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  1. Fished out of a boat this time in the channel which appeared to be completely full of fish from about 15' down to Bottom. Just STACKED! Drowned some minnows with a friend and his son and we did well with the crappie ( and even a flathead!) despite the what seemed like hurricane force winds. Water temp was 53.4*, caught more males than females but they were some big uns. Got a while till they hit the banks en masse up there imo. saw several guides there one did real good, the other two so so. They were fishing with red/chart jigs and minnows. Good Luck "the more fearful a man is, th
  2. Fished off the rocks on the West side starting around 0730 up above the drains... nothing but snagged. Went down about halfway, a little easier to get around, and found a seam in the current and if my cast landed in it I got bit. Prolly 15 whites in my first 20 casts. Finished with about 50 caught in 3 hours on a white grub (of course). The bite was strongest until they throttled back, but not off on the generation. Had to keep bait near the bottom which can be tricky. Water- COLD!
  3. For the most part how far can you take a boat with no generators running up towards the darn ? Thanks
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