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  1. The advertisement i saw last year ( or the year before) said that Simms was the only wader manufacturer licensed to use GoreTex that all other waders had to use other materials. So, it would seem that any wader made of GoreTex would be a Simms product rebadged or a lie. I bought top quality/priced waders 40 years ago for several years and I discovered that for me the loving care was too much, and no wader withstands barb wire or broken whiskey bottles in the water; I discovered that I want a wader that I can put on in about 30 seconds or take off in about 30 seconds and that leaving them wet in the truck was mighty handy, that buying new waders every couple years was cheaper time wise than being in love. That they all leak and that when you are wet and cold and pizedoff because they leaked you don't regret throwing away a $30 set as much as a $100 set. That Simms waders have legs too long for comfort and that most waders are too tight in the calves. Apparently no one currently makes waders with chest/uppers big enough to fit over a coat or vest so the top half is useless. (unless you just want to look pretty while standing in shallow water) For me the Hodgmans boot foot come as close to perfect as any and I can buy the hippers at about $40. But you knew when you asked that you wanted Simms. I might try a set of Caddis Wading Systems soon; they did say they would customize a set. When I asked Simms, they said no to custom work. Don't know if either is still true.
  2. In my lifetime I have owned several canoes and jon boats and built three. I found that each one wasted good fishing time with loading and unloading and rigging and on and on. Arranging shuttles, storing when not in use (most of the time actually). When we have floated a stream, it turned out to be just that floating a stream get from dump in to drag out, look at scenery quick because it will be behind you in a moment. Depressing activity really and no time to actually fish any where. I quit even taking tackle on float trips, those times became just quality time spent with wife or a kid, and thus less frustrating and depressing. When the kids grew up the floats pretty much stopped and my time on the streams was used to fish. I kept the last canoe just so that I won't get too serious about buying another, life is short and I'd rather be fishing.
  3. If they aren't going to check randomly, they don't need to be there at all, save the tax money until the crime happens. But wait, fishing without a license is a crime and the only way to find out if "that guy" has a license is to check him. If these guys were doing their jobs they would check every single angler every single time they saw one. Lazy bums sitting in a boat all day and not issuing tickets as they should be.
  4. tjm

    What were they after

    One of the big selling points of modern stocking foot waders, as opposed the old style canvass boot style, is that they are more comfortable for hiking in. My answer is the canvass boots are a bunch easier to get out of for hiking. I can't think of why one would want to wear waders to hike in a mile or two rather than pack them in and put them on at the water but the merchants at Orvis and Simms have about made it impossible to find good canvass boot waders, and the thing is the guys writing the ads probably never fish.
  5. tjm

    What were they after

    Most likely they were fishing for trout; as Al said, it doesn't take much water to cover a trout, I sometimes fish that same thin water for small mouth if there are any chunk rocks for them to hug- but the chest waders pretty much say "trout guy". Every time I go to RRSP, I'll see one or a dozen guys in chest waders fishing from the bank.
  6. See, no freedom. The right to free speech only means the guberment can't arrest you for talking politics, but they can still get you for sedition or inciting a mob.
  7. Not complaining, it's a thing all forums do at times, but, it appears to me that it is the same thing that started this thread off. It is censoring. There is no free speech, never has been. Saying offensive things used to get people killed, censoring saves lives.
  8. Isn't thread locking the same thing as censoring?
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozark_Howler
  10. Ask 'em. It really is the only way, with some New Order and some Old Order of each and with different customs in each community within those orders. I went to school with Mennonite kids in the 1960s that dressed in store bought clothes for school and rode the school bus, I've met some since that were as strict as any Amish I've seen.
  11. I don't know that it is a different discussion. If drinking and other drugs are part of the land owner-angler problem ...
  12. Drink the beer faster! It solves all problems. Even the economy, see above.
  13. tjm

    Heads UP!

    grumpy old me thinks all boat racing should be on the Interstate system. Any vessel traveling over 15 mph should be on a trailer or in an ocean.
  14. Something about trout brings out the poacher in otherwise law abiding people. Every single time I've been to RRSP over the last twenty years or so I've noticed guys put 4 on stringer early and then continue fishing under the guise of catch and release. Others put fish on multiple stringers, presumably family members" stringers, but I have seen stringers with no visible name tag too. And then the guys I despise that put every fish on a stringer through the gills until they catch bigger one and turn the smaller gill damaged fish loose as they cull out a limit of the bigger fish. Culling is poaching too. (unless you are a pro bass guy)
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