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  1. Very nice Dutch. The spoils go to the victor!
  2. So they saved them from falling off the bridge and then killed them. LOL You can't make this stuff up. 🤪
  3. It's easy snagged. Just set on the bank with your cane pole and wait for the big run! (fake news) lol
  4. I never considered it was already dead. But after some comments, I get it. I can't believe I fell for that. I mean, after all it was on FB.
  5. Seen a post on FB, showing some young men from Republic High fishing team reeled this in on the rock this weekend.
  6. At that price, it should come with tarter sauce... Yum!!!
  7. Once is an accident. Twice, somebody is going for a swim... Geeze!
  8. I hope it stays that way for you. We have a 29 year old healthy friend in KC. It took her down hard, and it did put her in the hospital. She made it, but that was not always a given. A month after she is supposedly over it. She is still dealing with the physical repercussions of it.
  9. (Animal House) Is supposed to be that soft? "Due to the pandemic"
  10. I wouldn't have a clue as to why. I noticed that behavior in other animals as well.Have you ever watched a mass of starlings in flight. They don't seem to be following each other as much as instinct kicking in. I mean I have watched other them for long periods of time. ( TV broke... Medical marijuana kicking in! ) They all turn, climb, dive in unison. Which means to means to me, they're not really following each other. Which fly's in the face of a Cornell University 20 year, 2.3 billion dollar, tax payer granted study of this sort of animal behavior. There conclusion was praised and accepte
  11. That’s offensive 😡. I prefer to called Zinger😬
  12. I agree with that. I am just a pair of white sneakers away from being an official blue hair. I think I'm getting soft...
  13. It's for the well off. Trashy people would just use the bucket.🤑
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