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  1. 2-9 Lake Springfield

    Did you have to make over exaggerated pauses? Also was towards James river east of 65 or west towards the bluff and main lake area?
  2. 2-9 Lake Springfield

    Lake Springfield has some real nice bass if you can get on them. I personally caught or saw someone else catch close to 25 over 3 lbs and a dozen close to 5 lbs or over the last year or so. Hoping I can find some big girls spawning in a couple months.
  3. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    Bridgeport is definitely froze up still. Put in at the marina. Most everything towards James River from the marina was ice. Dad caught one small spotted bass on an Alabama rig and I caught lots of trees. Wind was worse than they were calling for after about 11.
  4. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    Surely it melted today? I hope because we planned to try there tomorrow.
  5. Fishable or iced in

    I'm wondering the same thing. I've heard it's pretty tough to put in at the park right now just because the water is so low and the river run side is blocked off. I assume K dock should be good to go. I'm just not sure if I should go to bull or table rock.
  6. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    How is the parking situation on that side? Is there plenty of space to maneuver in that area? I'm assuming this time of year it wouldn't be a big deal in terms of numbers of boats, although with a day in the 50s a lot of people would jump at the chance I would think.
  7. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    I assumed that was a private ramp for a community or resort or something over there. So that is public and anyone can use it?
  8. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    Thanks for advice Royal Blue. My dad will be coming with me so it won't be an issue of launching alone. Are you thinking that bridgeport would just be shallow for a long ways or that with the snow that the rut would be that much worse?
  9. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    Hey guys, I am trying to get out tomorrow and haven't decided where to go just yet. I know the gravel entry into bridgeport had a rut that was starting to get washed out in early fall. Does anyone know how that has looked recently? Debating on going to Bull Shoals but I don't usually have much of a report for how things are down that way.
  10. I Didn't Know What It Was....At First

    The one time I attempted to paddle up was a mistake. Water was moving way too fast and I put in at Shelvin Rock. I didn't make it very far at all. The transporting is great, but I have to wait until after 8 or 9 if I remember right. I try to get there just before or at sunrise if I can help it.
  11. Pig Sticker Jigs

    For an all around jig which type of the NuTech should I try? I went to the website and saw that there was an option to compare different types, but even though it pops up saying this jig has been added to compare, the area where you select to look at the comparison continues to show that none have been selected to compare no matter how many I add. Anyone else have this issue?
  12. I Didn't Know What It Was....At First

    What part of James river did you fish? I have been wanting to get out there more often, but have a hard time lining up a pick up and drop off since buddies are usually busy when I'm available. I fished Hootentown to Mudbank a few month's back, but it was after a lot of hard rains. We moved pretty fast and I caught one 12 inch smallmouth and some panfish. Buddy caught a couple of rock bass. That was it. Water was pretty dirty.
  13. Little bit of bassin today

    Did you find them more on the main lake or back in coves?
  14. Cape Fair 12/3/17

    The blade looks so small compared to what I throw, maybe that's why you catch so many more haha. I'll have to get a black on black and a gold on black to try.
  15. Cape Fair 12/3/17

    What size buzzbait is that cheesemaster? It looks to be on the smaller side of the scale. 3/8?

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