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  1. My top two are good, the rest are horrible. Oh well, it has been a blast for my first time in any fantasy sport and we are just getting started.
  2. Beautiful Day on Water....Even Without the Fish!

    What is the water clarity like? I am hoping to make it down in the next couple weeks.
  3. Custom painting lures

    I made a set of stencils last week to try and copy the old pattern. It was painstaking work with an exacto knife, all the videos I have watched about stencil making suggested using a dremel tool, and now I know why! I tried to upload some pics of the baits I painted with it this week, but I keep getting an error. Any ideas why I can’t get photos to upload? I am trying to do it from an I phone.
  4. Ott DeFoe's river boat

    I believe they are running them to skirt the rules. Last I read, B.A.S.S. Is considering closing the loophole because a bunch of people were pissed when he won that open and the guy building them was up in the top 5 or 10 as well. They had already banned jets.
  5. Navigating the Kings Question

    Thanks Champ! That is pretty much what I was looking for. I am used to running Truman, upper LOZ, Pomme, and Stockton so I know it really can't be answered and has to be learned and will never be completely safe. I will heed your advice and ease around above Viola and hope to get a feel for it. I really appreciate the help!!
  6. Navigating the Kings Question

    I will be coming to Table Rock for the first time this coming weekend and would like to check out the King's river arm among other places. I am wondering how safe it is to run around in a bass boat. Is there a lot of flooded timber under the surface etc.? How far up can I safely go and are there areas where I need to idle? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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