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  1. I had been doing fairly well, but it's tapered off the last few trips. Going to try something different the next time if water levels allow.
  2. Floated Galena to Blunks on Saturday, fishing was tough. 2 little smallmouth and 2 perch for me, my buddy had 1 17 inch smallmouth (chatterbait I think), a nice largemouth that came off on a wacky rig, then a couple other little smallmouth. Something about the day just seemed off, it was almost too quiet and a bluebird sky type day for most of the float. Ned rig and rooster tail is what I caught mine on, also tried a whopper plopper, swimbait, and a glide bait, but was getting caught up in the leaves. We did get to see some wildlife though, at least 2 eagles (not sure if we saw the same
  3. Do you have recommendations on what stretches to float on Shoal Creek? I am in Strafford and typically float James River, but everything is pretty low. In your pictures the water doesn't look too bad, granted it's been a couple weeks I know.
  4. What stretch would be the best bet right now in terms of flow for non stagnant water and less dragging on the James? Would it be Galena down to Blunks, or is there a stretch farther up that has flow coming in that would still have decent height? Or is it all kind of a lost cause right now?
  5. Would it be doable to float from Bennet down right now without having to drag long stretches? Having to drag across a couple riffles isn't too bad, but I wouldn't want to have to drag through a section.
  6. Definitely agree fall is best. The guy you're talking about I believe had a crazy youtube handle, winkiedoodles, I feel like he changed it though. He move somewhere in Northern Missouri I believe so you have to go back a few years for lake springfield.
  7. @MNtransplant I've always done best heading East from the 65 ramp past the walking bridge when it's not winter time. In the winter going west towards the boathouse and deeper water can help.
  8. @yaknar I know this isn't as far up, but in my last 2 trips, this past Saturday and about a month ago between Cox Access and Blunks my buddy has caught 3 walleye, 2 keepers and 1 was 23 inches, all released. I think 2 on a chatterbait and 1 on a swimbait. We hadn't fished that stretch a whole lot before that but I don't remember catching walleye. Other than that nice walleye we got soaked and waited out some lightning for a bit and caught a lot of small bass, but nothing over 14 inches I don't think. There was a flat bottom parade at one point, think we had 5 boats pass us (1 both
  9. I have a Vibe Seaghots 110 but was looking to upgrade to something with a higher weight limit and higher seat. The Gravity Seats on the Feel Frees look awesome, they just have a low back. They also have a wheel in the keel to make transport easier. I just didn't want to have to jump up to a 13 footer for the weight limit I want. I'm wanting at least 500# so I'm focusing on a Nucanoe Frontier, probably 12 ft.
  10. We did Galena to blunks and had a good day. Only had 1 riffle that was too shallow and had to drag a bit. Probably had 30 fish between us multiple species. Rock bass, green sunfish, red ear, largemouth, smallmouth and my buddy even caught 2 walleye. One was good size, probably a little too short to keep and was caught on a chatterbait jackhammer. We caught probably 8 in the 13 to 15 inch range with majority between 10 and 12. Tender tube was the best bait, followed by a crankbait. Temperature was nice and we had cloud cover a lot of the day. Caught 4 smallmouth off one riffle and missed 2 more
  11. Wasn't even thinking or remembering that the whole lake was high, makes sense now. Thanks and I will try to remember to report back. Hopefully taking out at blunks from a kayak won't be at a bad angle with the top of the ramp. Guess we'll find out!
  12. Hey guys, a buddy and I are hoping to float in the morning, haven't nailed down the section but I was thinking Galena to blunks. With the rain we've had this week I've been looking at the levels and I have a decent reference as far as the flow goes and it seems to still be alright but I know there's more to it than that. Is the height it's at right now anything to worry about to float down there tomorrow? I assume the water will be a little dirty but as of now it doesn't look that fast (online anyway). Thanks Seth
  13. It was busy, but nothing like table rock and did our best to avoid people. We sure didn't take any fish away from anyone. Not a single keeper today.
  14. Are Coe ramps the only ones open right now or are some of the campground ramps available to use? Ive only been to Stockton once but thinking of trying tomorrow to avoid the table rock crowd and bull shoals is just rough at 30ft high.
  15. He had at least 1 brain tumor removed recently, think he had surgery then had to go back to get something else taken out.
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