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  1. I respect your effort and determination. Don't give up because it will eventually click. That is the part that makes fishing so rewarding. I got out of fishing consistently when my children were young, but now I'm an addict! I would give you advice, but it sounds like you have already tried everything I would recommend. I'm not familiar with that water, but it sounds like you should be catching fish with everything you've tried. You may explore some different areas - this is where a kayak / boat definitely helps. It's been so hot lately, that most of my river fish have been caught
  2. Nice report. Thanks for posting! Nothing surprises me at the ramps any more. I'm more surprised if there isn't a unique experience at the ramp on my trips. I try to see the humor in the events so it doesn't take away from my outings. My theory on the walleye is that they may be migrating up river from Table Rock because of the high water we've been having the last couple of springs. There has been a lot of good walleye reports on Table Rock recently. However, I recently read a report where guys were catching a lot of small walleye up the Meramec River as well so maybe it has somet
  3. Looks like a great trip! Thanks for the report!!
  4. Hey Seth, I know just a couple of weeks ago the water was still pretty much at the top of the ramp at the blunks. I think the lake level has a lot to do with the water in this area even though the galena gauge is reading average. I'm sure it's floatable, but there may not be the shoals visible that you are used to. Doesn't look like theres any significant increase in flow at the boaz gauge so I bet the water up river would be good too. Good luck buddy!
  5. Looks like a great trip. Thanks for the report!
  6. I always enjoy reading about your adventures. What a great way to celebrate the life / memories of a loved one. Thanks for posting!
  7. Mntransplant you dont have to get a high-end kayak either to have success. I consider my kayak as a vessel to just get me and my gear to the fishing holes. I just use a sit on top 10ft ascend. I upgraded the seat a little and made a fishing crate for it with rod holders. You can often find them for a steal at the bass pro outlet store. If you ever want to borrow mine to try it out, I would be more than happy to lend it to you.
  8. Mntransplant I would really enjoy to float with you sometime. If you can catch those taneycomo trout, then you can catch these fish no problems. I've had great fishing trips on the James all the way from Wilson's Creek to Galena. I mostly catch small fish, but occasionally I'll get some pretty nice ones. I just like to catch fish and be on the river so I really dont care about the size. The main factors that help me are the water levels and the time of year. I enjoy fishing the most when the gauge at Galena reads 400-600 cfs. The standards I prefer are a little off
  9. Great story! Experiences like that are why I love float fishing in current so much. There are so many dynamics involved and such natural, untamed beauty on the rivers. Please keep the reports coming and thanks for sharing!!
  10. Jadesjigs

    Fun Day

    Had a nice trip in the Kerr area a couple of days ago. The water level is getting really nice for floating and fishing. I caught a variety of fish including small mouth, rock bass, and a white bass. I had approximately 24 fish total. The majority of the fish were small; however, I had 3 - 4 fish that were between 12 - 14 inches. I used 1/16th size ned rigs paired with 2.5 inch robo worms In Aaron's magic and morning dawn colors. I also used a 1/8 size ned rig using a 3" watermelon colored grub. The majority of the bites on the grub occurred as the bait was gliding back to the
  11. What size heads are you guys using with your baits? I initially started with 1/4, but the 1/8 produced much better in the shallow water and let me slow down my presentation a lot. I'm wondering now if I should downsize even more.
  12. I pretty much have the same report, except in the Aunts Creek area. You explained the bite perfectly. I was using 1/8 size Ned Head and I didn't start getting bit consistently until I put 3" grubs on them. I was initially using a straight stick style plastic. One of the grubs was a pumpkin color and the other was a watermelon/red color. I would let the jigs glide to the bottom with very short pauses and then slowly swim them across the rocks. I was catching them on the inside of points and throughout 2/3 of the way back into main lake coves. It seemed like the banks with the sun on them
  13. Now that you mention it the bite did seem to be better when I was trolling with the jet motor vs the trolling motor. Never thought about that stirring them up. I also wonder if the weight tapping on the rocks ahead of the crankbait triggers a reaction. I really think it was a reaction bite because I would stop and start casting jigs immediately with no bites. Then I would fire the motor up and troll with the crankbait right through them again and catch another one. Looks like I need to do some more testing 😃.
  14. I've been having some success lately fishing for white bass in the river arms with a technique that I wanted to share. I've been following the Lilley's Crew on their reports about drifting crankbaits with added weight to get them to the bottom during high flow periods on Taneycomo. I thought this would be a great idea to locate and entice the staging white bass on their way up river for the spawn. I've had the most success using a #5 sized flicker shad in natural colors tied to 6# leader about 30" long. My main line is 10 lb braid. I put on a sliding snap on style weight that is 1/4
  15. Thank you for all of the wonderful support Mr. Lilley. I have learned so much from all of your insightful posts and videos. One of the greatest things about starting this venture has been having the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow fisherman across the country. I use a bismuth and tin alloy. The bismuth is beneficial because it has a density close to lead; however, it is soft and expands when cooled which makes it difficult to cast. The bismuth / tin alloy is about 15%-20% more expensive than lead. The tin is added as a hardener. This alloy also melts at a lower tempe
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