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  1. TinBoats Tourney Results

    Going to be a rough one this weekend on the Missouri lakes. Gusts to 38 forecasted for Saturday. Here is a site I use for wind forecast. Most times it's pretty accurate for the day of. Like any forecast it will change some by the weekend if checking on it midweek. https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/stockton_lake
  2. Love fishing Stockton in the Fall....#whitesgalore

    Looks like fun!!!
  3. TinBoats Tourney Results

    Congrats on the win!!! The wind was brutal today in the Truman area.
  4. Walleye spinner rig

    Thanks for the tips. The spin and glow were a little higher but looked good. I just picked up a couple of each style from the local outdoor store that I use to run. Figure I can see what works and then get more or start ordering what I need to tie my own rigs Lmtout's father use to be a regular customer of ours and a very good fisherman. He helped me several times with some new items to add to my order since none of us at the store were walleye fisherman. We always carried the basics that people used early spring for below the dam and that was it. With his help over a year or two they now they have a pretty good selection from spinner rigs, bottom bouncers, cranks and plastics.
  5. crappie help?

    Have not been on that end for a while but up the Grand and Osage fish are being caught on edges of the flats close to the channel and also mouths of the creeks. 6-12' of wayer and right on the bottom. Jigs are working best. Hardwood clusters or about any tree with brush or root was around it.
  6. Walleye spinner rig

    A buddy caught this giant today on Truman while fishing a Crappie tournament. His partner lost one even bigger this morning. This will make you want to get out and get after them. 30" and just over 8 1/2 lbs
  7. Boat Financing

    Where can I find some more info on this Tin Boats bass club? I have not bass fished for years but may be interested in a club for tin rigs. I switched from glass to my current Ranger RT188 metal boat a year ago and I am loving it. Finally got it decked out the way I want it. Ultrex trolling motor, Helix 12 at bow with 360 imaging. Then 2 Helix 10's at the console on a dual mount. Ready for chasing all species now.
  8. Bass an walleye

    Great fish.
  9. Walleye spinner rig

    Those look great Paco. I will have to try some of those blades and hooks. Thanks
  10. Walleye spinner rig

    I have found lots of good info already from doing searches. Going to make a run to Scheels and Cabelas this weekend and pick up some more walleye items. Cabelas has Flicker Shad on sale for $2.99 right now. Ed do you know Kevin Pitts in the pictures above? He runs the state barn for MODOT here in Clinton. He is the other guy that is going to start walleye fishing with me.
  11. Walleye spinner rig

    I have been gone now for a while but I managed Everharts for a couple years. Jared is my name but "the big guy" is how most would ask for me when coming in the store. Great selection of fishing and hunting items. Biggest selection of molds/jig building items anywhere. Crappie selection as good as any place in the country also. It's tough living a mile away from the store.
  12. Mixed Bag!

    Sounds like a a good day. Enough other fish in the mix to keep it interesting. The whites had to be a fun way to end the day.
  13. Walleye spinner rig

    Anytime. Here is some pics of a few good ones my buddy caught with me over the weekend.
  14. Walleye spinner rig

    I picked up a couple bags of 2 oz bottom bouncers and 10-12 spinner rigs from Everharts this morning. They had some Wordens that have a spinner that is also the float. The others is a mix of Berkley and Wordens Elite rigs. I bought some small cylinder floats in Chartreuse that I have added between the beads on a few of them. These will give me something to try until I get some stuff ordered to build my own. Thanks for all the replies and help guys. I'm sure I will be asking plenty more questions. If anyone needs any Truman lake advise just holler. I crappie fish several days a week and stay up on the other fish also through some guide friends.
  15. Walleye spinner rig

    Couple questions about spinner rigs for behind a bottom bouncer. I am wanting to get some supplies bought to tie up rigs or find some pretied rigs on sale over the winter One hook or two? Store bought or hand tied? Quality brand? Spinner blade size?

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