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  1. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like we better be prepared to do some paddling.
  2. Me and a couple buddies were thinking about doing an overnight float on this stretch in the next few weeks. Anything specifically we should look out for? How high is too high for this section of river?
  3. Water is definitely very stained and I only got 3 bites in 2 days of fishing but I did manage to get this big ol' girl on a ned rig Saturday afternoon. Thinking I must have practically hit her in the head with it.
  4. Can anyone tell me how the river is looking? More specifically lower/below tunnel dam
  5. Sorry I should have been more specific. I have a kayak that I'll be fishing in and don't mind walking up a few riffles if I needed to to get to a good hole. Thanks for the help. Actually went to check it out today but the it looked too high and muddy so I decided against it.
  6. Never fished the sac before. What kind of species can I expect around this access? Should I go up stream or down stream?
  7. Is there anything that would allow me to know where the cave hole is other than searching for it with the depth finder? I've seen references to it on here but haven't ever looked for it. With the bridge closing can you still get to the access from the east?
  8. Thanks again for the advice. With all the recent rain I probably won't give it a shot til later this weekend. Do you know approximately how far you can run a boat up river from the access below PP? I've got a kayak as well but would obviously prefer to run the bass boat up there.
  9. Yes. The Upper runs northward from bolivar up into the lake and the lower begins after the dam and flows into Truman.
  10. I appreciate the help. Parents just bought a place on the lake so I think I may try both options this weekend since I've got the time.
  11. Anddd this is why religion is terrible for the future survival of our species. The "it doesn't matter cause gawd will take care of it" folks are the most dangerous of them all. There's no imaginary man in the sky that's going to solve our problems. It's on us.
  12. I'm looking to catch some running whites and hopefully a few walleye. Would I have better luck going up river or below the dam?
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