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  1. It was busy, but nothing like table rock and did our best to avoid people. We sure didn't take any fish away from anyone. Not a single keeper today.
  2. Are Coe ramps the only ones open right now or are some of the campground ramps available to use? Ive only been to Stockton once but thinking of trying tomorrow to avoid the table rock crowd and bull shoals is just rough at 30ft high.
  3. He had at least 1 brain tumor removed recently, think he had surgery then had to go back to get something else taken out.
  4. I agree with Wheeler, but it's always hard for me to bet against Edwin Evers too.
  5. Yeah I do, but I think it's when they bite it on the fall that they end up swallowing it.
  6. Pinching the barb definitely helps and using that trick to remove a hook when they swallow it makes a heck of a difference. Took awhile to do it very well, but it has definitely made a difference for me going in by the gills and turning the hook out from below rather than coming in from the mouth. I also never have that problem with a ned rig, not sure why there is such a difference.
  7. What jighead or style do you prefer to stupid rig your tubes? I use the little bass pro tender tubes a lot and have issues with fish gut hooking every once in awhile or getting hung up. I don't feel like the ones with a weed guard have helped my issues much. If I can set up a stupid tube correctly though I may use that more often.
  8. We fished the Moonshine Beach area on Friday. Was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't that busy. Guess a lot of people were back to work and maybe the possible early morning rain and high winds kept people away. We definitely fought the wind, borderline dangerous at times with a lot of white caps. Because of that we didn't get to fish many main lake spots. First thing before the wind got too crazy I had a big spotted bass hit my swaver right at the boat, had less than a foot of line out and it hammered but got came off as I tried to flip it. Had a smallmouth later in the day come up to it and snap at it but no hookup that was it on swaver and couldn't get a topwater bite with a walker or whopper plopper. Had found some shad balls but the bass werent feeding in them and didn't see any under them on the graph. The only somewhat pattern we could find was swimbaits/underpins on docks midway back in coves. Marked a lot of fish suspended around the docks but couldn't get any to bite unless they were under it. Had one real nice 19 inch largemouth doing that but mainly 12 inches or smaller. Caught a really fat spot on some gravel with the ned when the wind slowed down some and the sun came out. Had clouds and some rain early with high winds throughout the day and partial sun peeking through at times before coming out later in the afternoon.
  9. Thanks for the tip, how deep of water were you fishing over?
  10. Went back to Tucker Hollow yesterday and only managed 4.....if you count a perch disguised as a bass. 3 on the swimbait again and one on a tube. 2 swimbait fish were on wind blown points, but none of the 4 fish came from the same place. There was a lot more current it seemed yesterday so not sure if that in combination with the weather messed things up. Saw water temps of 59 and saw a lot of suspended fish at times, but couldn't get them to bite. Before I caught my first fish I had 2 follows to the boat and one snap at and miss a feathered walk the dog bait. Did see a lot of small sunfish in the back of a pocket but no bass around at all. After the rain let off, the wind came on fierce and did not make it easy.
  11. Tucker most likely because kdock has much less parking available right now.
  12. We put in there Saturday. Water is high for sure, but you can still put in easily and just have to park in various places around the campground, the courtesy dock was not accessible, so be aware of that. The campground is closed and so was the marina. There were a few people working on the marina who did mention that they had minnows, so if you see them out and you want some, might talk to them. Water continues to stay clear even with it continuing to rise. There were a few floaters, but not terrible.
  13. Put in this morning at Tucker, caught around 10 all on a 3 inchish Swimbait. All were around points and there had to be wind. Fog was horrid to start, was so bad at one point we couldn't go where we planned and got in the closest cove. First cast I had a keeper break me off, probably should have retied after my last trip. Early in the morning I caught them as shallow as 10 ft but was getting bit near 25 ft on the bottom as the sun was higher. Tried a chatterbait and tube but couldn't get a bite. Water temp was around 54 most the day and it was almost bluebird skies. The marina was closed but talked to them for a minute as they were working around the marina. They said they had some minnows already that they were going to have to sell. There was quite a few rigs parked in various places around the campground with the water high.
  14. We fished K Dock area Saturday. Didn't get a ton of fishing in but water temp was 48 and it was really windy. Caught 7 with 1 keeper largemouth, all less than 8ft deep. Most on a tube, couple on a more finesse set up A-rig and one on a rattletrap.
  15. I thought it was, but I didn't start fishing there until 2016-2017, so didn't know about a courtesy dock on the park side. Anything that gets into James River upstream though can get in there. Plus you know the whole power plant thing haha.
  16. Took me a little bit but I thought I remembered seeing something like that caught and labeled as James River.
  17. I looked into it, but with my internet situation it wasn't going to be worth it. Would end up going over the data cap each month and paying more than dish. Reupped for another 2 years with dish for $88 a month and got a lot better receivers. Don't have CBS and fox sports midwest currently, I assume it will get worse over that span but currently I have what I want besides those 2 and can cover the cards game with reddit and I have an antenna for CBS.
  18. I haven't fished a lot out of the park, but didn't have a whole of success in terms of size there, but I haven't been throwing larger baits anywhere else on the river either. However, even if the fish don't hit those larger baits I watched a tactical bassin video about using those real over-sized baits for the area you fish to draw them out. They are curious and will come to check out the bait, so you could potentially see if there were fish in the area. I haven't really tried this myself, just passing on what I saw. I bought a S Waver to try this year, and if I throw it on the river I will try to report back. I usually fish James river, just for easier access and pickups on floats.
  19. Round 2 is on again Friday at 8 am, don't see round 1 being aired again on my guide.
  20. Will do, bad thing with those is its kind of like the satellite ones are now, you can't even pay more to gain channels, they just aren't available as an option.
  21. Yeah I'm sure mine will go up even under anew contract. I don't ha e cable as an option where I live so it's either going to be sticking with dish in their mess, switching to direct or finding a streaming service.
  22. Yeah my contract is up end of April with dish, trying to decide if I'm going to switch but seems like unless you are on the side of Disney you lose now since they own espn and fox. However I'm not finding any streaming service that offers fsn midwest for cards games currently. I could get direct TV and get it back but I'm sure that won't last long either before Disney pulls it.
  23. It's a pain but if you don't have an antenna you can watch the CBS football games on CBS.com somehow.
  24. I liked that they showed Randall Tharp's 4 rod setup up close during their General Tire anywhere is possible shpeel. Usually they don't give you very much detail unless it is one of the Major league lessons episodes or the winner of the day's number 1 bait. I saw what seemed to be a good amount of fish caught on a regular jerkbait which surprised me for summer months. Anyone know if that's what David Walker was using in the first round? It seemed to be a white jerkbait that he was throwing on spinning gear to me. Also I'm not sure about you guys but my DVR was showing it as a new episode but they keep showing the description as being in Shreveport Louisiana instead of the actual location when they air the cups. I am on Dish.....for now anyways, thinking about dropping them.
  25. I can say I am not great at detecting bites, and I don't know that I can remember gut hooking a fish with a ned rig. I know I have mistakenly not realized I had a small one on before. However the worst for me has, and probably always will be a tube for gut hooking fish. They catch it on the fall and I realize it too late. Then something about tubes or the placement of the hook penetration makes them want to swallow it down even further at times as you try to get it out. I don't ever have that problem with other baits. I will also say that I have tried the technique in the video Dutch posted and I felt like I was hurting the fish attempting to do that and would give up and cut the line. However I have continued to practice and am able to do that trick most every time now. It has helped me save quite a few of the smaller guys choking that tube. Also something else that seems to help me at times is if you get one bleeding pretty bad, depending on the location you can poor some soda across the gash and I think the sugar helps it clot, just try to keep it from going down their throat as much as possible. Mountain Dew seems to work for me anyway.
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