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  1. tjm

    Ask Wrench

    poke many people mix up to, two & too or there, their & they're - ignorance is at least as common as wisdom I bet the guy that put that video up never picked poke to sell to Allen Canning.
  2. tjm

    Ask Wrench

    "poke sallet" because it's cooked
  3. That's sounding more complicated and more like work the more I read. But your creeks may be slower or deeper or wider than I'm used to, in my mind's eye I see most of the current near the only bank with the slower water on the beach side.
  4. My picture of this is you hold the rod in one hand to cast, crank the reel with the other hand and paddle the boat with your third hand? Or are you just holding the rod and paddle and kinda trolling? I've never been able to figure this out.
  5. yep I've caught the same trout three times in about an hour too, and on the same fly. Two trout in a pool , catch one twice and the other three times. Fish don't have very big brains and I've read that they don't feel pain from the hook, so there's not a big incentive for them to learn.
  6. Those were just humans, humans ain't on no endangered list.
  7. The simple and correct thing to do is eliminate FFO areas. There are no scientific or logical reasons for those fly only regulations. I participated in a forum discussion once on a forum with a large international fly fishing membership, and after many pages and hundreds of posts the members could not define what makes a fly a "fly" nor what makes fishing "fly fishing"; it can not be readily defined and any definition that the non-fly-fishing office workers in J. City come up with will be wrong. The nearest we came to an acceptable definition said that fly fishing had to be done with a
  8. They did change that, again. foam beetles sold in the park store are nothing but foam and rubber legs, not sure that I've ever seen a foam fly with herl or dubbing, but that doesn't matter because like the squirmy rubber both foam and rubber legs are "any other material" and that legally is that matters.
  9. Oh yes, standing up is absolutely necessary at least most of the time. There is also the ten thousand ways to get the line tangled on the boat, and paddle, and all the crap required for boat safety. Stripping basket required. I think there are reasons why boat anglers often hire "guides" to row and maintain the correct drift. I usually need two arms to handle the boat and always need both hands for fishing. One of my brothers used to be a guide on famous streams out west and he claims that all he knows about fishing is how to row.
  10. A canoe, pirogue , small jon, etc. opens up a lot of good wading water, if it's just used for transport past all the less likely water and anchored near the fun water. I never could enjoy fishing from a boat though and have no enthusiasm at all for kayaks. I used to paddle upcreek, stopping to fish until time or tiredness dictated going home then make a straight quick paddle back to the ride, or have Herself drop me up stream and work my way down to my waiting truck. That added work and time are things that I just don't relish as I age. Wish there were more walk-in accesses.
  11. I don't believe that at all. The ~2000A state park near me just removed the land from the tax roles and has not and probably never will add any tourist dollars to the local economy. Hyped with creek access and and to be developed as a camping area, since 1992 has been developed only as a very small parking lot and ~3 miles of trail through second growth woodlands away from the creek. That trail is the only permitted usage. The current plan for this "Park" is to never develop it further, that plan was changed by Parks employees for no reasons but their own. DNR is not bound to develop the pa
  12. tjm

    Cowboy Boots

    Having once been a working ranch hand I can tell you that if you spend 12 hours a day in the saddle there is no better footwear for that work. However the fashion boots from the "western store'' are not the real thing.
  13. tjm

    Cowboy Boots

    Pretty rare to see actual "cowboy" boots these days, with 16" tops and 3" heels. Not sure where one would buy them. But it was a tradition to wear them outside the trousers, so that you could reach the Bowie knife, and the hawgleg. And to keep the horses sweat from soaking the pants legs.
  14. https://www.record-bee.com/2018/10/09/largemouth-bass-wont-travel-far/ https://www.uvm.edu/seagrant/sites/default/files/uploads/publication/lcbp_report_bass_study_2013_reduced_size.pdf Thank you. We've seen this before, and it doesn't say "Exactly where " the fish go. It does say that the fish don't go far for a couple months after release, taking up to 60 days to go 10-12Km. The significant conclusions being
  15. I didn't "pay attention" because I don't know where the research is, a movie is for entertainment only and not anything one should "pay attention" to. If I have trouble sleeping maybe. Not busy at all, but if I watch a movie I need popcorn and a pillow.
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