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  1. jte54

    1st Blown engine

    Message FishinWrench
  2. where did you put in at?
  3. jte54

    Jerkbait setup

  4. jte54

    Jerkbait setup

    The rod he talks about here is one of the best feeling jerkbait rods I've ever picked up. Only time I use a spinning rod is when throwing a lighter bait or it so cold the guides freeze up bad enough to annoy me.
  5. jte54

    B.A.S.S. Rule Change

    When you're not on top you make an awesome "Gillie". "Good cast Sir", "Fine pitch sir", "That's the fish's fault Sir. You presentation was flawless Sir"."Allow me to open your MGD Sir."
  6. jte54

    Fall Fishing at the Lake

    I would add any 1/2 oz spinnerbait with at least a number seven silver willow leaf on back.
  7. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Bfishn, cool thing you brought up catfish feed because our bluegill get fed 3.5 35% protein catfish feed and they do great. We push them really hard as larvae and they get fed a 45% protein diet as fingerlings. Then soon as they can eat a 3.5 pellet they get tagged and moved to the ponds. Wished I had some recent data to share but I don't and it is not comparable to previous generations because we had to do things differently because we moved facilities and had to work out some kinks with this new building while dealing with leaky ponds. Hopefully next year we will be back on course. As far as feed training bass we have a pretty solid method worked out and it works for crappie too. As far as survival rate of bass at time of harvest vs initial stocking.....IDK . My supervisor has a great deal of experience and I can ask him then get back to you. I do know that one of the reasons we are choosing to do spotted bass is because they have great size uniformity among a corhort according to my boss.. Maybe there is less cannibalism because of their smaller mouth just a guess.
  8. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Most poaching I am aware if is done by folks gigging. You won't see gill nets in any cove and if you did it would be at night. I would be more afraid of seeing Fishinwrench sore lipping bass in my cove than any Asians or hillbillies trying to poach my fish with a gill net.
  9. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    We have nothing to do with commercial fishing. When it comes to that you're dealing more with Fisheries and that is more of MU's territory. I don't know about Asian carp but i know that over by east STL smoked carp from the river is very popular.
  10. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Have you used the beetle traps that dumps them into a trash bag. We have many traps placed around our research farm and our crops are in great shape. Contact out IPM expert Dr. Jamie Pinero (573) 681-5522 Pineroj@lincolnu.edu. But, often his technician Austin Dudenhoeffer is easier to reach at austen.dudenhoeffer657@my.lincolnu.edu. I have Austen's phone number but it's his cell and not sure I permission to give it out. But, if you email him I am sure Austen can send you in the right direction to get some good traps. He can tell you which ones they use and how to put them up so that you don't waste money on brands that do not work
  11. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    There is a large Asian market for them near the larger cities. From what I gather the buyers are near Chicago. I have been told by my supervisor that there are some fish hauler/transporters ( middle men) ready to pick them up and take them up there. Also for the last two years or so we had a Chinese postdoc from Chicago and she would mentioned there were many people in the Asian communities up that way that bought a lot of largemouth bass.
  12. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    The main goal of this 3-year project to is trial methods and products with potential for adoption by entrepreneurial producers of food-fish in Missouri. Ongoing efforts will serve as a demonstration for stakeholders to witness and in some situations participate through experiential learning. A secondary goal is to get selected Bluegill broodstock into commercial production by private producers. The objectives of this proposed work are: 2.) To compare Largemouth Bass Micropterus salmoides and Spotted Bass M. punctulatus in a production regimen coupling indoor rearing of fingerlings during the winter months in a recirculating aquaculture to pond growout to market size during the production season. Production systems will be setup to facilitate demonstration and experiential learning. We will also be exploring the usage of Japanese Beetle Popillia japonica biomass as a feedstuff for Bluegill Lepomis macrochirus. Fishinwrench, here is the second and part of the third objective of the draft i am helping with.
  13. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Fishinwrench, it is a grant that 1890's land grant schools get every year through the Evans-Allen program. Our proposal will be reviewed by outside reviewers (farmers we serve, other PI's etc.) Also I will be only making one spawn of spotted bass that will supply all the fish I need and the market is already there for largemouth. We have been funded for our bluegill research for a longtime which is trying to develop a product for farmers and the market to benefit from. Now we are being pushed in another direction not by our choice. So to say our only true goal is the to get funded would be inaccurate. My goal is to get back to the bluegill and focus on getting our product out to the farmers so they can see how our fish out perform theirs so they can take our Blue Tiger Gills and make there own stock someday. So would the it be accurate for me to call you a parts changer.....you find something wrong on a motor and swap the part collect your money and send the customer on their way???? NO SIR. Why? Because you find the source of the problem fix it, then swap the broken motor part hence why you get return customers. I started this thread to have another source of information on the this topic in which there was no literature on. After this and talking with angler, weekend warriors, guides, and pro's I got what I needed for justification.
  14. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Skeeter, funny thing you mentioning Bluegill because we have been working with them for the last 11 years and I have been with the program for 9 years in October. Unfortunately, our bluegill will be taking to back seat to these other species. I feel Bluegill are best served on the round. Give me flour and give me grease. Pickled Bluegill taste great too.
  15. jte54

    Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    We will be doing some rainbow trout, maybe brooke......idk and hybrid striped bass as well. Due to not getting our state match we are forced to look into other ways to supplement our program and student workers. Also the above stuff isn't yet set in stone. Most of our work has been with selective breeding of bluegill and nutrition. We also have done some work with crappie and we've been able to feed train them but one trouble is taking feed trained crappie out to a pond setting and getting them to stay on feed. Also a few years ago we did a study that dealt with over wintering fish in ponds bc several farmers lost a bunch of fish during the winter months. We looked at feed intake during the winter months and we had fish in cages.

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