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  1. Trout are pan fish and should fit in an 8" skillet.
  2. That would be like buying tilapia instead of eating crappie.
  3. http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/waters/lakes/lake-taneycomo/turner-jones-micro-jigs-r740/ http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/topic/63487-turner-jones-micro-jigs/?tab=comments#comment-543568 Tim's fly shop near RRSP has micro jigs in small plastic tubes that appear to be these same jigs. Near enough that I can't see any difference. I don't recall asking who made them, I never got around to fishing the "micro" jigs.
  4. I am not a great mushroom hunter, mostly find them by accident; but I believe you find them where you look most often. I've seen them in a lot of places that don't match the accepted wisdom. Ridge tops far from trees, by many kinds of trees, on hillsides too steep to stand on, in gravel ditch, in a yard in town, in pine forest, in oak forest, in an orchard etc. and in all the years of blundering onto them I have yet to find a morel within 10 yards of any elm- yet elms are where many people look exclusively. I have noticed that I often find morels near squirrel trees, I'm not sure if that is because squirrels plant them there or if the squirrel traffic keeps the leaves rolled back making it easier to spot the mush room or if my eyes just focus better on larger trees.
  5. Sounds like the gal that was here; several years ago the gal that worked this county had another guy drop her off and she waded the creek and walked about a mile herding 7 or 8 people in front of her til she reached the county road where she lined them all up and cited them, then got in the vehicle with the other agent. She walked over 50 yards twice on one day to check me- morning and late afternoon. She spent a lot of time in Court all the years she worked this area.
  6. It's only those of us that have Neanderthal ancestors that suffer from allergies. Pure humans don't need pollen alerts. Strange that you get them and I don't,.. ahchoo!
  7. What, nobody shadow casts? I guess my technique is down and across, wet fly action, even if I cast upstream or in a pond; I just seem to get more strikes if the worm/fly moves a bit in relation to the water and if the line is in hand I can detect most even strikes in the dark. That doesn't keep me from missing a large percentage of the mouth and spit fish. Tuesday at RR I probably missed 10-15 trout for every one I landed. I agree that many of those spitters don't even disturb the indicator, although when one does pull the bobber down it is likely to hook up. Fish in moving water often mouth objects that resemble food then spit what feels or tastes wrong, or so I read once. I know I've tossed small grub looking stones into clear streams numerous times and seen suckers and trout grab and spit remarkably quick. When fishing tiny wet flies/nymphs/midges in still water, I still like to grease the leader to about a foot from the fly and use some kind of retrieve, just enough that some motion is detectable. Ever notice an improvement when the wind stirs the water surface? I try to mimic that small movement with with rod and/or line movement. I do kinda admire the guys/gals that can cast those bobber-sinker-jig-fly combos and not have it all hit them in the head or tangle into a nest. Maybe if I could cast better, I'd learn how to use "indicators"?
  8. fat, bipolar, both qualify as disability and neither prevents fishing. Some day being a former felon will qualify you because what company will hire a former felon? Drug use already prevents you working, as in the case of wrench's example. More disabilities are mental than crippling physically. As a society we have taken a stance that people should not be starved to death or live in abject poverty and at the same time we have determined that we don't want many types of humans to work in the same place we do or to have responsibility over us. This means that a huge portion of the population is prevented from working because they don't meet certain standards we have set, such as showing up for work regularly or showing up for work sober, or not flying into violent rages over innuendoes or "jokes" made by co-workers- and all these people have to be provided for by the same people that don't want them to work at their work place. We must either lower the standards of employment (do you want a drug addict to remove your appendix? ) or allow millions to die in the streets or continue on in socialism as we have started. No doubt the enemy is us.
  9. I think it's easier to get taken off than it is to get put on disability, just going by a few I've known that were denied it. Lot's of things that are considered disability that would not keep you from fishing. PTSD is one. What stirs me up is the guy on the big motorcycle that is parked in the handicap space.
  10. Wife and I watched one eat a smb that was bigger than that trout. Kinda tossed the bass up to grab the head for swallowing. We were in a canoe ~50' from the bird.
  11. Ted Fay and Joe Kimsey were the guys that I read about using Euro-Nymping before it was Euro-nymphing in a place called California ~1970-'80.(they had learned this Euro-nymplig from a local Indian- Ted Towendolly) Some reading that might help you or might not- it's not my cuppa, I like to keep the rod lower and maintain feel. I read about all this back in the late '70s, in various magazines and perhaps a book and did learn to do it on New England brooks, I was also learning various wet and dry fly techniques from many authors and books, if it was in print about fly fishing @1976, I likely read/studied it, but the greatest influence on my fly fishing techniques was no doubt the previous success with night crawlers and the ideas presented in the books got adapted to my worm tactics. I used Humphrey's Cobra mono instead of fly line and with heavy nymphs or shot, it is a good method- sorta throwing the jig & shot rather than casting the line and the line towing the fly, but, as time passed I learned that my preference is a heavier line and lightly weighted nymphs. http://gbflycasters.org/Library_articles/Eric Palmer/Towendolly-Oct-2017.pdf https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/nymphing-method-shocked-fly-fishing-world http://wildwatersflyfishing.com/2019/04/ https://www.sfgate.com/outdoors/article/Fly-fisher-Fay-s-influence-still-impacts-5425867.php http://www.danblanton.com/viewarchive.php?id=101670&archivefile=/arch200803.php https://www.billkiene.com/forums/showthread.php?33061-Ted-Fay-had-a-big-effect-on-fly-fishing-trout-in-Nor-Cal https://troutbitten.com/2016/01/13/tight-line-nymph-rig/
  12. I pretend I'm using worms, I cast beyond and hand twist retrieve, repeat,- this can be either bottom crawling or with greased leader working in the film. I pretend the fly line is the indicator and strip line to set the hook. An upstream tuck cast puts the fly down fairly quick, but upstream I probably have to strip retrieve to keep up with the slack. A real fly fisherman probably does it differently. If I even know what seams are, I don't consciously think about them. I used to be a really good worm fisher and all my fly fishing is based on using live bait.
  13. I solved that by using only a roll cast. Fly line let's you set a repeatable cast length that is just short of being hung up, I never got that efficient with other tackle. As I age though I have more trouble wading at night.
  14. Any German Carp in that pond? MDC didn't mention them but they get every place.
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