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  1. liphunter

    Power pole measurements

    I would think you could find all the specs you needed online???
  2. liphunter

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    That just hurst so much! 😭
  3. liphunter

    New lake just south of Joplin!!!!

    I grew up in a family with 13 kids. Cow patties were considered just a cheaper cut of beef! lol Of course we wouldn't touch a carp.
  4. liphunter

    January 6 Upper End Report

    I agree Dan. My federal prison therapist says I am doing much better, and the medication is helping to keep me under control...
  5. liphunter

    Reel help

    Thank goodness for the bargain bin. Or else, I would probably be on a needle point forum. 😏
  6. liphunter

    2019 Polar Bear?

    You can't have boat trouble, unless your blessed with a boat!!!
  7. I checked them out on Amazon. Seem ok. Apparently that company makes locks for everything known to man, women, and the gender fluid.
  8. liphunter

    Nice day yesterday!

    Really nice Smallies. And the pics are really good. But a question about the phone. Mine is little older model. Do I take the crank out of the phone or leave it to in ? 😐
  9. liphunter

    Mercury Dip Stick

    Yea Devan, I guess in reality, it probably isn't a dip stick. But it was just something to call it. Mine looks like the very last pic. The translucent one. Thanks for your input... Mike
  10. liphunter

    Mercury Dip Stick

    Thanks guys. It's a flat piece of long plastic that serves no purpose other than to break and get in the way.
  11. liphunter

    Mercury Dip Stick

    Well you've got me there. I am only aware of one tank. It's a big one under the cowling. I did some research on the net. This seams to be a common problem.
  12. I have a 2012 115 hp Mercury Optimax 2 stroke. I noticed that the dip stick that attaches to to cap has broke off. Not sure why. Does anyone know if that is of any concern? I You can see right through the tank wall and see the oil.
  13. liphunter

    Very Good December Bass Fishing 12-13-18

    Wow, Fantastic!!! Good for you, that's really cool.
  14. liphunter

    Three jerks a jerking

    Those are some beautiful Walleye. Would love a day like that. Glad you guys had a great day. Congrats!!!
  15. liphunter

    Crappie in the drizzle! 12/13

    I would have picked up on it, but the mental picture of Dan shaving his wife back had me fogged up for a moment...

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