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  1. That's ok Dutch. I just remember what my proctologist always tells me. Getting old ain't for sissies.
  2. I haven't decided where yet. But I am either going to Cape Fair or Ruark in the morning. If I go to the latter, I will post what the ramp is like. Mike
  3. The usual perspective is that fish are more finicky when the water s dropping. Is that rate of drop a possible addition to the slow bite?
  4. Moth balls are a great deterrent for things like rodents and ground hogs, and other various critters. Squirrels are just a big rat with good PR. The biggest challenge to that, is staying up all night banding moths.
  5. Since I have retired, I have not launched on the weekend. With the crowds an attitude of the masses anymore. I just figure it's a gateway to the evening news!!!
  6. What in the world is an expanding lug nut???
  7. I am kind of stuck between a belly laugh and throw up right now. weird sensation...
  8. If our big brother is so hell bent on taking care of us. What is the deal with the zipper. Why do we as a society subject our young men and the occasional drunken old guy to the trauma and terror of the zipper. Little Mikey looked like he had been in a war zone by the age of ten. Stop the madness!!! Two words. VEL-CRO. Make it happen!!! Write your local corrupt legislator and protect our young! Send all donations to protect the package .com.
  9. Something I recently noticed that I have done my whole life. It may be common. But with the bait caster I do the whole switching hands thing. But I recently noticed all my spinning reels are set up like a left hander and I'm perfectly comfortable with that.
  10. For me it's pretty much about line size and lure weight. I get down in size and weight the bait caster will not do as well as the spinner. I know this is my issue, but when I get heavy on a spinner. I lose accuracy badly. I could be wrong, but I would think 47 yards aka... 1/2 a football field, would be pretty good.
  11. liphunter

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Sorry Mr. Folly. This isn't that kind of forum! lol
  12. Holly Smokes!!! Did you get any measurements off it? You need to send a pick of that to MLF and show them how it's done!!! Congrats!!!
  13. Yes, What Seth said. It is ready to go. But it does only have the trolling motor mount. It's a little dated, but still has several useful features and works well. You wouldn't need a different transducer, just a different mount. For the transom. Mike
  14. For Sale: Humminbird 597 ci HD. With internal GPS. Came original with the boat. That would make it approx. 6 years old. Still works well. 5 inch screen is a little weathered, but still very clear and clean. Comes with mount and transducer with trolling motor mount and power cable... $150.00 Local (withing 50 miles of Republic, MO.). Plus shipping if I have to ship. ( Within 6000 miles of Republic ,MO.). humminbird 597ci hd - YouTube SOLD...
  15. liphunter

    June 28

    I've never eaten one, but brazillian or domestic, There fun to catch.
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