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  1. Gotta link to that? I can never find anything on Grand when I want to.
  2. It got bigger And I mean literally just over the hill, the watershed divides around Avoca/Garfield. Radar showed some of that drainage getting more than we did so COE is likely to dump more-
  3. Should be an area just for wading apart from the fishing areas. Lure only area, fly only area, bait only area and wading only area; no need to stock the wade area they will spook the fish anyhow.
  4. It was a heck of a rain and after the first 1/4" was all runoff. I'm kinda trapped here in the holler, but more fortunate than those in the flood plain. It's still at 45700. I always need to think in gallons- so, 341,859 gallons per second.
  5. I'm sure most fishing regulations came into being to appease one user group or another rather than because of any science, or any real management concerns. I can't keep eating size bass from my home water because other anglers want "trophy" size fish, why would people want to hang food on the wall? Now there is movement to trophyize carp another food item. Part of Roaring River is designated catch and release to appease the vegan anglers.
  6. They're gettin there, on the other side of the same hill the unregulated Elk is currently about 27300 cfs. So far this has been a really productive storm.
  7. Anderson got hit pretty hard, over 59 and Main street bridges.
  8. tjm

    What's Cooking?

    Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, high pressure with steam, cooks chicken fast. Faster than conventional pressure cookers, I don't know all the stuff it will do, but it is not self cleaning. About the opposite of Crock-pot. The daughters use them all the time and gave us one a few months ago. It probably would clean parts too.
  9. So not a good day to fly fish the tail water?
  10. Should be good for enforcing no wake speeds, eh?
  11. A comparison for those who doubt, from a Mo. resort offering private trout fishing:
  12. If you count the National Forrest and USACE lands/waters managed in part by MDC you have a few million acres.
  13. I'm near Pineville Mo. in the Elk River drainage.
  14. I got no idea how much we've gotten since last might but had ~6 in an hour early this morning before the container over flowed and I guess another 6" since then, it was all runoff after the first 1/4", had sheets of water on sloped ground. So the Neosho/Arkansas is getting a good refill.
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