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  1. Blazerman, I thought this one may have been the infamous river 20" smallie that I have yet to achieve. You know it's a big one when you put pressure on the rod and and you can't even turn the fish. I've caught several smallmouth in that 16-18 range on the river. Most of them have been super healthy. It really makes me wonder what it takes for them to get to that 20" mark? How do they get that fat and not grow longer in length? I wonder if it's a genetic thing? I hear of many of you guys catching 20" fish on the gasconade and meramec. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just operator error either. My skills can definitely be improved! It takes more than luck to land a 20" river smallie.
  2. That's a great story! My parents bought that hat for Jade awhile back. She knows that's her "fishing hat" and she wears it every time we go. It's sweet what children grasp onto, and the little things that make these trips special. The thing in her hand is a fish counter. I bought one the other day because when I start catching fish I get too excited to remember how many I've caught by the end of the day. I let Jade see it before we left for the river and she did not put it down for the rest of the day! She wanted us to catch fish so bad just so she could click the button! Looks like I'm going to need to buy another fish counter 😃
  3. Jesters I've got to get out with u sometime on one of those nighttime Taney trips. I'm ashamed to say I only live about an hr away and have never been out there at night. I'm a river fisherman at heart and hooking into those trout at night sounds like a blast. I can barely catch them in the day when I can see what I'm doing! I love reading your reports. I didn't even know you could catch trout like that at night!
  4. Thanks Johnsfolly. I always enjoy reading when you post about your fishing trips with your daughter also. I would like to try that microfishing sometime, but I wouldn't have a clue what I was catching lol.
  5. My daughter, Jaiden, and I went to the river today. I was mainly expecting to go on a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful day with Jade. I didn't think the fishing would be very good with the water being high and in the middle of the day. We jetted up river and then started to float back down. Oh yeah, Jade likes to listen to music and sing too which usually doesn't help with the fishing!! I skipped a 1/8 oz #2 sickle finesse jig paired with a 2.75" orange and green pumpkin Z-Man worm under some overhanging limbs by the bank. I watched my line as the jig drifted down river skittering on the bottom. All of a sudden my line stopped drifting so I reeled into the pressure. My line started swimming up river and the fight was on. Then the smallmouth got in the current, headed down river, and started pulling drag on my reel. Luckily I had my fishing buddy Jade with me to grab the net, or I don't think I would have ever boated that fish. I'm sure it was less, but it felt like it took 5 minutes to get that beast in. The fish was just shy of 17." The smallmouth seem to love that green pumpkin and orange combo around here. If you look closely in the mouth of the fish you can see a craw that she had eaten just before she took my bait. The pincers on that craw still had a orange hue to them. This may not have been my biggest smallmouth, but it is the best one I have ever caught because I got to share it with Jaiden. After we released the fish and drifted around the next bend, I saw an eagle fly over us. I thanked God for another wonderful day that I got to spend with my daughter in his beautiful creation!
  6. I've only had my Garmin for about 1 yr so I'm still learning. There are multiple color schemes to choose from that seem to help in different light conditions. The original default settings seemed a little sensitive to me. It was picking up everything in the water so I turned most of the sensitivity settings down to auto low. I would really like to figure out the side scan, but I usually just stick with the sonar and down view split side by side on the screen. I feel like I can pick out the bait balls and fish arches better on the sonar and then I use the down view to confirm what I'm seeing.
  7. Thank you very much!! That is all great information. I would really like to figure out the drop-shot bite this summer using my electronics. Sometimes I have to really force myself to get away from the bank. Please keep the great posts coming Sir!
  8. I was in the Aunt's creek area during the day of 06/11 and also noticed the post-front conditions early. I was able to catch a few with a swimbait off the points at daylight where there was a lot of shad activity. I didn't have luck with any topwater baits. I was about to call it a day around 11:30 and I was fishing in the back of a cove with a breeze blowing into it. I found a large school of shad in the back of the cove. They were in the middle of the channel that was 12 ft. deep - and it was game on! I spent the next hour catching them on a 1/2 oz. skirted green pumpkin football jig paired with an Okeechobee colored beaver style craw. There was so much activity on my graph that I thought I was drifting over brush piles, but after the bite ended all I could see was the bottom. I've learned so much from your reports Bo. You often report that the key is to spend more time searching for the productive water where both the bait and fish can be viewed together. That got me thinking about how much time I fish unproductive water. I can often find bait with no fish, or fish with no bait. The story above is one of the first times that I have been able to put both together and had great success. I would have never expected those fish to be in the back of a cove on a blue-bird sky during the middle of the day. That would also go along with you saying to keep an open mind and use your electronics! Do you have a certain method that you use to graph an area before you start fishing it? Are there any specific patterns or areas that you start to graph. I've got a small boat so I don't like to run and gun across the lake. I would really like to learn how to break the water down in specific areas and fish the most productive areas. Thank you very much for all of your informative posts Bo!! Sorry, the screen on my graph is so dirty. There was a lot of dew that morning. I wanted to get more pics of my graph so I could show both the bait and the fish, but I was getting too many bites to take the time lol.
  9. Thanks for the report. It saddens me to hear this because that is such a great stretch of river. You definitely saved me a wasted trip of driving. Unfortunately, there are too many people who ruin the opportunities of fellow fisherman that truly love and respect nature.
  10. FLIPPING NED I fished the James Sunday morning and had some success. The numbers weren't great, but the size was decent. We've had so much fluctuation in the water level and flows lately that I think this locked the fish into the tightest of cover. Luckily, I recently did some research on flipping jigs. I never really knew what the difference was between flipping and pitching, but they are both very effective techniques when the fish are tight in cover. Flipping worked fantastic today! The areas the fish were located was so thick that there's know way I could cast or pitch into it without getting hung. I would flip a 1/16 oz. Ned Rig with #4 sickle by collecting an arms length of line in my non-dominant, left hand. After I had the line collected, I kept the bail closed on my spinning reel. This technique also keeps the slack line away from the end of your pole which may cause snags. I was able to lightly drop the Ned Rig right in the middle of the thickest part of the cover using my non-dominant hand to control and feel the line. I would work the jig a couple of seconds and then repeat the process until I covered the entire area. I was using my Ned Rig in areas where most people would never even consider using a finesse jig with an exposed hook. I would like to challenge everybody to try to use the smallest weight and hook that they can stand. Not only does this create a wonderful finesse presentation, but a #4 hook will go through cover that a bigger hook would never make it through. You can't catch fish if your snagged and retying continuously. Happy fishing!!
  11. I wanted to thank all of the Ozark Anglers members by currently offering a 10% discount on Midwest Finesse Style Ned Rigs. Use the code: Ozark Anglers at checkout to receive the discount at http://www.jadesjigs.com I am a local fisherman and discovered the Ned Rig from reading all of the informative posts here. I have learned so much from everybody. This created an obsession of finesse fishing that led me to starting a business selling jigs. I use a lead-free alloy and have several variations in stock. Please go to http://www.jadesjigs.com to see all of my current options. There are some wonderful people here that make jigs and I definitely don't want to take any business away from them. I just wanted to let members know what I have to offer if interested in something a little different. Thank you for making this the best forum for learning and sharing! If anybody has any suggestions on the website or on the jigs, then please let me know. It would be an honor to have anybody here fish with my jigs.
  12. Just wanted to give everybody a quick heads up. There is a new tree across the river just down river from Delaware Town access, and just above Hwy 14 bridge. It is where the water is still fast before it slows down at the bridge. You will definitely have to portage around the tree so please be careful. Quick report- obviously, the water is still high and flowing fast. It is starting to clear a little, but still pretty stained. I stayed above Delaware and fished all of my spring honey holes and got skunked! I knew it would be slow, but figured I could have managed a small rock bass. Still a beautiful day to be out. Please be careful out there.
  13. Thanks for the great report and wonderful pics. I would say you guys definitely have it figured out to catch fish like that in those conditions.
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