either.
  5. Alright thanks, just wanted to make sure I allowed time for fishing and wasn't making us have to rush through at the end of the float too much. Its the longest distance Ive floated so didn't want to have miscalculated something.
  6. I'm guessing that is the boaz gauge? I've been comparing to previous trips I've been on using the Galena gauge. I may be off base on our planning then. Delaware to Hootentown is like 12 miles. I figured due to the speed of the water and lack of fish ability in sections we would flow through much quicker than normal. In that stretch at the current cfs is that going to be a longer than 8 hour trip by a lot? I did marble ground to horse creek last year with the water low and it took like 8 hours. Didn't want to do a short trip this time because I figured we would blow through it.
  7. I'm just going in expecting the water to be much faster than I would like. If it's slower then it's a bonus haha. The wind may pose a bigger problem though looking at the forecast. Ned rig, may not be much of an option with fast water and high winds. Will probably resort to cranks, spinnerbaits, sliders, and rooster tails if they can be fished. The other guys may run a float with bait under it as we go as well.
  8. A couple of guys from work and I are going to put in at Delaware and float down to Hootentown on Friday. I have floated Shelvin to Hootentown, but haven't done the section from Delaware to Shelvin. Is there anything we need to know about that stretch especially with the water moving quickly? I have read a couple posts that say to keep left at the splits in the river, but any other potential safety concerns or obstacles to look out for would be appreciated. Also any lure suggestions to use through that stretch while the water is moving fast, or certain areas we should try to pull up to the bank and fish from would be awesome. I know its a long float, but we figure with the water moving fast it will not take anywhere near as long and we may not be able to fish certain sections anyway. Thanks
  9. Planning a trip on Friday and wanting to do a section that might have more slack water or Eddies. I floated Kerr to Galena last year on a day where the cfs read 1,200 at the Galena marker and it was what I would consider fairly tough to fish and sped through long stretches without really fishing. Today I see it's reading just over 1,000 but with all the rain coming in I expect it to go up a lot and maybe slow down to around the 1,200 mark again by Friday. I made a long trip from marble ground to Kerr and the last stretch of that seemed to be moving slower since we were tired and had to do a lot of paddling. Wondering if doing that would be a better idea since it's a much longer trip and also might have that long stretch at the end that might not be as affected by fast water. Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. Dad and I fished fine addition on Friday. Caught 8 bass total but sadly this just shy of 15 inches smallmouth was far and away the biggest. Caught it on an a-rig. Not much valuable info to report. We didn't catch a single fish on the main lake including points. Only fish we caught were inside the cuts/coves. Saw a lot of boats fishing inside as well but also saw a lot of boats on the move. More boats than I expected for a Friday, assuming the BBT event on table rock had people move over to Bull. Other than an a-rig we caught 1 on a spinnerbait, a few on a tube and a ned rig. No bites on a jerk or chatterbait, dark sleeper and had one follow a jig to the boat before swimming off. Did see a few fish busting the top but was never more than one and they wouldn't stay up long. Water temp most of the day was about 53 and saw 56 before 5pm. Still enjoyed the nice day off and the sun was out almost all day compared to the reports of cloud cover. Of anyone else was in that area on the 5th I'd love to know how you all did.
  11. I put in about 7:30am and got off the water a little after 1pm. Caught 9 total with mainly small spots, but had 1 good spot, 2 good smallmouth and a nice largemouth. Largemouth was 17 inches, smallmouth were both around 16 and the spot was just short of 16 but fat. All but 1 came off of the same main lake point between 8 and 1030. Wind got to be too much for me to handle in the kayak after that and I found one little spotted bass around a dock with a teaser tube. Had 1 on a ned rig craw, but 7 of them came on the dark sleeper. Happy with that purchase, but the eyes fall off really quick and they are difficult to get out unless they are hooked perfect since they are so small.
  12. Anyone know what the water looks like and the temps past Mincy and Tucker Hollow on the Missouri side? Planning to fish from a kayak and put in around Cedarcreek somewhere but not sure how cold and dirty of water to expect. I'll report back how I do, but depending on the rain, I may not be out long. Typically like to throw a tube, jig, and ned rig in that area. Will probably throw an A-Rig and some single swimbaits too, and I finally decided to pick up one of the MegaBass Dark Sleepers so I figure I will try it as well. Thanks
  13. I know a ton of people have launched off the road there in the bottom picture before. I have never seen a sign blocking it before though? Is someone trying to say not to use that?
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