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  1. Riddle Bridge to Boiling Springs - 10/14-15/2017

    Nice! I was actually talking about doing the float next weekend at the MSA meeting last night.
  2. Smallmouth, eagles, and alligators, oh my!

    That looks like an epic trip! Great photographs too! What camera do you use?
  3. Fall Overnighter

    I appreciate the ideas. I'll keep an eye on water levels and if they're good to float I'll come back with a report on where I ended up and how it went. Thanks again!
  4. Fall Overnighter

    Looking to try out my first overnight smallmouth trip the last weekend of this month. Any suggestions on where to go? Looking to get started around 4 or 5 Friday night and finish Sunday afternoon. If there is an outfitter involved to shuttle me that would be preferred. Thanks!

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