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  1. Flamm City

    The Mississippi is super low as well. Going to try and get some pictures of it tomorrow before we get rain this weekend.
  2. Boat Maintenance

    Good point and thank you, I should of known better but wasn't thinking about it being FI. Believe the last outboard I had was '68 Merc!
  3. Boat Maintenance

    Not sure if much has changed with modern outboards but in regards to winterizing, all we used to do is disconnect the fuel line and let the motor idle until it ran out of fuel, drain the lower unit and lubricate to ensure there's no water, pull the batteries and store in the garage on a battery tender. For the boat itself give it a good cleaning, install a water tight cover with supports so water cannot puddle on the cover, remove the plug and raise the bow so all water can flow out the drain hole. For the trailer bearing buddies are your best friend. At the start of next season pull the covers off the motor and visually inspect everything, fill the tank with fresh gas and always make sure you have water flow.
  4. Flamm City

    As of Monday 12/11/17 this is what the Meramec at Flamm City looks like.
  5. Meramec at Holzer, then Suson

    The video was actually from the same day I caught the little spot above, just got around the posting it.
  6. Big thanks to Hog Wally

    Kind of been doing the same, been getting reacquainted with the river, used to know the lower somewhat well 20 years ago but it's changed quite a bit since then and unfortunately I no longer have a craft to explore and fish with so I stick to the banks for now.
  7. Fenton & George Winter 12/7/17

    Here's some video I took of the area.
  8. Fenton & George Winter 12/7/17

    They tore up the old and put in a new but it isn't as wide as the old one, there's also a pole blocking the entrance to keep people from using it as a boat ramp I suppose.
  9. Fenton & George Winter 12/7/17

    That was the difference, turned it off and now it shows an updated image, thanks!
  10. Fenton & George Winter 12/7/17

    Didn't think about that, cleared history and from my computer I'm pulling up an older image than if I use my phone, weird. Ramp at Mini Ha ha from my phone: Same area from computer:
  11. Fenton & George Winter 12/7/17

    The image time frames change depending on where you're looking. For the lower Meramec from Pearless Park to Fenton it looks like winter where other area's up and down stream from there look like spring/summer and the river is filled up to it's banks.
  12. Fenton & George Winter 12/7/17

    Wish I had a drone to get some aerial footage. Not sure if I've ever seen it this clear down this way, assume it's due to the low waters not picking up as much sediment. In the next few days I'm going to try and make it down towards the mouth and snap some pictures there, then I'll have quite a bit from Fenton to the mouth at the Mississippi documented. Have had the same curiosities in regards to changes of the contours due to the floods. This shows the current depth at 5.69ft at Arnold. 1989 appears to be the lowest on record at 4.30ft .
  13. Big thanks to Hog Wally

    Very nice, looks like a fun rig!

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