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  1. I managed to live 40+ years with apnea before sleep tests were popular, those folks can wait til fall. I don't believe the tests are in any way "essential", when balanced against the pandemic. I wouldn't do it, cite your duty to your patients to keep them from being potentially exposed during the testing.
  2. tjm

    Cape Fair WOW

    I think it possible they planned it that way, it's leading toward a "need for martial law". As in " we suggested, then we asked, then we told y'all to stay home and yer still gathering in crowds; so we must force you to comply for your own good'' Never let a disaster go to waste.
  3. tjm

    Cape Fair WOW

    Every thing that they close just makes the crowds bigger some place else. Best put those people back to work.
  4. I guess that's the part big brother tracks? micro transmitter? I was an USN electronics expert once but but the gear was all tubes and analog, stuff that we could see; computer the size of a car type stuff. I believe they can now compress all that circuitry into tiny chips. Didn't they catch some gun thieves a while ago in Springfield by investigating all the phones that had been at that location over the day of the theft?
  5. tjm

    Messin' With Sourdough

    I kept a sourdough going for 8-10 years once, never made loaves, but flapjacks almost every day and biscuits every so often. I never found it any harder to get good results than with any other baking. I did insist on hard wheat flour rather than the common all purpose stuff. Kept two cultures going always, one of starter and one working for next use. I've started several since then but haven't kept any going more than a couple months, I always used wild yeast as a start and they vary some as to outcome. ness, try a second batch of starter (so you don't kill the existing one) using your tap water after boiling it 10 minutes and cooling, we had terribly strong chlorine in the water where we were back then and I don't recall ever even seeing bottled water at that time. I kept my sourdough going with the city water boiled and cooled.
  6. I was thinking it was Homeland, but the way I recall the article said we can turn off the location feature that we see but that the 911 location is always on per Federal regulation starting with phones made after some designated date. That doesn't necessarily mean GPS but is more likely tower triangulation, I think. The gist was that taking the battery out was the only way to stop the reporting. Been a while since I read that and I don't recall where I read it. Maybe I read that newer phones don't let you take the battery out for that reason.
  7. I thought I read some years ago that the GPS could no longer be turned off?
  8. It is remarkable how uncommon that 'common sense' actually is.
  9. Bullets, Bait, Booze & Burgers then any of the existing franchise burger sheds could easily convert. Add self serve gas & diesel out front. It's opportunity waiting for an entrepreneur. Set up a couple and start franchising the model. oh might make a TP dispenser like a pop machine for the gas customers.
  10. Bait, Booze & Burgers, your way... Never touched by human mucus
  11. I've read that in S Korea it was common for people to walk around in public masked prior to this virus outbreak. They had sufficient masks for the population and their government did not lie to them about the benefit of wearing a mask as our Surgeon General and CDC did. As a general thing the Asian peoples have a greater tendency to follow instructions or comply with directives than western cultures as well. So, really it should be no surprise that they did better at containment of SARS-CoV-2 than we have in the USA where we are told not to mask by our leaders. And where every one who is not an expert telling others what do is a rebel who will not comply on principle.
  12. I told y'all last week to wash yer hands before typing those posts. Expiration dates will just get extended, interpret them as being indefinite. There will be at least a year before any kind of prevention is available in the form of vaccine and until then the total lack of governmental preparedness will keep every agency in reactionary status. Daily or weekly or monthly reports are just BS to keep the pols in the spotlight and keep the voters aware of them. All of these restrictions are not for stopping or controlling the spread of the virus, they are aimed at limiting the numbers needing ventilators and intensive medical care til the medical supply system catches up. At some point the system will reach a point where they can manage more intensive care cases and the mortuaries can handle more deaths and that is when the shutdowns will ease up. We will all have SARS-CoV-2 eventually, if we don't die first of some some other reason. My hope is that the authorities will soon concentrate on a test that shows who has already survived it and turn those folks back to work, this random seclusion of people by job category just keeps many at home that have no chance of contracting it again or of carrying it, while letting other more vulnerable folks be exposed daily. We did a grocery pick up at Walmart (first time for us) yesterday and got Her medications at curbside too, they have temporarily reserved 4 parking spaces for Rx pickups and are training additional associates in outside sales, card only. My big observation of the day is that almost no one knows what 6' is and there needs be a general distribution of 6' sticks so these people can maintain a safe distance. 6' is two really long steps, perhaps 3 arm lengths. The average "social distance'' of people actually trying to maintain one was about 44" nose to nose, by guess.
  13. A poor hunter needs to be a good long range shot. Or a lazy one, it takes effort to get close every time.
  14. tjm

    Tennis Shoes 

    That would have been about 1983-85 more less based on the 'coon price. Fur market went bust in '87 and has never really recovered. Stink juice out of the skunk is worth more than the fur most years. I know where you can buy 800 'coon skins for $1 each right now.
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