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  1. liphunter

    Coming to a water near you

    YEs, it's called "Convoy Of Carp ". This is there mascot,,, 💩...
  2. liphunter

    C’mon over to the Darkside

    Yea, it would be just like my wife's turn signals. "Like brand new, never used". lol
  3. liphunter

    Where did the fish go

    I feel you Brad. I don't usually do as well as some of these guys. Try as I might. I really work hard on trying to educate myself, but for some reason, I just don't have those days that create a story. But like you, I absolutely love it. And will continue to trudge the road to happy fishing. Keep on plugging buddy. Mike
  4. liphunter

    Good Onboard Chargers

    MrGiggles, I don't know a good one from a bad one. But I had ordered a Pro Mariner Sport dual bank charger a while back. After 8 months it kind of went crazy and quit charging. I called Pro Mariner. First of all a person answered the phone. Which threw me off for a few seconds. It was still under warranty so I was waiting for the reason why they wouldn't honor it. That didn't happen. They were professional, Polite, and to the point. We tried a couple of simple things and decided it was shot for what ever reason. They sent me a new one. Which I got in a couple of days. Didn't even want the bad one sent back. I couldn't believe the level of customer care. It was like living in the sixties. I would buy another one for no other reason than there customer support.
  5. liphunter


    ROLL TIDE!!!
  6. liphunter

    In the world of walleye...

    I could teach you on how not to catch bass, if you can teach me on how to fish for walleye. Then we would both would be happy. 👍🏻😉
  7. liphunter

    Is this really my fortune?

    Dan, there is a lot of truth to that sentiment. BTW, does anybody know if the fish have started migrating south for the winter yet???
  8. liphunter

    Crappie Bite

    Wednesday I went into Maze creek. Not far from the main lake. Fished a little brush pile. Caught 18 shorts and one 14 inch. It was fun but didn't really put any fish in the fryer. Using minnows in 24 FOW bites coming in the 15 FOW of water area.
  9. liphunter

    Crappie Bite

    Heading up to CC or Ceder Ridge area Wednesday. Any thoughts on how I would want to try for fall Crappie???
  10. I always wear rubber gloves when I am cleaning and prepping to pee. I spent a lot of time in Thailand. Can't be to careful.
  11. liphunter

    SURVEY for Freshwater management class

    I was thinking that in today's social environment a middle aged white male was the most despised animal in this country. After reading these post. I believe the common carp still has me beat. lol YEA CARP!!!
  12. liphunter


    So do Lemmings. They just don't know when to stop.
  13. liphunter

    Jet ski trailer wanted.

    I have seen some on Craigslist recently
  14. liphunter

    Water Temp?

    Thanks straw hat. Yea I had a slow day today. Lost a real nice one at boat. Was kind of day dreaming while working a jig when he hit. I knew I didn't have a good hook set on him. But it was my first day retirement!!! I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to lose him. lol
  15. liphunter

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    2012 TACKER PROTEAM 190. I think it's broke. Doesn't catch a whole lot of fish...

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