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  1. Check this out

    Just the building of the lakes destroyed a lot of habitat for many critters from cricket frogs to bats. I have no doubt that moving fish or stocking fish impacts more than just the fish or the anglers. There is a story that i have forgotten, about the movement of a butterfly's wings creating effects on the far side of the Earth. All the things on Earth impact all the other things.
  2. Morels??

    Walked a little yesterday and again this afternoon, way too dry even in places that I thought might be a bit moist. With rain tomorrow and Sunday, maybe some popup Monday?
  3. Release boats?

    About twenty years ago after the annual spring floods, I saw two guys fishing in one of those BV golf course ponds; They were there three days in row . Wondered then if the POA was stocking those ponds.
  4. Anybody been this week?

    ever wonder if it's people that want an access closed doing that? I'm pretty sure some creeks get closed that way.
  5. Bass Fly Swap 2018

    bondini was always my go to, yeah that company makes many brands and that is why zap-a-gap is unfamiliar to me So, maybe not enough moisture on the failed applications, and also mentioned that fresh cut or broken items don't as well as older breaks because of lack of moisture. I've seen CA mixed with baking soda as a crack filler and that might be useful to you.
  6. Bass Fly Swap 2018

    I wasn't zactly sure what Zap ( used other brands but not zap) was and checked it out, the list of things it works on does not state foam and the fact that they make one for foam indicates something, I never knew they made an accelerator for CA either before .
  7. Morels??

    I recall finding a few in open grassy areas but by far the most have been near squirrel trees. The other side of the sightings is they showed none in this county but I know a few sack fulls have been taken. With me it is just oh look there's a morel, never have been really a hunter of them. I was actually trying to find a definitive semi-scientific answer to the "what triggers morel growth?" question, I still don't know.
  8. Morels??

    Curiously, when I checked one of those morel sites that post maps of reportings; there was a band running from about StL to about Nevada and to a bit south of 44 that showed numerous reports from Apr3-4 on, They said ground temperature ~40-45. Said lilac blooms at same time, our lilacs don't bloom til later. I have heard or read that almost every tree in the woods is the best and only place to look for them.
  9. Morels??

    how warm does it need to be?
  10. I can see they don't flop at all. Very cooperative for the camera. And smiles too.
  11. It is if you are careful to tuck your suspenders and overall bib up.
  12. Bass Fly Swap 2018

    wag, but my experience with CA glues indicate if excess is present it doesn't set and it seems to work better with pressure ....skin excepted I notice they have foam safe CA and a kicker additive to speed the set time, wonder if your problem is chemical incompatibility?
  13. Morels??

    Grandson was out behind the house day before yesterday and caught a couple dozen them yeller ones.
  14. Release boats?

    They ask your Mama if you ever lie.

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