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  1. Probably not the right forum but hoping the owner or someone who knows them sees this. I found an Apple Watch on the bottom below Elephant Rock up by Starkey last week. PM me with the serial number and I will return it to you. It is still working but locked.
  2. Ron your advice worked great. 10lb striper on a big swimbait. Pulling around channel bends over tree tops using lead core to get deep. Had two on at the same time but lost the bigger one when he broke the line.
  3. I’m coming to Beaver on Monday and will be fishing for a week. We are staying near Starkey. Does anyone have any reports on striper, walleye or crappie anywhere near there? I’m guessing due to the heat I’ll stick to hitting the points for walleye unless I can find some striper schools. I caught several keeper walleye last year doing that. Appreciate any advice any of you can share.
  4. Thanks for the updates guys. I'm visiting Stockton this weekend and spent this morning searching for walleye and crappie. Didn't have any luck with bottom bouncers and spinners or Trolling flicker shads and bandits. Marked tons of fish and shad but the only fish caught were catfish. Fished the flats and a couple of points from 15' to 30'.
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