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  1. I just checked the tracker on day 1 shotgun round. I had to look at it for a while just to make sure I was seeing it right. The numbers are unreal!!!
  2. Your right Mike. I have one of those weird looking run arounds for my cable. There was a time you could run it down the shaft for a neat looking installation. But when they added the lift assist, that killed that option. After the warranty is out, you could pull the lifts assist and do it. But I kind of like the assist.
  3. I am of no help with that issue. But I find myself doing a lot of what Duane said.
  4. Yes Steh. Mine worked with the US2 transducer. But didn't much care for the 2D. So like a number of people. I blew that off and went with attaching my own transducer. One thing I really enjoy about spotlock. Is when I have to retie. I need everything these old eyes will give me. I don't have to worry about where the boat is when I am trying to see that little hole and that invisible line.
  5. I have had my Terrova for a year now. Pretty much works as promised. Spotlock isn't perfect, but pretty close. The Terrova is probably the lower end of Mk's smart motor, but I really like. Doesn't auto deploy, but does have lift assist. Here is the mistake I made when I bought it. To please my financial manager, I passed on the I-Link. Told myself that I wouldn't use it. Big mistake! If I would have made that purchase with motor. About $350.00, now realizing I would really like that feature. We are talking closer to $800.00 to upgrade. Probably isn't going to happen. But what do you expect from a guy who can't catch fish on an A-Rig! lol
  6. I really enjoyed meeting you guys today and enjoyed the day. Thanks to all of you that made it happen. Mike
  7. You people and your fancy fly rods. You probably got indoor plumbing too! sheesh!!!
  8. Hate to ask the obvious. But sometimes we overlook the easy. Did you check the bulbs?
  9. Great report Billethead. Sounded like a great day! That one fish in the last fish pic. Looks like one of Johnsfolly micro-lunkers.
  10. Most have been there. I've been in a bit of a slump myself. Fish TR today. Worked hard at it. One little spot. But it's the fishing that keeps me coming back. Not the fish. Although I do enjoy catching them. I'll have my days... Besides what else am going to do at my age. Competitive needle point?
  11. Man! That is a heck of a deal. Unfortunately I bought a new one last year. 😒
  12. Still no joy. But I'll get it figured out eventually. Thanks guys...
  13. You can't put a price on love. Go ahead and get her one! lol
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