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  1. If you fall into that group that doesn't register correctly then you have set yourself up to be considered guilty even if innocent. I wouldn't take one nor participate in a tourney that required one. If they were accurate enough to be used in any court or to impeach any politician, it might be acceptable in a fishing contest, but they are not. They prove nothing at all and can stain a persons reputation.
  2. tjm

    trout stocking

    I'm under the impression that most white ribbon areas are monthly stockings, not that I can say why I think that.
  3. Water removing or anti freeze additives like Heet can be all or mostly alcohols. So they will show but unless it's quite a bit of it or you are very careful, you might not notice. 10% is 12.8 oz per gal.
  4. I might buy my non ethanol gas from the same place that Quillback does and every time I've tested it over 20 years or so it has been alcohol free. I just use a pint jar with masking tape on it, so I just see if ethanol is present or not, but when it is, it likely is 10%. I started testing back before Mo. made ethanol mandatory, after damaging two chainsaws, with new saws and ethanol compatible oils, I'm not as concerned as I used to be. I'm so close to Ar. that most of my gas is bought there.
  5. you have not found any non-oxygenated fuel at all?
  6. gosh, you mean those retailers would lie about it for 10-20 cents a gallon more money?
  7. tjm


    Fit is more important and harder to find than durability. A pair of ill fitting waders will last a long time in the closet.
  8. yeah but them trebles in the side don't harm the lips. Two or more hooks would also spread the force used over a larger area?
  9. Gee. if older smarter more challenging fish are wanted go after carp. Required C&R is discrimination against bait fishers. That should be left up to the individual.
  10. There are people that claim lipping any fish can cause jaw muscle damage and reduced ability to feed, someplace there is/was a study showing boga injured 90% of bonefish it was used on. One article by a so called scientist, but doesn't include study data, https://www.researchgate.net/publication/236100162_Lip_Gripping_May_Harm_Fish
  11. Those plastic nets are the cause of many drops in dirt, grab with both hands because the fish keeps wiggling, squeeze hard as can be and fingers in the gill releases in the park. They are too slick to control a fish without harming it, for most people I guess. Trout die from camera shock more often than not. I only use a net when keeping the fish, if getting it off of the hook, a net is not required; just grab the hook and wiggle it or hold the hook and let the fish wiggle.
  12. how would they know it was you? I bet they have different people there now that don't even remember that episode.
  13. I've killed several coyotes at 250-300 yards with 30-30 and iron sights, killed one deer at ~250 yards, all in Nv. long time ago. I was shooting about everyday back then and knew the hold overs. With a scope, I'd probably not try it much past the sight in distance. Scope interferes too much with judgements/guesses/windage/hold-over/etc.; with a scope I try to make all shots at or near the sight in range. 30-30 has huge drop in trajectory, so it's easy to shoot real high or real low at other distances. With the "wisdom" of old age and having dragged a few deer, I seldom shoot at a deer past 50 yards with any rifle, unless it obvious I can drive to it. I killed a 135# deer once, very tender.
  14. How many TVs or cell phones would that be?
  15. One argument is the driver slams on the brakes to keep from killing the trespasser, the people riding the train get tossed like a salad, maybe the train derails tearing up track and killing crew or passengers, freight gets damaged and must be paid for, etc.etc. millions of $$$ and the engineer and conductor are ruined for life knowing they caused it all. If you have never unloaded a rail car you can't imagine how much stuff a train is hauling at any time. All that stuff has to be scrapped if in an accident, because it might be damaged. They smashed and buried a few hundred new cars and trucks at a derail out in Nevada when I was a teenager. Insurance companies have some crazy rules if what they told me was truth. Drove over them with a D8 and pushed the mess into a trench; I suppose nowadays they would smash and recycle. Times change.
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