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  1. I hear you buddy. Had a bit of a tenuous relationship with my ex inlaw. But I try remember. That no matter how bad the day is going, a lot of people have it far worse.
  2. Trade the mother-in-law for some hard tack and jerky. Keep the truck!
  3. Good info. Thanks guys. I didn't think it would be that thick.
  4. Thanks. I used my aged, but proven Iphone 7. With the fancy fixed focus lens and crank👍
  5. Thanks a bunch! that saved me a trip. Friday sounds good!
  6. Going to go up to either Ruark or Cedar Ridge tomorrow. If any one hears or sees anything due to Ice that suggest I should wait? Please share. Mike
  7. Thanks oneshot. My wife and I we’re in the middle of a serious conversation. I was racking my brain for an example of TMI to give her and this popped up. 👍
  8. Took a little drive today just to get out and away for awhile... Cedar Ridge Maze Creek Ruark
  9. Was thinking of going up Tuesday. It's been awhile since I seen this. I have no clue on when this would be open to launch??? Any thoughts?
  10. I got a little toy Massey that's perfect for that kind of stuff. No way I would shovel that.
  11. Man, that's a good shovel. Took almost 20 minutes.😁
  12. I think about that with every scoop!!! lol
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