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  1. Parting thoughts, in appreciation to those who came to my defense. It’s a rare an honorable trait to extend one neck for a complete stranger these days and I do thank you. 1. Al you are as talented writer as you are artist, but if it ticks you off, then maybe the truth stings little. 2. “all that disrespectful” is an admission of quilt and your opinion is irrelevant, imo. So why not discuss what the meaning of that, is? 3. Until the left fundamentally changes this great county to communism, I can grab my balls and go anywhere I want anytime I want. Period. 4. Fact is, I did quite well before joining OAF by shear determination. So in reality OAF maybe the loser of information that I may have acquired in over half a decade of fishing experience. And my ability to solve problems and look at things from outside the envelope. 5. If you all would step down of your podium, you may see how condescending you really appear to peon like me. One of the greatest teacher the world has known, never taught from a podium, but by example. He is my Lord and Savior and I praise daily. 6. Continue to shovel bovine fecal matter if you need to make yourselves feel better. It’s a great county and you still have a first amendment rights to do so. I just don’t time, or want, to call people out anymore. The fact is, you do have one very ugly baby on your hands! And treading on others people pursuit of happiness is not going to bring back your fishery. 7. I think some people have benefited from me being here the last couple, so I have no regrets. 8. I think I have removed all the info about myself that I’m going to, so so-long folks, it’s been fun.
  2. I appreciate the advice. And that sounds about right, because Today marks 2 month mark for me being on this forum. The funny thing is I'm pretty sure this is the "click" that was involved in that pissin match, because someone leaked "Their spot" in some way shape or form. Actually, I think it is a little funny when roles reverses. Sometime after the pictures where posted I opened the 1st one up and saw there was information embedded in the picture. Wondering what the info was I looked and zoomed up to see where the GPS coordinates were. I was trying to give them a heads up and inform others that anyone in the world could, and maybe did, copy a few pictures and have access to "their spot". I can understand and appreciate where there coming from in this day in age. I just don't agree with some of the methods they're using. Being a bastard in small rural farming community, i learned to fend for myself at a very early age and don't mind a good debate if done respectfully, But what I'm seeing in the world today is, imo, mob mentality. Kill the messenger because they don't like the message. but when roles are reversed and they begin yelling "foul, foul, foul." This is actually why I'm leaving OAF and why I don't have TV programming or Facebook, either. Therefore, thanks OAF and wishing all tight lines for 2018.
  3. Thanks for the tip on minnows. I can't say I caught anymore fish with them,, but the take was explosive compared to the wax worms. Pretty chilly 11 degrees, but It was great to wet a line.
  4. Now I know why so many knowledgeable anglers becomes inactive on this forum. Don't think I'm going to make it 2 much longer myself. But hey if you and your little click enjoy your own little language, continues up voting each other, being disrespectful and selfish to catch State owned "small mouth bass" in State owned Water so be it. I think I've ran into that type several times on Taneycomo and choose to walk away and let them have their favorite spot and soon to be forum. But hey to each his own. I for one believe in helping others when I can. It's all about KARMA, imo.
  5. Lol, must of been serious about finding a location via a picture and ruining the "spot", because he removed the link to the photos. Now that is funny I don't care who you are. They wanted me to show them how must of been "The satire part"? Or maybe they thought I was BS'ing them. Fyi - I will inform you when I speak satire and I don't mind being corrected when wrong, but by God don't ask if you don't want to know! Rant over.
  6. I carry binoculars also, but not for people spots or to protect mine, it to look for what is bitting. It appears any pictures uploaded to this forum has embedded data already removed.
  7. I didn't want to upset anyone, just trying to inform. There are ways of removing embedded data before posting. I've never done it, but here's an app. Fyi - beware of what you post on the internet, lots of files contains embedded data and big brother is not the only one watching. http://removephotodata.com/
  8. Be sure and disable GPS in the camera app and not Just the phone. Some cameras also copies GPS coordinates. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.howtogeek.com/211427/how-to-see-exactly-where-a-photo-was-taken-and-keep-your-location-private/amp/ It appeared to me that most of the older pics embedded the GPS coordinates.
  9. Actually, I would think it would be the coordinates prior to loosing service, because it needs to embed information at the time of the pictures.
  10. There were 2 issue that I worried about giving information and coordinates in pics. 1) stalking issue. 2) theft issue.
  11. Several people on this forum get kinda pissy for disclosure of popular fishing spots, but several time you click on the picture and look for details and get the exact coordinates. From an Android system, open picture, look for a circle with an i. Click on it and it gives you lots of details about the pic. Fyi - A lot of tech savvy people knows this and will not allow the camera to store the coordinate points or they removed the information before posting.
  12. Fyi - several pics have coordinate points embedded in them. I agree Nice fish.
  13. Thanks, I figured minnows would work. So do you use a larger jig head to get them down or do you use a lindy rig setup? My problem in sub zero weather is finding live bait. The closest pet store or fishing retailer is 90 miles away ( other than Walmart ). Ordering live bait online is a little risky also in sub zero weather.
  14. A few years ago I was going ice fishing. When I got there the ice didn't seem right. My method of testing was waking around the edge and then I would jump. The last jump was a little breath taking to say the least.. Since then, I've added an auger, bit and tape to measure the ice thickness. Oh and that stress crack that happens sometimes when boring a hole can make your behind pucker up a bit. https://www.wikihow.com/Know-When-Ice-is-Safe
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