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  1. We didn't catch that many, like 5 I think but all were decent sized. Catching that many fish any size is fun! Caught all mine on an ultralight too. Makes it that much better.
  2. Dad and I had a 50 combined fish day. Found a mega school on a bridge piling and caught 40 off small spoons. Wakes and wind moved shad up towards the surface and bass were periodically busting like crazy. 75% spotted bass between 10 and 14 inches with some whites and largemouth mixed in. Had 6 keepers including 3 white bass over 2.2 lbs. Very lucky to be in the right spot at the right time today. I only caught 1 prior to fishing the bridge this afternoon.
  3. Thank you that helps me out a lot.
  4. I guess my problem is distinguishing between gravel and the dirt on google maps. Is there very much gravel north of bridgeport? Because it almost all looks like dirt to me.
  5. Thanks. I figured it was few and far between, but I don't believe I have came across any between Bridgeport and a little ways up into James River or Flat creek.
  6. Is there a link someone could give me to a Table Rock map that has bottom composition detail? I have tried to use the one I've seen discussed on here a few times through the arc gis software or whatever that is but I wasn't able to see anything detailing the types of composition. I keep seeing/hearing people discuss fishing gravel points, but what I have been coming across is what I would consider chunk rock. I have been fishing almost exclusively Cape Fair due to less pleasure boaters, so I guess the gravel may all just be farther south. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Were these all in the main lake area? Did you fish in the evening or morning?
  8. Got to Cape Fair at sunrise and fished up towards and in James River. Dad and I caught 19 between us. All came in less than 10 ft of water and in the shade except one by a bridge piling. Caught a few early on a black buzzbait and dad caught a couple on a spook. Caught the rest of mine on a yum green pumpkin hawgcraw that I picked up on sale at Academy. Dad caught most of his on a spinnerbait with a gold willow silver Colorado and a mixed Chartreuse and white skirt. Found tons of shad and gar in a couple coves but couldn't get any bass to hit anything around those areas eve though we saw some underneath the bait balls. Maybe too much bait or th high pressure not sure.
  9. If you are trying to go cheap, go to the bass pro outlet and you can get a pound of plastics out of their bins for $6. I don't recall seeing any pbj colors though.
  10. bferg, glad to see you had luck changing tactics. I have done most of my fishing to this point out of a kayak in small lakes and up into some small rivers. Almost all of the little fishing experience I have has either been throwing topwaters like a frog, buzzbait or whopper plopper that do not require too much hand movement from in the kayak, and flipping worms or creatures. Moving to fishing out of a boat has been really hard to move out away from the bank and fish differently. Hopefully I can let go of that mindset and have success while learning new ways/areas to fish like you have.
  11. Has anyone fished Horse Creek to Galena recently? Wondering about water flow and what they might be biting. Thanks
  12. Yeah I know. When you set it to record all episodes and it shows that it is going to record at that time on CBS in your recording schedule, then gets skipped for some unknown reason its annoying. I don't know how else to make sure it will record. I guess I will see if I have CBS sports. Not sure if I do or not. Anyone know what channel that is on Dish?
  13. I have all the new MLF episodes set to record and I saw this was on my schedule to record, but when I went to watch it last night it had not recorded. We have Dish Network and i assume it has something to do with it being on a different channel than Outdoor like when I set it up. Very disappointed to say the least.
  14. That was the first time I had been there but the gate just blocks the road from vehicles going in. I just walked around and didn't bother anyone. Saw a few people around the dock and no one said anything. Maybe I just got lucky. Did the same that at Flat Creek Restaurant the weekend before. I know I wasn't the only one then that did it.
  15. Bridgeport ramp was definitely flooded. We put in there but I walked out on their dock to get into the boat.