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  1. I looked into it, but with my internet situation it wasn't going to be worth it. Would end up going over the data cap each month and paying more than dish. Reupped for another 2 years with dish for $88 a month and got a lot better receivers. Don't have CBS and fox sports midwest currently, I assume it will get worse over that span but currently I have what I want besides those 2 and can cover the cards game with reddit and I have an antenna for CBS.
  2. I haven't fished a lot out of the park, but didn't have a whole of success in terms of size there, but I haven't been throwing larger baits anywhere else on the river either. However, even if the fish don't hit those larger baits I watched a tactical bassin video about using those real over-sized baits for the area you fish to draw them out. They are curious and will come to check out the bait, so you could potentially see if there were fish in the area. I haven't really tried this myself, just passing on what I saw. I bought a S Waver to try this year, and if I throw it on the river I will try to report back. I usually fish James river, just for easier access and pickups on floats.
  3. Round 2 is on again Friday at 8 am, don't see round 1 being aired again on my guide.
  4. Will do, bad thing with those is its kind of like the satellite ones are now, you can't even pay more to gain channels, they just aren't available as an option.
  5. Yeah I'm sure mine will go up even under anew contract. I don't ha e cable as an option where I live so it's either going to be sticking with dish in their mess, switching to direct or finding a streaming service.
  6. Yeah my contract is up end of April with dish, trying to decide if I'm going to switch but seems like unless you are on the side of Disney you lose now since they own espn and fox. However I'm not finding any streaming service that offers fsn midwest for cards games currently. I could get direct TV and get it back but I'm sure that won't last long either before Disney pulls it.
  7. It's a pain but if you don't have an antenna you can watch the CBS football games on CBS.com somehow.
  8. I liked that they showed Randall Tharp's 4 rod setup up close during their General Tire anywhere is possible shpeel. Usually they don't give you very much detail unless it is one of the Major league lessons episodes or the winner of the day's number 1 bait. I saw what seemed to be a good amount of fish caught on a regular jerkbait which surprised me for summer months. Anyone know if that's what David Walker was using in the first round? It seemed to be a white jerkbait that he was throwing on spinning gear to me. Also I'm not sure about you guys but my DVR was showing it as a new episode but they keep showing the description as being in Shreveport Louisiana instead of the actual location when they air the cups. I am on Dish.....for now anyways, thinking about dropping them.
  9. I can say I am not great at detecting bites, and I don't know that I can remember gut hooking a fish with a ned rig. I know I have mistakenly not realized I had a small one on before. However the worst for me has, and probably always will be a tube for gut hooking fish. They catch it on the fall and I realize it too late. Then something about tubes or the placement of the hook penetration makes them want to swallow it down even further at times as you try to get it out. I don't ever have that problem with other baits. I will also say that I have tried the technique in the video Dutch posted and I felt like I was hurting the fish attempting to do that and would give up and cut the line. However I have continued to practice and am able to do that trick most every time now. It has helped me save quite a few of the smaller guys choking that tube. Also something else that seems to help me at times is if you get one bleeding pretty bad, depending on the location you can poor some soda across the gash and I think the sugar helps it clot, just try to keep it from going down their throat as much as possible. Mountain Dew seems to work for me anyway.
  10. @Quillback I plan to put in at Big M Saturday and brave the early morning 30s temp they are calling for, was wondering if the few you ran into chasing on top were more main lake oriented or back in the pockets. Always appreciate your reports! If I have anything that seems like it might help someone I try to post it, but usually I don't have a lot of info to help, just like to be out there trying to catch a few.
  11. Ended up fighting the rain and wind yesterday fishing from the ramp at hwy 39 down to Big M. Only boated 3, all spots, and possibly missed 2. Caught a small spot on a point with a small swimbait, another one on a tube in a cut in on a main lake bluff (got it on the fall and took off with it to the surface before I even realized I had it) and a tiny one under a dock near Big M. I did have one for sure miss pulling a tube down a bluff near Big M and it took off with it, but bent the hook out and came off. I was using braid and had pulled the hook off of a few trees prior so it was weak and had been bent back into place. Water temps were between 51 and 53, 53 being farther away from Beaver. We suck at finding fish and understanding electronics, but didn't seem to come across any schools to confidently drop spoons too. Couldn't even find bait for the most part, definitely not a large concentration.The main thing we saw on the graph were a lot of leaves and trees. We did get to see a group of 7 deer (does and fawns) bedded down on the bank under some trees trying to avoid the rain. That was probably the highlight of the day for me.
  12. I might be headed out that way tomorrow thanks for the report.I am just hoping it doesn't rain too hard and the wind doesn't blow us off spots, figured the warmer temp overnight tonight into tomorrow would set up well for fishing and try to get in another warmer day trip before the temp drops.
  13. We fished mainly in Big Creek that day (after running from the wind in an aluminum boat). Didn't catch a lot, but had a couple near keepers under docks with a hula grub.
  14. This time was at the dam and lower, but more times than not I usually fish Cape Fair and up into James which I know the water clarity up there is more like Bull. I typically do better up there than by the dam, but still not as well as I do at Bull.
  15. Thanks Mike, not sure why but I just seem to do much better on Bull Shoals (by comparison anyway not by most standards). May have something to do with water clarity I guess, otherwise you would think the timing and location would even out.
  16. I had a pretty poor day. 3 bass total and all tiny. We started back in the pockets and maybe that was our mistake. It was too windy for us to stand in the main lake as the day went on so may have missed our window. Threw a buzzbait, whopper plopper, spook, spinnerbait, chatterbait, swimbait, dark sleeper, Texas rig beaver, and a tube. Most all of what we fished were not steep banks due to the wind, but we did try docks, interior points, trees, gravel, lots of different areas. I think it was the fact that we missed the steep banks, but not sure. Saw water temps between 66 and 69 and saw a decent amount of bait fishing the lower end up to the dam, just didn't get it put together. Here's 1 of the 3 caught for giggles.
  17. With the cold nights and some warmer afternoons, I was wondering what people's opinions were as to if there was a better morning bite (like there typically is in the summer) with this being the first few weeks of cold or if it would be better to wait awhile and fish during the hours that it has had a chance to warm up. I don't mind the cold fishing, but hate to run down the lake in the cold if the early morning bite isn't as significant or would be the same as the rest of the day.
  18. There was a lot of boats out on Saturday I assume those running all the way up the lake for the fishers of men tournament and I think there was another tourney also.
  19. I threw a Whopper plopper but not for long and only when there was some chop, with no bites. Also threw a tube and a small swimbait. Tube caught them inside the pockets, and swimbait on the point.
  20. I couldn't get bit shallow weekend before last. Had a few very small bass shallow this weekend but I'm talking under 10 inches.
  21. Got out again this weekend, didn't do as well but found some on a point and some inside the pockets. No size still. Had 2 on that seemed like better fish but didn't get them in. Saw one that looked to at least be a keeper. Not sure why but I'm either missing the better fish on the bite or not in the right area. Struggling with that this year.
  22. Fished around Mincy on Saturday. It was a nice day to be out on the water, lots of cloud cover, cooler temps and a nice breeze. Caught a dozen bass, only 1 near keeper size but a lot of 12 inchers. Saw water temps between 77 and 79 by the time we finished. Didn't have much luck inside any pockets, main lake bluff and points/entrances to the coves were the best places. Tried topwater with no luck and the ones I caught were on a tube or swimbait. There is still a ton of gar in one of the pockets, figured there was a lot of bait and might find bass around them, but couldn't tell for sure on the graph and didn't catch but one, and hooked what I assume was a gar that I didn't get to see on the swimbait. It felt like it was bobbing its head up and down and didn't act like a bass before it came off. Kdock looked to be under water still just in case anyone was wondering. Didn't check to see if you could put in off the road or not.
  23. Had a good day yesterday. Caught a lot of bass on multiple moving baits. Mainly spots and largemouth, not many smallmouth and the ones we did catch weren't that big. Float was nice but got hot on the last couple bends in the afternoon. Had 3 or 4 right around keeper length and saw quite a few more in the clear water along with tons of big shad and I assume sucker. Fish seemed to be really shallow. Also saw a mink (I think, not sure whatever one calls them around here) and watched a squirell fall out of a tree at the edge of the bank into the water. He ran right back up the bank though, was surprised it lived after falling into such shallow water.
  24. I figure it will continue to slow down based on previous days. The only time I went Horse Creek to Galena the flow was over a 1,100 cfs do didn't really get to fish. Is that stretch a favorite due to floating, fishing, and scenery or just the fishing?
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