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  1. I'm pretty sure they (MDC Agents) ain't allowed to work over time, the pay stops when the clock runs out and OT for them means own time. 40hrs/wk, so I was recently told. I don't know about the DNR cops, if that's who you mean.
  2. So, because we are so much better, we are being protected from cheese? That seems counter intuitive, they should have the safe areas where we can't just barge in and take all the fish. Back when I used live bait for everything, I always thought the "fly" areas were because those guys were handicaps or somehow unable to compete with other people. 40 years later I just don't get any reason for special "safe rooms" or extra regulations. It's kinda embarrassing to think that MDC considers us as handicapped by the choice of "being better". .
  3. Ya left out better dressed with more accessories. Not many cheese chuckers sporting Orvis and Simms billboards on their clothing.
  4. Yet many of us fly fish the warm streams ponds and lakes with out the special protection. Obviously the fly only rules came about at the request of some insecure segment of the fly fishing community, a special "safe room" so to speak- yet we still have the option to mix with the other brands of anglers in all other areas (barring that short section of Bennett Spring). Every week I see fly rods in all sections of Roaring River, and for that matter more spin fisherman than fly fishermen in the "fly only area". The thought has crossed my mind that "fly only" regs are a hindrance to fly fishing simply because of this kind of interpretation by non-fly-fluent policemen. Why not simplify the regs with a level playing field? Would taking away the "specialness" of "fly fishing" hurt the guide/instructors' business so much as to be a huge money factor?
  5. Not according to MDC Enforcement Division. I have forgotten, why do we have "fly only" areas and "fly only" regulations any way?
  6. Ozark fish like flies, but like he said, you're gonna have to put up with clear water.
  7. I think the biggest change in the Elk drainage over the last thirty years is the vastly improved sewage treatment on the Ar side of Little Sugar Creek and the almost total reduction of intense hog and and poultry farming in the two Sugar Creeks. I don't see enough fishing actually happening that a length limit could have a great effect on the overall fishery. (other than as a placebo) I also don't see much enforcement, with many bass going to Ar. vehicles on stringers that are under 12". But I only fish a couple times a week and there are many miles of that system that I have not seen. I believe that when a major tributary goes from a virtual sewer back to a bright clear flow, that it makes changes that no amount of "fish management" can hope to achieve. Throw in several extraordinary floods to scour the channels and rearrange the gravel bars and closing of a 50 year gravel mining operation , which of course MDC had no control of, and I guess there are lots of reasons to doubt that special regs are responsible for any improvement. I believe that the creek is cooler now than twenty years ago and blame that on drainage of the old Bella Vista Lake and the heat absorbed by it. That doesn't mean that special regulations are a bad thing, we need and should have thousands more pages of regulations, when I fished in Me. about forty years ago the streams were all regulated by sections a few miles long and the fishing regs alone made a book the size of a paperback novel, residents told me that it generated much money from fines. It does kinda make sense too, that if we prohibit fishing altogether that the fish would improve over time - given of course that all the thousands of other factors also improved for them. Do smb like and do better in cool clear streams on in highly colored highly fertile streams? The only place I've fished for them other than here was in Pa. and there were lots more smb there in a warm river with almost zero clarity (visibility ~1') but they were all less than 15".
  8. I'll even take a crack at why we have BBSMAs and why they are where they are; years and years of black bass anglers (smb anglers specifically) complaining to MDC about fish eaters, and how they were keeping the real anglers from catching trophies, caused public surveys to be started and as a result MDC discovered there were not as many fish eaters responding as there were Trophy Hunters, so, in an effort to appease the majority of their clientele they hit upon SMAs and they located them on portions of streams that had the biggest response to the surveys. Those portions were probably chosen in part for ease of enforcement and in part for visibility of "management". (if they'd intensively manage a area with no access, no one would know about it and complaints would continue) Years ago they banned woods fires and had Smokey Bear give shows in schools and now they have learned that fire is essential to the Ozark habitat and would like to burn more areas for restoration, but they are encountering resistance to that from all those people whom they had previously programmed to oppose burning. Some day they will admit that streams can not be managed, the best policy is let nature (or God ) take its course and for us to make adjustments accordingly. The only stream management we can really impact positively is waste water and runoff pollution. That is DNR responsibility and MDC can't control that either.
  9. No, didn't read the paper, was unaware of it or the thread you refer to. I was not even aware that bass had any concerns until they changed the Elk river rules, but I'll bet a nickle that the management or special management has zero effect. I'm a great supporter of our MDC and it beats the dickens out of legislative fish and game management that other states have, but, all fish and game studies are self justifying and self proven. The protocols are written to only examine things which are already known and to ignore 99% of all things that might not match the desired output and the samples used are minuscule and only have significance in statistics. . Over any lengthy time span and in an uncontrolled situation (think natural atmosphere and environment) it is impossible that enough accurate information can be gathered to prove either myself or the writer of whatever study right or wrong. There are simply too many variables, any conclusion is but a guess. OTOH, those guys need the work and I'm fishing less as I get old.
  10. @drew03cmc, The reason I asked is that I can see no connection between MDC management of special areas and the catch or lack of it in non-management areas like my creek or the ones you fish. Like Johnsfolly said, my stream has changed over time fewer deep slow holes and generally clearer water. Many closed accesses mean much less angling by others. I also think my strategies have changed over time as well, and that I use flies that are smallmouth oriented and fish more in stream areas likely to hold smallmouth. I also catch fewer brim than in the past.
  11. Do you mean just in the Special Management Areas or in general? I'm catching more smallmouth and fewer largemouth in the non- special creek I fish most. I don't really know why but I haven't put the blame on MDC, yet. Do fish have population cycles like wild animals?
  12. Suckers seem to be a lot more wary of shadows than other fish in the daytime, imo, I don't gig nor grab but when I was 60 years younger Dad and his friend did, day time grabbing and night time gigging and I was a chaser for the grabbing and wash tub/light pusher for the gigging. The way those schools of suckers ran from us boys in the afternoons, I don't think you could wade close enough to gig them. At night you could splash right through them and they just moved aside. I never saw anyone gig from a boat back then, but they may have on other streams. The friend figured how to mount the sealed beam head lamp from his tractor to a board attached to the fish tub and put the battery in the tub but they still used their carbide hunting lights as well. The suckers might not flee from a boat in day time the way they did from us in the water and just maybe the night time tradition started with carbide mining lamps and wade fishing. I do recall that in a 1/4 mile stretch of creek two men and a boy could gather enough fish to feed the church of provide food for a farm sale.
  13. Thank you sir for the reply . I still don't 'get it' because my spinning line would go to the bottom with no tippet; but I never caught a big fish either so I'll just take your word for the reason and maybe someday the light bulb in my head will blink on. Congratulations on a job well done. Post some pictures of the mount when it's done.
  14. The thing I like about the kayakers tourneys is most kayaks don't have live wells, so no fish transporting and i guess no culling. I don't care if they all cheat on the measurements, not my money they gamble with.
  15. well, I guess I don't understand either the rule nor why you would want a tippet over 6' , if the tippet was 50' long it would qualify as the line and as such be eligible? so, line is line no mater where it is in the system and the weakest link breaks. Makes that a silly rule, on the other hand small limp tippets don't straighten out well for me when over 20-30" on fly line so 6' seems ridiculously long. I've never used a tippet over 3-4' on spin gear; does 6' or longer produce more fish? Or?
  16. If it has been maintained by the county for ten years and is used regularly by the public he can't close it, per Mo. statutes and Court precedents. has the county been grading it at least annually? The mere fact that he might get it closed won't affect any other roads because any closures would also have to meet the standards of abandonment set by statutes. Get a lawyer involved.
  17. Turns out after the fact that he did, yes, but it also turns out that he got shot over it. I guess he was dead? but he proved his rights. My point is that asking permission is free, and it's my right to ask permission. Being polite and leaving if asked to by a landowner/lessee is also my right. I guess we all have the "right" to do stupid things, although exercising that right might have consequences. It is not a huge overstatement to say that an incident like this will happen again. It's a chance one takes when one becomes aggressive in dealing with unknown persons, with unknown issues. In the mind of the shooter at the moment it happened that camper WAS trespassing. Trespass is only a charge or accusation until it goes to court. It is only true or false when the Judge says it is. I'd guess that half or more of all accusations of any sort are false or partially false, that is more or less why we have Courts, but one can still be shot or assaulted over an unproved accusation.. Happens all the time in domestic disputes. In the moment both the shooter and the dead guy were only "protecting their rights".
  18. That would be super cheap for a two day event. far away though.
  19. I just supposed they would have already made an announcement here if they wanted people from this site. I never heard of the Ozark Smallmouth Alliance, but they have surely heard of this forum, eh? I find little in common with most FB groups even I do have a FB account, used rarely. But yeah, when you list tickets as free-$20 that says to me kids free, anyone else $20. Cheap for a premier event that includes food, I guess.
  20. It happened once so it's not that unlikely to happen again. Key factor is you don't know who you will meet in such a situation. A landowner near me is fairly unpredictable , somewhat high tempered and being treated for PTSD after one of the desert wars. I know enough about him to believe he could be in the news one day over a trespass issue. He hasn't threatened anyone, but temper can be provoked and when medications are involved no one knows where it can lead. I'm sure that drunk trespasser on the Meremec did not believe he was in danger, he had never been dead before. Know the name of that app? It sounds interesting.
  21. Be better not to have zones? If the zones aren't pegged to migration dates, I see no reason for zones at all. It is apparent that for whatever reason the St Francis river was deliberately included in the middle zone. They say that every five years the zones are adjusted according to hunter feed back, maybe 3-4 hunters filled out surveys asking for those changes and 300000 hunters just tossed the survey? I know over the years I have tossed a lot of MDC surveys that I probably should have filled out even if all the answers were "NA".
  22. I had thought the zones were set primarily by when the birds arrived in a place. No point in me having an early season if the closest duck in in Iowa. Noyt knowing better I had thought the ducks on the Mississippi route just moved south sooner. And i had thought the boundaries sorta follow roads and without investigating it thought that turn back was just where a road changed direction. Never would have suspected that anyone would want to tamper with a zone just get a few days earlier or later season. I'll have to study on how that works, maybe I could have this county set into a spring migration season- we seem to have more ducks late than early. Wonder who to contact for something like that? You have any idea how big a bribe to offer?
  23. tjm

    Versatile dogs

    Nothing hurt quail as much as fescue. Quail don't migrate and don't travel far enough to cross a field of fescue and repopulate an area of good habitat in the middle of it. They survived eons of coyotes, foxes, turkeys and hawks. Fescue is alien.
  24. I just day before yesterday found a gazetteer of Mo that I bought 15-50 years ago, used two or three times and forgot about. A regular state published road map served me better at the time. I don't recall why exactly, but I found the Gazetteer Atlas to be a major disappointment based on the reviews I'd read and the cost at the time. Also found a MDC published trout map and a bass map that I don't even recall ever seeing before.
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