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  1. Seth Clarkson

    Top water chances after cold weather and rain?

    I had never floated the shelvin to hootentown stretch before. Usually too busy for me so I didn't know what to expect. Worked out for the most part. Didn't get wet, had some nice scenery and caught a few fish.
  2. Seth Clarkson

    Top water chances after cold weather and rain?

    Didn't throw topwater long because it was really shallow for the most part. Had one nice smallie on a ned rig jig. Caught some other tiny ones and a few rock bass. Slower day for the most part and it was windy and cold in the shade for most of that stretch.
  3. Seth Clarkson

    Top water chances after cold weather and rain?

    Would a moving top water or something that stays in the same spot for the most part have a better shot you think?
  4. Planning to try shelvin rock to hootentown tomorrow. Tying baits on tonight and wondering if there was any use in trying a top water popper or something early in the morning. I know whopper poppers have worked for me on lakes after it starts to get cold and the bass start to feed. Haven't fished a river at that particular time during the weather change.
  5. Seth Clarkson

    Float this Weekend, Delaware to Shelvin, or Shelvin to Hootentown?

    The pole shouldn't be all that deep. I was more concerned about tying to cat h my tackle box as it was floating away. Got lucky and got it, but with half a paddle and a little bit of shock I didn't try to get back up river to get the pole. I assumed I'd see the other half the paddle along the bank by the Ripple, but I didn't. The bridge in the pictures is McCall bridge. If you happen to find my ugly stick, the paddle or a bright green floating ruler let me know. Thanks!
  6. Seth Clarkson

    Float this Weekend, Delaware to Shelvin, or Shelvin to Hootentown?

    I ended up floating solo from Hootentown to just be for ethe McCall bridge. Had a nice wake up call about midway through when the nose of my yak got stuck in a shallow riffle. Decide to try and shimmy off the bigger rock in front of me and it didn't go so well. Ended up having the back end continue to get pushed by current enough that it tipped me over. No real danger where I was, but I was barefoot at the time and lost a shoe, lost ugly stick combo, the other half my paddle (was using it split to try and push off the rock), a floating ruler, cooler and my tackle box. Was a couple of riddles close together with a deeper hole in between. Was able to grab my cooler but the tackle box, ruler and half a paddle got away from me. I was lucky to find the tackle box had got stuck on the bank a couple turns down and I dumped the water out and it should all be good for the most part. I may have been able to find the other half my paddle and my ugly stick combo if u fought the current and took the time, but I was hoping to catch up to my tackle box and ruler. Just a reminder to everyone to strap down what you can, especially your phone, since I was by myself it could've been a lot worse. Also don't overlook currie t even if it's only inches deep as If I had lost my whole paddle or gotten a leg pinned or something it could have been much worse. Ended up calling my pickup and had them come get me rather than go to Marble ground liked is planned. I did end up catching 1 nice 15 inch smallmouth before I dumped. If anyone finds half of a no limits kayak paddle, a lime green fishing online tournament ruler or an ugly stick Shakespeare micro lite please let me know.
  7. Seth Clarkson

    Tearing them up

    Well that's unfortunate. Hopefully I can have a nice report for everyone. I plan to throw those Sliders on a 1/8 ball head, some different rooster tails (yellow is my got to), finesse jigs and Ned rigs. Not sure if I will mess with much topwater. The water is lower and moving less than any time I have been before so I might actually be able to work a spook this time. Do you remember what weight of swimbait head you used?
  8. Seth Clarkson

    Tearing them up

    mzrealfish, I had read this thread awhile back and tried the bait below with some success based on your firetiger posts. I am doing another float this weekend and was curious which firetiger swim baits you were using. These are a 3" Charlie Brewer slider. I didn't know if the swimbaits you were using were that much larger. What type and size of hook/head do you use?
  9. Seth Clarkson

    Float this Weekend, Delaware to Shelvin, or Shelvin to Hootentown?

    Well the guys I were going with had to back out, so i'll be going solo, but do have a transport back up. I think I will put in somewhere lower down the river so my transport doesn't have to drive as far as well as I have floated that section before, so I know what to expect for the most part. Hopefully water will be a little higher as well.
  10. Seth Clarkson

    Float this Weekend, Delaware to Shelvin, or Shelvin to Hootentown?

    There shouldn't be too much of the crowd that strictly floats and doesnt fish this time of year with the weather we've had though, right?
  11. Seth Clarkson

    Float this Weekend, Delaware to Shelvin, or Shelvin to Hootentown?

    I floated hootentown to Marble ground last August. It was the first time I had floated James and it had rained earlier that week then had one dry day beforehand. Water was fairly fast in a lot of areas and dirtier than it was my last couple of trips. Between 2 of us we caught 1 smallmouth, a couple. Goggle eye and a few panfish. It also seemed like a lot shorter trip than I'd want, but like I said I think some sections were moving fairly fast. I had a great day from marble ground down to Kerr in June. But not looking for that long of float, we paddled the last probably mile which didn't have a lot of current in the afternoon heat.
  12. Seth Clarkson

    Float this Weekend, Delaware to Shelvin, or Shelvin to Hootentown?

    I have fished lower sections a couple times. Didn't produce too big of smallies. I floated marble ground to Hl Kerr and caught a ton of fish, but only a couple smallmouth over 12 inches. Kerr to Galena didn't produce much for me and I did hootentown to marble ground once but it was after rains and didn't do well. Whats the water level typically like between marble ground and Kerr compared to the area between Delaware and hootentown?
  13. I see a lot of posts of people fishing Delaware to Shelvin, but not a whole lot showing Shelvin to Hootentown. Can someone tell me why that is? Is the first stretch better for some reason, better fishing, less traffic, safer, shorter or longer? Trying to decide what to float this weekend. Also if anyone has an idea of how the water might be in either of those areas right now please let me know. I have not floated either one before. I will be in a kayak, a buddy in a 16ft 9in old town canoe and a jr high kid taking his new kayak out for a maiden voyage. Thanks!
  14. Seth Clarkson

    Kayaking on McDaniel Lake?

    Pretty sure it is all boats. A couple buddies and I tried to go on the "no boats" section of fellows and was told that included kayaks, and even tubes. So knowing city utilities I am sure it is the same restriction at Mcdaniel.
  15. Seth Clarkson

    Something Different 8/10

    I should have, but I let it go. Most of my family, including myself doesn't really eat fish. I just enjoy catching and releasing them. Someone else will catch it again and have a bigger meal at that point.

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