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  1. so does sound in the air above the water trans late to sound in the water?
  2. tjm

    Border Lakes permit

    I don't know what we can do in other states along the Mississippi, but people from other states can fish Mo. backwaters, as defined: (5) Backwater: Any flowing or non-flowing water lying exclusively within the floodplain of a river and connected to that river at any water level below official flood stage, as designated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the portion of the river where backwater is occurring. Backwater shall not include tributary streams and ditches, but may include side channels, chutes, sloughs, bayous, oxbows, and blew holes. I would think that they would reciprocate, but those waters don't matter to Ar. or the White River Border Lakes permit. I think the rules on the Mississippi, St. Francis and Missouri Rivers may have changed in 1995.
  3. Interesting stuff. As I think about this with no first hand sonar knowledge, it occurs to me that the motor noise is in the air above the water and probably doesn't have much effect below the surface, the boat is making all kinds contact noise in the water and directly transmitting any bangs you make so it would transmit the vibration of the motor. I think prop cavitation would be most of the noise felt by fish.
  4. tjm

    Border Lakes permit

    Pretty plain that the conservation pool elevation is the determination unless there is a sign. 3CSR 10-6.405
  5. tjm

    MDC Rant

    Most states have leash laws, Mo has Old Drum.
  6. tjm

    CWD cure claimed.

    Vaccinate against proteins? Where's that Bs flag? They will have a vaccine against cancer before they do prions.
  7. tjm

    MDC Rant

    Last time I searched the SOS website, it was against Mo. laws to kill your own dog and you are required to employ a Veterinarian. For dogs belonging to other people, you must call the county sheriff, make a trespass complaint and the sheriff must notify the dogs owner. Only after the third time can anyone do anything except female doggy. So get picture off that dog with your hand in it's mouth, use SSS.
  8. tjm

    Buffalo River Trip (need Advice)

    I am simply amazed at the stuff you guys take. While I might not travel as light as Terrierman, at least half the suggestion on Steve's list wouldn't go with me and quite a few other things that would stay with the vehicles. I would not take a cooler, nor loose ice, probably no tent and surely no tent poles. Polypropylene long johns will dry in minutes after a swim. That would probably take the place of one or two clothing changes. But two things I have never camped without are an axe and a shovel, did I miss them or did no one suggest them? Maybe they aren't allowed in that area? I would have two tarps and a couple hundred feet of para cord or clothes line, One tarp goes under and over the bed roll and the other is a fly/shelter/ tent. The rectangular 2 quart juice bottles make excellent ice and as thawed become drinking water, any cold foods put in a duffle with one or two frozen juice bottles- when the cold foods are gone you aren't stuck toting that empty cooler. If you do bring coolers why won't they double as table and chairs? Paper plates and cups are trash to deal with; washable reusable bowls work great and can be used to bail. or mix cake batter. The idea of Frisbee dishes is one I will try. Like wise a washable muslin towel would replace the paper trash towels. If drunkenness is part of the plan skip the suds and just carry spirits-old, single run and smokey- lighter, more compact, and very effective.
  9. tjm

    MDC Rant

    oh that deer, that is the one that belonged to you. Too bad. You all know that the feds have a law requiring identification of all hunters- it's part of collecting child support from deadbeat dads and moms, MDC didn't make that law. Your favorite congressman was the guy in Washington DC that submitted that and a past US President signed it. Take this complaint up with Trump.
  10. tjm

    MDC Rant

    nahh, That was the fault of the Massachuset, Narraganset, Wamaponag, Delaware, Tuscarota and Powhatan tribes and their ultra liberal immigration policies. They let anyone in that could sit in a boat when they shoulda built a Fence.
  11. tjm

    MDC Rant

    Whatever machine you use to access the internet in either instance has a identifier built in that it transmits before you can make a connection, this ID can be easily traced to you and give your exact location without your input or in your case your knowledge. Both those transactions required some means of communicating back to, email?, You are hooked into the worldwide data center as you read this and they can suss out every single key stroke you have ever made online. You should feel the hair stand up on your neck because we are being watched even as we click enter on each post. For what it's worth, when I or a family member gets those landowner tags, the only questions walmart asks is what county the land is in and my MDC number- the computer already knows the rest of the story. They have never asked me for an ID. If you have a state issued ID such as a drivers license, your entire history is accessible from that ID number. All those hidden security cameras in every retail store you enter can identify you from computer generated facial recognition. You are being watched always because you are a threat to every one you disagree with. If you have a cell phone every single time you use it you are alerting the watchers of your exact location at that moment. MDC is the least of your worries.
  12. tjm

    MDC Rant

    Limit changes every year, according to some estimate but that may be from the number car kills, Idk, maybe if the number of dead cars goes up they raise the limit. Last few years I haven't even counted how many tags they sold me, so not even aware of how many are possible, but I guess if they have run out of tags they may be getting low on deer too. Never heard of that situation. Has it happened to you?
  13. tjm

    MDC Rant

    I think that if you ask a lawyer he can explain to you that the wildlife belongs to the people and is held trust by the state. MDC just sets the management rules that maintain the trust. You aren't killing enough of them if they are still getting hit by cars, part of the management plan depends on your doing the kills. You should get all 12-15 landowner tags that you are allowed, kill that many and then buy a tag to hunt on your buddy's land. Since you said the neighbor is feeding those deer that you think are yours; shouldn't you pay your half of the feed bill?
  14. tjm

    MDC Rant

    Short answer, those farm tags count as permits sold when the Feds dole out the Pit-Rob money. I get the max number of tags every year and hardly ever hunt any more.
  15. tjm

    under wader pants?

    Dress for the weather, water is always above 32F so if in doubt dress for 32F. I've fished many times when I had to wash ice out of the guides to cast in canvass waders. Wool clothing from the skin out was the normal then, but I had some really good polypropylene long johns that made me give up wool for the skin layer.

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