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  1. tjm

    Question about Nanofil

    Yeppers I read it wrong. Twice actually.
  2. tjm

    Question about Nanofil

    You just confused me. Why if it casts great, would only use it for leader? got it
  3. tjm

    What do I have to do

    On the top right corner of this page- click your user name; then in the drop down click "Account Settings"- then in the next display, on the right under "Other Settings" click on "Notification Settings"- this opens a page where you can chose when and how to be notified (the right hand column is for Email) - after checking/unchecking all items click the "Save" button on the bottom and you should be good to go. disclaimer; I'm not a real computer mechanic and if this doesn't work, you get no refunds - but, similar tactics worked for me.
  4. tjm

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    It is an awesome deer, I would have passed on it also, although perhaps for different reasons. It's essentially catch and release hunting. People turn perfectly good fish loose for many reasons; the same things can apply to hunting. A matter of tastes after all.
  5. tjm

    Beef tongue

    60 years ago Momma fed us tongue, ox tail and brisket because they were cheap cuts and she made them taste wonderful, recent years I've thought of doing some of those things and am astonished at the prices, if they are even displayed for sale.
  6. tjm

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    I disagree, a crock pot can show the potential just as well as fry pan. But to use your tame deer example, do you know of a breeder that removes all his big antlered bucks from his breeding program? Carry on with that thought a bit farther, of course the doe contributes to the gene pool but only what she got from her parents. I laugh at buck hunters, but different strokes and etc. Antler stew!
  7. tjm

    Beef tongue

    It's boneless, that always costs extra.
  8. tjm

    Video of a deer I passed up tonight.

    Mo. does a great job with deer but they should sell more tags and cheaper tags, deer here can't grow to farm land sizes simply because they are overstocked for the habitat. Witness any highway. As to the buck, it's OK but I'd have taken the big doe and ate her. Kill off the good bucks and kill off a big portion of the gene pool, leaving that one is a good; leaving the one sided or big deer-little rack type maybe not so good. I can picture a herd of all two pointers resulting from the point count hunts.
  9. yeah but you ain't running up and down the roads, so you have more time available for accidents than most.
  10. Do you suppose that might be in case the plane had to land elsewhere for some weather or emergency? 52% in the home where only 20% of time is spent and 1/2 of that we are asleep?
  11. Never bothered me to fly at all, but I'd drive 14 hours to avoid airport security freaks. Well that and so I could tote my tackle.
  12. Not only that but it takes them 65+ hours a week to get in 40 on the job, if they take lunch likely more, then they stress that they have no family time; it's the American Dream.
  13. Lot of people that chose to live two hours from where they work or chose to work two hours from where they live. Then there is the guys that will drive three hours each way to fish a few hours, many reasons for high miles.
  14. tjm

    Fly only questions

    As far as I can find Yellowstone NP, Alaska,Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and South Dakota have bans on felt; Vermont did have but lifted it in 2016. Some companies never stopped making felt an option. Put the phosphorus in back in detergents, eh?
  15. tjm

    Fly only questions

    I looked that up, didn't find the paper I had read before, the Bothwell that wrote the original “On the Boots of Fishermen: The History of Didymo Blooms,” actually did more intensive research and found didymo to be native and the "bloom" to be caused by low phosphorus, blamed on climate change; then wrote “The didymo story: The role of low dissolved phosphorus in the didymo blooms.” Too bad the regulations are cast in stone and founded on ignorance and unfounded conclusions, but they probably rescind them, I found this, it gives the gist of the story; https://www.concordmonitor.com/didymo-rock-snot-felt-wader-3007790

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