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  1. If it's strong enough it will pull you under, even with a life preserver you may have to work at it to keep your head above water. As stated above the best thing is to go with it and work your way out...problem is in our rivers around here there's logs, rock, muck, and other things that people tend to get wedged or stuck in. Was researching other drownings in the Meramec and came across this article from 2011: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/fifth-drowning-in-three-weeks-in-meramec-river/article_234d530d-5489-5e20-a25d-b10a86e773fb.html
  2. Seen that as well and thought the same thing, then what the crap were you doing in the river if you know you cannot swim? Bum deal for sure, does look harmless in the video as low as it is.
  3. Ah, guess there's way more traffic up that way. I'm down stream between hwy 21 and 55 typically, might see an occasional boat or two but not always. Friday evenings and Saturday's seem to be the busiest times but even at that I might see 3-5 water craft in a few hours.
  4. No doubt, last year or the year before I know two boys drowned there. Not like there isn't an abundance of signs giving warning. Believe contours of the bottom and current combined with lack of experience or knowledge of how to deal with the current. Majority probably panic and run themselves out of oxygen. Even if you're a strong swimmer and someone well trained that doesn't mean you can combat the power of undertow. Unrelated to current, a friend and myself rescued a gent in the winter back in the 90's. Idiot thought the ice would hold when we already told him it was t
  5. http://www.kmov.com/story/38864207/officials-water-rescue-underway-in-castlewood-state-park
  6. Sunday's and Monday's seem like good days to avoid river rats, although if you're bank fishing you may find yourself picking up after those crazy rats more than fishing.
  7. An unfortunate reminder of how dangerous the river can be. https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/divers-find-two-bodies-after-meramec-river-drowning-deaths-of/article_ccf803a2-a6ef-592f-8314-6887bdc7fc52.html This section is notorious for swallowing people. I've personally pulled out a gent in distress back in the 90's.
  8. KLiK

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Micheal Jackson - Don't stop til you get enough Could of swore the lyrics were, "Get up, you're the porn star, don't stop til you get enough!" 😄
  9. KLiK

    Lower Mac

    Was going to say either that one is preggers or stuffed to the gills!
  10. Would think with the river level right now you should be fine running anywhere downstream from Fenton to the Mississippi. From 21 down is certainly good, as suggested by patfish Flamm City would be a great place to drop in. It's been many years since I've had a craft but between Eureka and Fenton was always questionable in my experience, the channel shifts side to side and you get the occasional log or sand bar crossing within a few feet of the surface. Scope out Google maps, it shows when the river levels were down and you can see for yourself the contours of the river at that ti
  11. KLiK

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Story telling artists like Beatles, The Doors, and Beck are good for not making sense. You're like what are these people talking about? Guess that's what can get you hooked because you dig deep into it trying to find the meaning. On another note the genius about some lyrics is it can be interpreted several ways, which gives a broader audiance a way to relate. What's your Magical Mystery Tour? 😁
  12. KLiK

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Was Julian even born at the time the song was written? I always thought it was a creative way to get past censorship. Beatles and Journey, can't stand either of them. John Lennon on his own is ok, Come together is a great tune. Rodney was ok at first but his humor gets predictable and old real quick. I get no respect....yeah well you have to give it to get it.
  13. KLiK

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Couldn't remember what the differences were so had to look it up, was surprised by the last statement..... From Wiki,"Manfred Mann's Earth Band's recording of the song changes the lyrics. The most prominent change is in the chorus, where Springsteen's "cut loose like a deuce" is replaced with "revved up like a deuce." This is commonly misheard as "wrapped up like a douche" (the V sound in "revved" is almost unpronounced, and the S sound in "deuce" comes across as "SH" due to a significant lisp). The lyric is actually a reference to a hot rod "deuce coupe." Springsteen was fond of classic
  14. KLiK

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Ha ha, no doubt! Blinded by the light are the only words I understand in that song!
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