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  1. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    A Buddy and I went Hl Kerr to cox and we didn't do so great, lack of experience in that area speed of the water, and the dirty color I'm sure was all against us. A buckle on my seat broke and had to fasten a quick fix for the rest of the trip which slowed us down, but if we went straight through it would have probably only taken 3.5 hours, we were on for almost 4.5 with the buckle work stop and multiple pull offs and reties. We caught 2 smallmouth, 1 spotted bass, a couple rock bass and some perch. Spotted bass was on a whopper plopper 110 in loon color first thing. My smallmouth was on a pbj Ned rig tube. Had some perch nibbles on the Ned but not many bites. We tried a Chartreuse squarebill, a jitterbug, a popper, a rattle trap, Chartreuse micro ChatterBait, black and blue Ned rig tube, a Canada Craw TRD Hog, a hula grub in green pumpkin and a blue and Chartreuse worm with no luck. Only bites were the pbj TRD tube, whopper plopper, a greenish and yellowish small spinnerbaits.
  2. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    I have never thrown one in any current to speak of, but sounds like it will still work well? I have a nice live target baitball popper that works will in clear water and sun, was hoping to use it. Otherwise if its dirty I have an old green and orange chug bug that will get some work in I suppose. Anyone had any luck yet on ploppers or buzzbaits? So far it seems like the more stationary topwaters have worked the best.
  3. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    I was hoping to try for some top water action. I was going to throw the 110 Plopper in Black to start real early and then was hoping as the sun was coming up to throw a popper, but with that much current not sure how the popper will do. But I was contemplating a fluke already, and I am glad you suggested that. I'm thinking a white and bubble gum would be best. Ned rig may be in very selective spots around the current. I was wanting to throw a micro chatterbait, roostertail and the 1/8 oz spinnerbaits, but I am now thinking I will be doing more crank, fluke, and 3/8 oz spinnerbaits with some heavier jigs and maybe a heavy hula grub set up.
  4. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    That sounds great, how was the fishing?
  5. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    At the cfs range it is now and will be around Saturday, do you think that will require more fast moving and heavier baits like spinnerbaits and cranks instead of Ned rig and Texas rigs?
  6. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    Glad to hear that it's a well liked stretch. I've only floated James once and it was from hootentown to mud bank after a good amount of rain. Didn't have much luck. Is there any areas to be aware of if the current picks up after the storms this week? I know the water levels are pinned to this thread but I don't have a good reference for what to expect.
  7. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    Pretty sure Kerr to Galena is what we're gonna do, thanks.
  8. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    Super helpful Dougie, much appreciated. If I end up floating James I'll report back. I haven't seen a Beaver Creek thread on here so if I go that route I may post to the upper bull shoals thread. Thanks guys
  9. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    How long would that take you typically to get all the way to bunks from Kerr? Another option I've been asked about doing is a float on a stretch of beaver Creek somewhere.
  10. Seth Clarkson

    Potential Float This Weekend

    I am debating on trying to float down the James and fish somewhere this weekend. I have only done it once before and that was from Hootentown to Mudbank after some rain the days prior and had little luck. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where to go this weekend and how the water would be. I am wanting something in the neighborhood of 5 to 8 hours of somewhat slow fishing if the water allows. I was wondering about trying HL Kerr to Galena but have never done it before so was not sure on time, but thought may have a change at catching some good fish through that stretch. Any hot baits would great as well. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Seth Clarkson

    303 Protectant

    What stretch did you float? I planning a yak fishing expedition of some sort for 5/19 but haven't decided where to go. Last year at that time I put together a 10lb plus bag at Taneycomo on beds, so may do that, but I am wanting to get into more smallmouth and river fishing this year.
  12. Seth Clarkson

    K Dock Ramp

    Can you put in at k dock now?
  13. Seth Clarkson

    Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    I didn't think to check, would that have been a for sure confirmation? I need to start paying more attention. I was too excited about catching a decent fish, for the first time this year and snapping some pics, then releasing it that I didn't think about it.
  14. Seth Clarkson

    Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    The lateral line look is what had me questioning it. I haven't caught any smallmouth in the Cedar Creek area before, and the few I had caught on Finley, or Table Rock didn't have much of a pattern at all, they were just a pretty bronze. I had also caught a lot of small spots in that area Saturday, so wasn't expecting a smallmouth.
  15. Seth Clarkson

    Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    What is it you typically look for to tell? I didn't think to feel for a tongue patch, would that have helped?

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