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  1. And then we discover that they are the gods and we were an experiment in biology.
  2. song birds are just as protected as raptors, you might need pictures though of them in possession and you could risk them turning state's evidence and fingering you as the receiver
  3. tjm

    Float Times?

    https://joplinkayak.com/shoal-creek/ http://www.mdcnatureshop.com/product.php?productid=397&cat=&page=1
  4. They say a lot of pretty bird species are no longer with us because they went to decorate ladies hats, back when they still had ladies and when ladies still wore hats. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recently_extinct_bird_species Geneal rule is any bird that migrates is protected under Federal law, even those we hunt. Exceptions being invasives like starlings, English sparrow (native sparrows are protected), Eurasian doves etc. We can have feathers from species that are legally hunted or pen raised but it's safe to say almost any "found" feather is illegal to have. Enforcement folks can't tell by looking at a feather that you found it in your yard or got it by poaching, although they can tell what species a feather came from. https://www.fws.gov/birds/management/managed-species/migratory-bird-treaty-act-protected-species.php Now I have read many times that "no game warden has ever checked my flies to see what feathers I used" and that is probably true, but I did hear of a guy arrested for having a wild bird feather in his hat band. I've never personally had anyone check my fly tying bin either, but I reckon there is always a first time, or could be.
  5. He has turned out to be the most dangerous man of the year to the established America. Just look at the widespread destruction and reformation done in his name. I'm betting we end up with a national holiday with his name on it.
  6. we've had a space force since the '50s, they even faked moon landings- just another pork barrel boondoggle them UFOs used to land around here back in the '70s-'80s and butcher cows and sheep in some kind of ritual. I heared lots of stories Seriously if they can stop a pickup truck from 40 mph and just hold it there for 15 minutes they would be the ones crashing our planes, what? More likely we have one hand that doesn't know what secret stuff the other hand is up to and we caused our own stuff to crash and this is an outstanding way to shift awareness away from the real secrets. Feed the masses what they will believe and they will never question what they don't see.
  7. Peculiar that folks with the technical know how to cross the universe and enter our atmosphere undetected would have so many crashes once they got here, and their fascination with New Mexico when all the world is out there seems strange too.
  8. I think you are off by about 85%. But you may have met different cops than I have, so I won't say you are wrong, just that I don't like koolaid.
  9. Part of an agenda? Deep conspiracy? What are you thinking?
  10. tjm

    It Is Everywhere

    You would need to install a bug deflector or the june bugs would beat her to pieces.
  11. As I was typing the bit about shapes, I happened to recall about twenty years ago the first cheap kayaks I saw were two fastened together pontoon style with 2x4s and a lawn chair something like BilletHead's picture, it took the guy several trips down the creek to get his ideas sorted but eventually he had a lightweight frame that worked pretty well and built another for his neighbor, saw them at the lowwater bridge half dozen times that fall and never since then.
  12. Along catamaran lines, a triangular cross section might be a compromise between agility and ease of construction , it might run deeper than a square section, but would be easier to build from flat sheets than circular cross section would. Cut the apex off the triangle for a trapezoidal section with widest dimension up, perhaps, and enough this width would counter the depth need somewhat. This would also allow you a way to create some rocker. Easy fast thing is get two cheap light kayaks or SUPs and presto bingo you are in business
  13. I think of a raft compared with a canoe. The raft being square is hard to propel through the water and hard to steer, but is quite stable while the round bottom canoe is easy to propel and easy to steer. I guess I'd say square has more drag or resistance to all things. Now the disclaimer, I am not a boat design engineer and actually have no experience with pontoons. But I suggest you look at catamaran architecture for proportions and shapes, there are rules to hull design that should apply as a pontoon is in essence a multi hull boat. A 8-10 plastic drain pipe with the ends cut at a angle and a water tight plug would make a quick easy float. maybe lighter than the stack of insulation board?
  14. tjm

    Trailer help

    look at your local phone book there is at least one trailer sales and service on US62 in I think Garfield, or just take few minutes and drive over to Gateway and back there may be two trailer dealers on that road There is also a RV trailer dealer on 62 near the Rogers airport, but I don't know if they do any service.
  15. yes, they do. And we get crazy rain patterns where it can rain 6''' on one side of a hill none on the other.
  16. If it rains hard upstream from Quillback, by the time it gets here (6-7 air miles) it can be a 4-6' high 100' wide wall of water, doesn't always happen but it has. Been livestock and cars washed away by a creek that normally runs ~100CFS. The feeders for these little creeks are hundreds of miles of normally dry ditches.
  17. All the snakes are more scarce than in the 50-60s and even in the '80s, we have an overabundance of hawks and eagles that feast on snakes
  18. sounds like a rough green snake http://srelherp.uga.edu/snakes/ophaes.htm https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/rough-greensnake
  19. Very informative thread now.
  20. cool, got any pictures?
  21. I think I mentioned it has been a long time since I saw either pike or pickerel, my memory isn't perfect and I was never an ichthyologist so I reached out to the web and found the information for you. pike https://www.co.ozaukee.wi.us/DocumentCenter/View/2719/Casselman-and-Lewis-1996---Habitat-requirements-of-northern-pike-Esox-lucius https://www.fishbase.se/summary/Esox-lucius.html https://nas.er.usgs.gov/queries/FactSheet.aspx?SpeciesID=676 pickerel; https://nas.er.usgs.gov/queries/FactSheet.aspx?SpeciesID=681#:~:text= State , James 23 more rows https://www.fishbase.se/summary/Esox-niger.html
  22. Pike can stand water of ~80F , if memory serves. Where I used to see them they preferred very weedy lakes and I think spawn in marshes/swamps. They eat every fish around including each other, so one habitat requirement would be huge supplies of prey. I've read of lakes that they were the only fish present having extirpated all others and more or less survive by cannibalism.
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