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      Masters Trout Tournament   01/16/2018

      Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina, Lake Taneycomo, will hold it's annual trout tournament this Saturday, January 20th.  It is a 2-man team event.  $75 entry.  This is an artificial only, catch and release contest.  Cash prizes for 1st through 4th place.  Start time 8 a.m.  --  Weight in time 4 p.m.  A meal will follow the weigh in for contestants and spectators.  Call 417-334-6380 for more information.  Register at Lilleys' office up until 7:55 a.m. on Saturday.  http://www.ozarkanglers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Masters-Elfrink-Entry-Form-2018.pdf


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  1. Sportsman Outlet this wknd

    And has a fishing museum next door. How did I not know about this place? Thought Browning still owned Lew's stuff. They do have a "store" on the big auction site. Next time I'm over east I'll be sure to stop by there, thanks for the thread.
  2. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Yes, I think Al says it clearest. Greatest impact would be on the locals. Visual and audial pollution being possibly the greatest environmental damage. Road damage might affect us all through MODOT roads, but the county and city roads/streets will absorb the biggest hit. This road subsidy will continue as long as the mine continues. Property values will also plummet in the area. In the end this will be up to the Mo.DNR as mining police. and on the local politicians to enact and maintain zoning regulations. Some group could purchase that land at a price far beyond current value, maybe, then either donate it to the state as a CA or develop it into something more horrible than a strip pit. I don't see, really, how outsiders can help much. I can see no way to blame this on either the current or past federal administration. Federal regulation (regardless of who/which party) will always allow mining if the set rules are complied with; the raw material is always needed, therefore in the best interests of "the people" , once taxation is met with. Current news is result of Mo. Court of Appeals decision that the county didn't follow state laws in the last denial of Winter's request. Again a local issue. It does wave a "wake up and be legal" flag to other county courts.
  3. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    So all listed "academics" that are resigning list appointment dates from the previous Administration, it would be unlikely that their input would be sought out. It is a bit of a surprise they stayed on this long, but as unpaid cheerleaders/justifiers for leaders no longer in place it is quite possible they won't be missed. With about a billion Parks employees they should manage. The mine will no doubt be a disaster area to be fixed by Fed money sometime down the road and should be stopped. All mines every where should be stopped, we are still mining lead in Mo and selling it overseas, wreaking our environment for the profit of foreigners who sell us lead products at exorbitant prices. In protest I personally will buy no, zero, nada gravel in the upcoming year and if I can remember, no Winter Brothers products either.
  4. I'm definitely in favor !

    OK, I believe that and the guy has filed a bill, that is his something. If it never gets out of committee, he can always say he tried. Best of luck with this. Really is too bad though that they chose to discriminate, all wakes should be treated equally, all shore line should be treated equally.
  5. I'm definitely in favor !

    I just assumed there was a general lack of desire for law enforcement in that area. Party hearty and all that. So you believe there are enough water patrol available to enforce such a law? Could they enforce it without slacking off on other duties? Are cell phone videos considered factual evidence in a Court?
  6. I'm definitely in favor !

    pffttt, $25 fine ain't gonna have much impact But it is a long long way from becoming law. Even when it is law the owners of big boats can prevent the petitions from passing. I'm in favor no wake no matter where and no matter how small the boat. Not just on that lake but all the lakes. How much chance of that happening?
  7. Mdc needs to do some stocking

    Are these catch and release fisheries? A more sensible approach might be to reduce the limits and increase the minimum lengths.
  8. Those Ugly Fish????

    It used to be illegal in most states. But society is more accepting now days..........
  9. Insurance just for the tourneys or to put on lakes anytime? I know there are some water regulations and a water patrol but have seen some reckless looking operation in the past. To the point that I don't even fish the lakes for my own safety. Do you guys think mandatory training would help any?
  10. I know nothing about these boats or the tournaments, but I wonder are the boat drivers licensed like auto drivers? Any training required?
  11. Not me! I only want to fish where I can walk in the water. If I have to use sonar, depth charges are in order. Always nice if there are some bushes handy too.
  12. Those deer crossings are excellent spots for road hunting, I'm told. It seems deer come from all over to cross at those places. No bait required. If I knew where to get one of those signs like that I'd put it up in my back forty. Sure sorry about blabbing about that trout place, Johnsfolly. Wife always said I talk too much.
  13. there is a reason all fishers must be liars, we got to protect them fish, even the carp and trout; evil forces are out there.
  14. Happned to me at RRSP, was there and caught a trout., told my neighbor about it and the next time I went there there people all over everywhere. Some from far away as Texas. From now on it's shhhss! caught nothing saw nothing wasn't even there etc and so on
  15. Ott DeFoe's river boat

    Pictures looked as though only at the stern was the hull lower in the water, but the argument (in my head) for having the prop wet with a 9" prop made me think that there was some mistake/misprint. Maybe it was 13"? Then again if they can't get into the shallows, why are the other guys whining? Looking for ways to disqualify these boats?

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