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  1. Got a new to me boat. No electronics on it. I'm adding them one at a time. I picked up a Garmin Echomap 73SV at BPS and now I need to get it installed. I will eventually need to add hydraulic steering to the boat. Any suggestions in the NWA area? Looking forward to getting out on Beaver some. Went yesterday and looked at a ramp get my bearings.
  2. Thanks everybody for the replies. I appreciate the hospitality. I grew up in NE/NC Arkansas. I grew up fishing Norfork, but none of the other lakes. I'm looking forward to hitting some local rivers/streams and fishing Table Rock for the first time. I will definitely look you guys up and I'll get some Hot Spot maps.
  3. I'm retiring from the USAF in June and moving to NW Arkansas. Hoping to fish on Table Rock quite a bit. Is the fishing good around Eureka Springs/Holiday Island? Should I travel up to Shell Knob and put in? LM Bass, SM Bass, and Crappie are what I will be fishing for. Any good resources you can point me to? Locations of good boat ramps, etc... Thanks.
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