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  1. tjm


    Crappy dogs have special protection Mo. because the Old Drum case Burden v. Hornsby I've been around working and hunting dogs all my life and a good dog is a treasure, rare as can be too. Pet dogs are nothing but aggravation to every one, the people that keep any animal as a pet are beyond my understanding and most don't have any idea of how to train an animal. When a dog bites someone the owner should have to pay restitution and undergo psychiatric treatment before being allowed another pet. Biting dogs should be euthanized after the first time.
  2. Last week in zone 2, I wet waded the C&R stretch and they were liking terrestrials. I believe there is a piece or three of private land at the upper end of the CA, I don't recall any boundary marker but it was many years ago the last time I made that hike. Regulations and permits should be the same tho.
  3. Trout get that mushiness and funky taste from being on a stringer, doesn't mater where they com from.
  4. Trout being non native are only going to be found in easy access places, places that are basically drive to for stocking purposes. Even the few streams where trout are naturalized were stocked previously, so were accessible. If you target native fish that 30 miles of good water becomes hundreds of miles and chances of getting of the well trod path increase many fold. I don't believe you can get more ~2.5 miles from a road anyplace in the Ozarks, likely much less any place there is a stream.
  5. have you tried this knot as a stopper? https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/bobber-stopper-knot
  6. tjm

    Face Masks

    There are a few thousand lawyers that want to talk to you and make you rich .
  7. tjm

    Lead line

    I have used up almost five colors of LC tying flies over the years and can tell you that about five to seven turns of the core lead is about perfect for most weighted flies. It's also useful as a sink tip on a fly line but can't be cast by itself. I don't troll but I have questions, speed? how did you measure the depth the lures reached? when did the LC tangle and on what? current?
  8. tjm

    Face Masks

    I'd have to leave my five county area.
  9. tjm

    Face Masks

    Yes, I have the perfume allergy and I can tell you who used hair dye this month. Some perfumes make me pretty sick, and funny enough skunk odor doesn't bother me at all.
  10. tjm

    Face Masks

    If you cough or sneeze or spit when you talk, then yes, if none of the above they are still a fashion statement. Actually even if you cough and sneeze with normal gravity the mucous that carries the germ will fall to the floor or ground before it travels 6'. So if we keep back as far as we can spit the mask still is just a fashion statement. However I understand some cities are requiring you to wear one and I don't have a supply of them. And that's the other rub, they are meant to be thrown away after each use, but the average user takes the mask off with dirty hands and saves it for reuse when he/she will place it back on the face with unwashed hands, so in reality they become a depository for all kinds of tiny wildlife.
  11. tjm

    Face Masks

    That's because it was oversold to start with. Reality is anticlimactic. My county has (or had, I don't follow) the highest numbers in this 1/4 of the state despite a low population; yet I don't know anyone who has tested positive and no one I know knows anyone who knows anyone that tested positive. Truthfully I think this is the second wave of it here, given Walmart's relationship with China and the fact that many were ill with non-flu flu-like symptoms around Christmas and through January, I think we had it before it became officially a disease.
  12. tjm

    Face Masks

    If you respect me enough to stay at a distance, my wearing of a mask won't protect either of us, if you want to crowd me you are the problem not the mask. Oneshot is right most people wearing a fashion mask don't even get full coverage, but they meet the fashion. I'm waiting for the "Mini-mask" to come out, it will just cover the chin and stick there without ear loops. It will keep people from having to pull the mask down to talk at you. I was in a fast food joint in AR last week for the first time in months and all the cashiers had fashion masks on but none of the food handlers did, most of the food handlers didn't even have their hair covered for that matter. At the fireworks display in OK last night I saw two fashion masks. I guess a couple thousand bare faces. One without believes in the science of spit and gravity, one with believes germs are as big as house flies and will be stopped a screen. I have worn my hard hat into restaurants and fishing, I was unaware of it if someone didn't point it out, but the other day I witnessed a young lady putting a mask on after she was in the car alone and then she drove off, see them at stoplights wearing the fashion mask all alone in their car.
  13. tjm

    Face Masks

    Not many around this area wearing masks, there are those that wear mask when in the car by them selves. Guess they are keeping the spit off the windshield.
  14. We can all cull, if we do it immediately, they get to haul the fish around for hours before making that decision. That should stop unless they pay substantially more or the use of the fish, say $100/day per man. That use fee might also have a limiting factor on numbers of contests or numbers of entries. Of course any culling or transport rules would be unenforceable. What tourney folks are allowed to do that the public is not is make money from the taking of wildlife. I don''t think any contest involving taking of wildlife is ethical, unless the participants eat what they take; once we decide to make taking a contest all claim to moral high ground is moot. Would there be acceptance if someone organized a team deer killing contest on public land? Squirrels are pests and nuisances but if some sponsor set up a squirrel killing contest on pubic lands similar to a gigging tournament and dumped the carcasses how would that be accepted? Improving habitat for wildlife is generally considered to be ethical and brush pile are generally though to improve the habitat, so building piles would be a good thing. Fishing a pile for consumption would be just as ethical as shooting a deer in a cornfield that you planted.
  15. Is that residence City Property? or?
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