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  1. Well, if given a choice. I think i'm going with just running off. That whole getting hit by a car thing sounds messed up
  2. I had a big Johnson years ago. Blew the head right off of it. That's when I switched to Merc.
  3. Outstanding selection in music. I would imagine even the fish would like that!!!
  4. That brings up a question I always meant to throw out there. We know how sound travels through water. I never turn the radio on in the boat because of that sound/water thing. Is that a real concern or am I over thinking it? Just looking for some thoughts on that. Mike
  5. Man, that can’t be good on cornbread 😝
  6. That's really great Ed!!! Going to head up there myself tomorrow. If I get two keepers, I'll call it an ED day. lol😁
  7. Fantastic guys!!! I'm not surprised
  8. Went out with Ed of lmt out-fitters today and had a great time. I needed some serious schooling on walleye fishing, so I got a hold of Ed and glad I did. We Put 20 in the boat 12 keepers and eight shorts. Lost two nice ones at the boat. Several were in the 18 to 20 inch range, and the two we lost were in that window as well. Did some jig and crawler, and some bottom bouncing. Both seemed to work. Took six home for a fish fry. The most important part for me was Ed filling me in on things I needed to know, like why, where, and when. I learned a ton... Not to over sell myself on this. Ed pretty much carried the day. But he did have the good side of the boat.πŸ˜’ I definitely felt like I got a good deal... Mike
  9. Just goes to show. Being an energetic dumb kid was a lot more fun than being a dull old guy!!!
  10. Yea I guess I missed that in the post. How very diligent of you.
  11. Bill, Do you take any kind of predator protection along? Or is that not a concern where you will be?
  12. That's awesome Daryk. Looks like fun. Nice polish!!!
  13. Thanks. Dutch you got any elongated keys? That would be the one. lol
  14. Good for you. Great day!!!πŸ‘
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