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  1. 3572A they can still use, that's 5 1/2 square miles of hiking trails and play ground equipment be a park DNR can sell the 625A to MDC or the Sierra Club and it won't become a pig farm. It's less than a section of land anyone of you who are worried about it could jump on it and put it in a forever trust so that it never gets used. I don't think it takes much to create a non-profit "friends of 11P woods" and have raffles to pay off the mortgage. Didn't they buy that from some friend of Jay's to start with?
  2. If it's important to DNR it will go to higher courts, thing is courts are limited to the laws they can't make decisions based on emotions or public sentiment. If the law was misinterpreted at this court it will be fixed at the next level, if this Judge was right, then DNR was/is wrong. If the vast majority of the people of MO. disagreed with the legislature, those guys wouldn't be there so that argument is bunk. As I read the article the judgement only pertains to the 600+A, that still leaves a bunch of land for DNR to so what they want with. If they do like they did here, that means they
  3. About how big do y'all make these jigs? a zonker tail and bucktail wing sound like bass bait to me, but I've never tied a trout jig.
  4. Every body that I saw keeping fish had a limit yesterday. Wife said that about the yellow fish last week. I would think the Neosho hatchery could provide fish if needed, they seem to never operate at full capacity.
  5. I would think this is assurance that the DNR won't screw that up by making it open to public use. Most parks modify the natural state of a place to make lawns and parking or camping/picnic sites. Park invites overuse of an area and of course that means trashing it. I think you should be happy with this ruling, but only time will tell.
  6. I only got over there about 50 times last year mostly around mid day and sometimes mid afternoon, and I never saw the river when it wasn't full of trout. Three days I didn't catch any wasn't because they weren't there, some days I just get it all wrong. Had reasonable numbers all through the winter as well, on the days I was there. Lots of poaching going on though, them fillets in the cooler don't keep folks from going back out. Cleaning in the creek or on the tailgate seems to make that more acceptable. I've fished it less this year, maybe 20 times and have been amazed at the people th
  7. Nothing wrong with writing better posts, I often can't like some of the posts I see.
  8. A swimmer or a kayak can be anywhere, people swim across the English Channel, 20+ miles, and I've seen a kayak ~15 miles off shore in the Atlantic. If you operate a boat or a truck at speeds faster than you can stop from safely, the results are not an accident.
  9. Try Peterman Fur & Trapping Supplies - Weaubleau, MO -he's on Facebook or- https://www.gfwco.com/ You may not know NAFA (the big Canadian fur auction) bankrupted last year after mailing out $millions in bad checks to trappers. And of course this Covid stuff has hurt foreign buyers traveling. Stick with coyotes, no market at all for coons, very little for cats. Our coyotes aren't what the market wants but they might sell, other stuff not likely. To make trapping worth the gasoline you need to do livestock protection or nuisance work.
  10. When I was growing up there weren't any and now there are, I don't think MDC bought them back like they did the cougars and rattlers though. It was likely the stocking of turkeys that attracted the coyotes from OK & KS. And all the land clearing done in the "70s. The raptors though were nurtured by the poultry farmers disposing of dead chicks back when it wasn't all corporate farms. Cold rains at hatching time caused the loss of turkeys here three or four years running, I used to have about 25 on the farm part time and I haven't seen one in ~15 years now. But opossums and other e
  11. The reintroduction of coyotes took care of about half the turkeys and the eagles got to eat same as worms.
  12. Ever hunt around Marionville? I'd like one of those all white rats for fly tying.
  13. When I was a kid we had both melanistic fox and greys in McDonald county, in the last 30-40 years I've only seen the black in the greys, and we don't have as many fox squirrels as back in the 50s&60s, I only ever hunted them with .22.
  14. Chameleon? Amnesia? I used to think Stren was pretty hard til i started fly fishing and the books all said to use Mason, a truly stiff nylon. Eventually I ran out of Mason and the local didn't have any, so I started using Maxima and just stayed with it. When they came out with the extruded leaders I think I tried them all and never found one that could be used off the shelf, yet other folks love them. The only one that was fairly good had Whitlock's name on it and then whoever made that one quit Whitlock or vice versa and the leaders became unavailable, on those you just had to cut the b
  15. Machine tapered leaders do suck, but if you cut the over thick, too stiff butt off about 18'' then cut the over limp tippet end back a couple feet; the 4' piece left over makes a pretty good butt section. Of course I can build a leader with less effort. I don't have much need for 30# except as weed guard. I have made the twisted leader and didn't care for it, used braided butt and didn't care that. I haven't used furled leaders but when guys talk about them and brag about them them only lasting a month and then I look at the cost of one and I go right back to my knotted leaders. I can make the
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