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  1. Either one will catch fish, I like the bigger hook version better. I don't see me tying any of these because they are too complicated for my level of patience.
  2. Like I said before "if you fished every day" I did that for several years or tried too, probably missed 40-50 days a year that I didn't spend at least a couple hours on some water. If the need for some one to say this is the day to fish is part of it, yes I can see very well that it would help. You've answered my question well. Thank you again.
  3. Thanks guys, I see that as a co-angler it would be like having a tutor, but the competition causing improvement is just the difference between ambition and lack of ambition, wanting to improve yourself almost always leads to self improvement. My instruction was at the library and the only angler I knew was myself so the competition was always with myself. beating what I did last time over the same water. Attempting to catch every fish in a hole from big to small and trying to be on the water at least five times a week, every week. I think that outside competition, possibly even the presence of others, would have been a distraction.
  4. This is the fishing, the rest is catching. But, I'm' stream oriented and prospecting every piece prior to jumping in and scaring the fish has always been key in my methods. I think fishing blind cuts the catch tremendously.
  5. Apple and carrot comparison unless competitive fishing is a team game.
  6. So, you are saying it is stuff that could have been learned by just fishing if the angler had ambition to learn?
  7. So, how is it that y'all learn these things from tourney fishing that you never could have from fishing every day? They have seminars, give lessons, have an instructor in your boat? ? Maybe I've been missing out .
  8. Ive seen copperheads out mid winter when temps in mid-high 30s and snow within a foot of them, in the ledges of cedar glades, where sun hit early in the day and warmed the rock, I believe that I smell venomous snakes before I see them sometimes. I know I have been way too close to several and so far very lucky. I like gumboots in those areas.
  9. The cool down brought floods to me and I thought it would have there too? Sugar Creek was still high and green yesterday eve. I had plans a couple times and rain happened.
  10. I think the only species of trout in the Ozarks is "stocked". However; http://www.perfectflystore.com/wspringr.html "There's a 2.5 mile section from Mammoth Spring to Dam 3 that has a large area of riffles. It can be reached from the Lasseter Access Area. This section of the river is stocked with rainbows, browns, cutthroats, and brook trout." http://www.ozarkmtns.com/fishing/species/brook.htm "In our area, Brook Trout have been stocked in the North Fork and Spring Rivers"
  11. Pretty sure the only payout that matters is merchandise sold. These things are not about fishing or about sport this is all about marketing.
  12. I'd like to see that some time, I've read that they den up together in winter. I have seen black snakes eating eggs and a living rabbit. Saw a king snake eating other snakes a few times.
  13. May be, but the velvet tails are ambush hunters, they just lay there waiting for prey to come within reach. Less energy used in hunting means they can go a long time between meals. I figure maybe when they have just eaten they get sluggish like I do. Scary is when you are horse back in tall sage brush and see rattlers at almost eye level sunbathing. Contrary to movie myth horses ain't afraid of snakes and will walk you right under them.
  14. I think that depends on how use the feathers, the fibers without rachis do move some, more tendril like than marabou; with the rachis tied in the feather can be stiff enough to wobble the a fly as water passes over it giving it a spoon like movement. I've never used them on a jig and so can't say what happens with them. Probably the mottled effect of the barring is an important part of the attraction they have just as it is with grizzly rooster hackle. I really like the way the green shows through the mallard on those jigs. Woodduck has similar fish catching ability.
  15. The big fat rattle snakes around here don't always rattle and you can walk right over them a time or two without them moving -sometimes. My brother saw one in a path he had just gone back and forth in three times and he waited for it to move on but it just remained watching him. He is sure that it was there all the time. I've been very close to at least two of the dang things for several minutes before noticing them - they are nearly invisible- and I have never heard one rattle. The little pygmies do buzz sometimes. Kinda like an insect. Doubt I could distinguish it from my tinnitus now. Just because you haven't seen one doesn't mean they weren't there.
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