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  1. darinb

    Any luck up the Glaize Arm?

    fishinwrench - I appreciate the info I was really more interested in knowing if anyone was catching fish on the Glaize Arm.
  2. Thinking of another early run tomorrow morning from PB1. Anyone having any luck up on the Glaize Arm?
  3. darinb

    PB 1

    Good to know! Thank you!! It's that time of year for sure!!
  4. darinb

    PB 1

    Thinking about an early trip Saturday morning, putting in at PB 1 and trying to catch something before it gets too hot. Anyone having any luck in that area? About how far down can you go before the traffic gets bad this time of year? I've only been here spring or fall until now. Thanks all!
  5. darinb

    Water Level at PB1

    Thanks fishinwrench! I've been in that channel before but usually early in the season and with someone else. It's kind of a "go-to" for us, close to home etc. When we just want to hit a few hours early morning before the heat! We typically run up and hit a few spots before the boats/water get big and dealing all of that. Thanks for the info!!!
  6. darinb

    Water Level at PB1

    Anyone launched out of PB1 this week? If so, how are water levels? I've heard it gets shallow there pretty quick?
  7. darinb

    Looking for a little advice

    So much good info! Thank you!!! I've heard a lot about the timber here at Truman. I just don't plan on moving too fast or outrunning my ability. We just want to go out and fish. We're not really interested in just riding around! Everyone on this forum is friendly and helpful so I'll pay that forward when it comes my time to share experience. THANK YOU!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. darinb

    Stockton Advice

    Thanks ALL for the valuable info!!! About 2 weeks from having the boat ready. So much good info here it's a huge help!! I plan to pay it forward in the future and this forum is a great place to do that!! THANK YOU!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻
  9. darinb

    Stockton Advice

    Great info zarraspook!!! Thank you!!! I'm definitely not going to be in a hurry. I've got time!
  10. darinb

    Stockton Advice

    Outstanding advice Kramr!! Thank you! Very safety conscious and I want to set a good example for my 17 year old son. We both love to fish so this has been a long time dream. Finally off of buddy boats!!! LOL I have been warned about the wind on Stockton. I feel like I made a good choice with the RB190. Big, wide, stable boat. I'm looking forward to being a member here too!!! a TON of good information so far!!
  11. darinb

    Looking for a little advice

    Fairly novice boater, Ranger RB190 wanting to try Truman. Any pointers on good places to start? Launch spots? Places to avoid? Is this a good lake for my boat? Thank you!!!
  12. darinb

    Stockton Advice

    Hello all!! I'm looking for any friendly advice. I finally got tired of riding along and just purchased my own boat, a Ranger RB190. I have never been to Stockton but can't wait to try. Where are good launch spots? Any places to in particular to avoid? Is this a good boat for this lake? The folks I am buying the boat from highly recommend Stockton. Thank you!!

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