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  1. KLiK

    Help or Advice on the Meramec

    Sounds like a good time non the less. Did you snap any pictures you're willing to share?
  2. KLiK

    She's blowing out

    Big River, this is the last horse shoe bend before it spills into the Meramec.
  3. KLiK

    She's blowing out

    The Meramec today at Holzer:
  4. KLiK

    She's blowing out

    Going to go explore and fish a few spots come Monday for sure, will snap a few pictures. She has risen 11ft in 5 days as of 10:30 this morning at Arnold. http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=lsx&gage=arnm7
  5. KLiK

    The rain helped

    Was just looking at the Arnold gage and it's went up around 8ft in the past 5 days. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?cb_00045=on&cb_00065=on&format=gif_stats&site_no=07019300&period=&begin_date=2018-02-17&end_date=2018-02-24
  6. KLiK

    Meramec at Holzer

    Last time I was there it appeared they were done but they didn't pour a full size ramp, it's maybe a third of the width of the original. Also concrete pole in the way to keep anyone from trying to back a trailer down. Seems like a waste of money, assuming it's meant for kayak's only?
  7. KLiK

    Meramec at Holzer

    That's a pretty neat capture!
  8. KLiK

    River Levels

    Meramec River at Arnold
  9. KLiK

    Meramec at Holzer

    Was just as surprised myself, thought for sure it would be open in the main channel, as you eluded to though it does get very calm around the wide bends there. Wanted to venture downstream but ran out of time. Darn responsibilities always get in the way of our fun!
  10. KLiK

    What's Cooking?

    Ha ha! I was back a few pages drooling over someone's porkchops and potatoes!
  11. KLiK

    What's Cooking?

    This thread is a constant reminder I need to step up my Chef skills! Some seriously tasty looking meals in here, not sure where to start?
  12. KLiK

    Best way keep hands warm?

    For gloves that still allow you to accomplish tasks I've found Burton's touch and go work well. Even in this deep freeze they have kept my hands plenty warm. Can fish with spinning reels, dig things out of pockets, and use touch screens with any finger and thumb. Be sure to check out the Women's sizes to find that perfect fit or finger length. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/burton-mens-touch-n-go-liner-gloves-16brtmmbtchnglnrxaoa/16brtmmbtchnglnrxaoa https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/burton-womens-touch-n-go-liner-gloves-16brtwwbtchnglnrxaoa/16brtwwbtchnglnrxaoa Also use these for snow removal at work, typically I'll throw on a pair of leather work gloves over these to keep them from getting dirty/tore up from the snow removal equipment. Another old trick that works well is rice in a sock, heat it in the microwave then throw them in your jacket pockets.
  13. KLiK

    Meramec at Holzer

    Yes sir! A few days prior I was upstream from here and it wasn't quite frozen over yet, there was a small part still flowing. For some reason it will not allow me to upload those pictures.
  14. KLiK

    Meramec at Holzer

    Few captures from yesterday, the Meramec is frozen over. Wish I had a drone to fly over it and see if you can view any flow under the ice.
  15. Got some Tackle HD craws and Solar Trilene XT line. Just waiting on some warmer weather to give them a try!

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