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  1. Dustin.Sellers

    Better Luck Next Time

    I'll definitely be prepared for it next year. I think a lot of it had to do with me being in the higher seat setting in my kayak. I lose a lot of power from that position and can't cut through the current like I normally do. Live and learn!
  2. Dustin.Sellers

    Tent Mattress

    Well I've mastered sleeping on all kinds of surfaces myself. But my better half is a bit more picky than I am. But, the more I get her on the river the less flack I catch for fishing every weekend!
  3. Dustin.Sellers

    Better Luck Next Time

    Haha I just kept laughing hysterically throughout the float. That is what kept me sane. Next time the booze will be kept inside the kayak until I'm ready for them.
  4. Dustin.Sellers

    Tent Mattress

    Al, is there anything you're not knowledgeable on? Thanks for the advice. I'll be doing some research through the winter on the different types you mentioned.
  5. Dustin.Sellers

    Tent Mattress

    I'm in a kayak for now. We're contemplating on switching to a canoe once we start bringing the son along. So, something I can fit inside the hull is definitely needed. Thanks for the advice. I'll try out a few of the thermarest to see how they work out. If we switch to a canoe I'll probably switch to an air mattress with a portable pump.
  6. Dustin.Sellers

    Better Luck Next Time

    Thankfully I put everything I needed to survive inside the hull of the kayak. So it all stayed dry. Spare clothes, food, cooking system, and my sleeping system. Just the things that I bring along for a good time plastic bottle whiskey, fishing tackle, cellphone for a potential monster bronzeback photo op, etc. were lost. But, those things were expensive. I'll definitely be investing in some dry bags for good measure inside the hull and a floating/waterproof case for cellphone, keys, and wallet. I can't afford to keep replacing things. I look forward to getting on the river again. Next year I'll give it another attempt. Hopefully this time with better results.
  7. Dustin.Sellers

    Better Luck Next Time

    Without a doubt. If I had that I could have still made the most of the night haha!
  8. My girlfriend has been showing a feigned amount of interest in an overnight trip on the river bank next year. She's really getting into photography and wants to spend more time taking pictures. I of course love having more time to fish. The problem is we aren't able to do any longer floats or float anywhere more than an hour or two from home. So, I'm looking to find out what you seasoned river men and women use for tent camping. I'm a hammock man myself so don't have much experience on the ground. I appreciate any advice you have. Rather it be mattresses, sleeping bags, etc. THANKS!
  9. Dustin.Sellers

    Better Luck Next Time

    It was definitely a learning experience. Glad to know that I don't panic in those situations. I always figured I would know what to do and how to survive something like that. Now I know that I can. Stayed calm and did what I had to, to get out of the situation.
  10. Dustin.Sellers

    Better Luck Next Time

    Well, this weekend didn't go as well as I hoped. I decided to try the high seat option in my Cuda12 on Friday afternoon. I could tell it wasn't as stable but still plenty stable for me. The issue was that I couldn't generate the same amount of power from paddling as I could in the lower setting. The first test was only a few hundred yards after I put in at Riddle Bridge. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. When I realized I wasn't able to paddle with the power I normally have in the lower seat setting. I abandoned the idea of paddling and grabbed on to the downed tree before it knocked me off the kayak. The current still almost swept the kayak from under me when I held on to the branch. But, I managed to stay afloat and grab my plano box that had fell in the water. That wouldn't last. When pulling my paddle back into the boat the power from the current pushing on the paddle that was still in the water took me and the kayak and flipped us both. Now, the water was still rather warm. But, once I got back into the kayak and paddling down river the air took over. I managed to get changed back into dry clothing before I got too cold. Now, the issue lies with what was lost. And, if any of you find some of these things in the coming months please let me know! -Truck Keys -Cellphone -2 Plano tackle boxes -Bottle of whiskey -30 inch measuring trough -neck gaitor -gloves -Bottle of whiskey -GoPro camera -Flashlight Other than the spill the trip wasn't too bad. A bit cold Friday night. But, the beauty of that river made up for it all. Absolutely gorgeous and the trees were at the perfect part of their color change. I'd liked to have gotten to fish, or drink, or both. But, I'll be returning to the Gasconade next year. To look for some of my things, and to see what fish it holds.
  11. Dustin.Sellers

    Weekend Overtnighter

    Thanks a lot guys. Hopefully I get lucky and bring in a real hog this weekend!
  12. Dustin.Sellers

    Weekend Overtnighter

    So, I was really counting on the temperature high being below 50 when I was planning this weekends trip. But, too late to back down now. Any tips on tackle and approach for what is sure to be a cold weekend? Not really experienced yet. Will the recent temperature drop effect the fishing? Good or bad? I'll be floating from Riddle Bridge back to Boiling Springs. Thanks for all your advice!
  13. Dustin.Sellers

    Riddle Bridge to Boiling Springs - 10/14-15/2017

    Nice! I was actually talking about doing the float next weekend at the MSA meeting last night.
  14. Dustin.Sellers

    Smallmouth, eagles, and alligators, oh my!

    That looks like an epic trip! Great photographs too! What camera do you use?
  15. Dustin.Sellers

    Fall Overnighter

    I appreciate the ideas. I'll keep an eye on water levels and if they're good to float I'll come back with a report on where I ended up and how it went. Thanks again!

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