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  1. tjm

    Should Have Left Well Enough Alone

    I don't understand how ~7 gallons of gas could fill any car. But 4# test lands giant saltwater fish it should work for them suckers and I caught a lot of trout on 8# test a while ago, but they were rainbow stockers and ate 6" long night crawlers so, I don't know if it means anything.
  2. tjm

    Tragic Event

    Possibly the same storm that caught me on my way home from RRSP, around 6:30- 7pm; if so that was the fastest traveling storm in my memory, it appeared to cover 10-12 miles in less than a minute and it over took me between Cassville and Washburn, as I was driving south ~55mph, I estimated the storms ground travel at more than 60mph. I had not heard any warnings and none of the people I talked to at the park mentioned any. The sky was clear to the far side of yonder one moment and the storm was all over me the next. As to the warnings you all mention were they standard Tstorm possibility warnings that every one ignores or were they "TAKE SHELTER NOW" warnings? I can easily see with how fast the Washburn Prairie turned black how an operator making a 15 minute turnaround could have looked at the sky and made the call to go out. It is a tragedy and the families need our prayers, but let's not convict the operators with out more information. As to the PFD, they will never save a life if they are not strapped on before the wreck happens and almost no one wants to wear one until the wreck is over. Law allowing adults to decide is fine, but I think if I was a commercial operator I would over ride that law and make it mandatory. Those boats would be sort of a trap for the average non- diver if upside down, even with PDF or maybe more so because of PDF floating you up against the inside of the tub?
  3. tjm

    Have you absorbed this yet ?

    This the same guy that said he took drugs and pooped his pants to avoid the draft? The entertainer?
  4. tjm

    Awesome local learning opportunity.

    Boy oboy, what the Army and Marines could do with such knowledge. Save them billions on logistic support if it was possible to live off what you can carry.
  5. tjm

    Crank Wraps?

    http://www.crankwraps.com/product-p/cw-halfoz-red-eye.htm http://www.crankwraps.com/category-s/136.htm?searching=Y&sort=13&cat=136&show=300&page=1 https://www.facebook.com/Crank-Wraps-141028846509588/ I got no idea what these are but when I searched your terms this stuff came up.
  6. tjm

    Thinking of moving to Arkansas

    Mountain Home and Mountain View are different places about 50 miles apart. If I was looking for a new home I might look around Harrison Ar., rather than either of those towns. Harrison may not even be on the list of desirable places, I don't know, but the question comes to who voted a town best and what the criteria is, for example I live within five miles of Bella Vista and would never put it above the 30% mark on places I'd want to live. Any town is less desirable to me than any rural area near a town. A thought about taxes, in this area (extreme SW MO & NW AR) taxes are considerably higher in AR. than in MO, this relates to both property taxes and sales taxes. About fishing, there is lots of it in the Ozarks. What part of Oregon? I once lived in Harney County?
  7. tjm

    FOUND: Spinning rod and reel

    I think it's English or highfalutin or such to fork left handed because of the right hand being the knife hand. Ambidextrous folks can use the knife with either hand.
  8. tjm

    FOUND: Spinning rod and reel

    I'm slow this morning, retarded to crank a baitcaster with right hand or retarded to crank a spin rig with left hand? or retarded for using one or the other? I remember back when I was about ten and messing around with Dad's bait rigs, wondering why right handed men used reels designed for left handers, then I got a 333 and found out they were all designed for left handed people too. I finely got a Diawa spinning reel about 1970 that cranked with the left hand, so that you didn't have to use it upside down. Stanley tape measures were designed by the same guy, if you hold the tape in your left hand so you can use the pencil with the right hand, all the numbers are upside down. Most tape measures are meant for left hand pencil use, but fifty years of using them makes the numbers look normal upside down. I decided that most people that invent are left handed people and the righties just adapt and aren't smart enough to change things.
  9. tjm

    Conservation agents.

    I go for years and years without seeing an agent and then get checked three times in one day, I think Kristine was having a slow day and just wanted to keep her game up. She checked me twice the next day at the same hole. Several years til the next encounter with a different Agent, but I have this one in my cell phone-book.
  10. tjm

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    Everybody had more time in the '60s, there was always time for a march, or a be in, or a love in, or an assassination, or a riot; or a barely paid trip to a foreign place with a new haircut. '68 was a busy year.
  11. tjm

    New FLW rules

    Put two anglers together and let them watch each other, divided live well or better yet since competitors are judging each other immediate release after pic and measure. No transported, lost fish.
  12. yes, and I've had a littl'un (8"SMB) take just as I hit the lever and it get jerked into the sky.
  13. tjm

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    Maybe the grand-kids out there planing revolution now? Hoffman-1936-1989, Rubin-1938-1994.. both kinda old to be student protesters in '68 at the Democratic National Convention.
  14. tjm

    New FLW rules

    Surely no angler would cheat?
  15. tjm

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    I had forgotten about those people -per urbandictionary.com " Term created by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin in the mid-1960s to refer to "members" of the Youth International Party (YIP!). The YIP! was dedicated to merging New Left activism and the hippie counterculture to create a revolution that would be both personal and political--as well as fun. Yippies tended to gather in large cities, particularly in Manhattan's Lower East Side, where Rubin and Hoffman both lived during the 1960s. Yippies rejected all -isms, including socialism and anarchism, in favor of the motto of "Do your own thing"--i.e., don't conform to a specific system of belief but rather be an individual. At the same time, collective action was at the root of Yippie activism, and Yippies participated in "be-ins" (normally associated with hippies) and other collective gatherings....."

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