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  1. I've used Aquaseal on them before and it has worked well, but these leaks are on a whole new level. Tjm, I figured it wouldn't be under warranty. What I was curious about is if I could pay to have them resealed professionally.
  2. How much does age factor into getting them repaired? If I remember right I bought them in 2011.
  3. Went fishing yesterday and enjoyed reeling in two bows that were over 14 inches and I was the only one pulling in trout that day. However, an issue has occurred. It was discovered that my waders have a few major leaks, not quite baptism level but enough for some squishy socks. I've made some minor repairs to them in the past but these waders just need to be fully sealed again. Does anyone know if Orvis repairs them? Has anyone ever used their services? Their website was down this morning or I'd be searching up their site for information.
  4. @liphunter I do believe you and would be good friends according to your interests. I'm off to dive Grand Cayman in April.
  5. No, my wife's family is fortunate enough to have their own lake close to Willard.
  6. I'm looking for live minnows near Willard or North Springfield. It's been years since I bought minnows for some crappie fishing, now it's just about time for them to spawn and I want my kids to catch some monsters. Where can I find them?
  7. I ended up having to fix our van so the wife and kids weren't stranded.
  8. I think I'm going to snuggle up next to my wife and watch a movie on the couch to keep warm. You guys have fun.
  9. I'd be up for it. Anything special I should know about?
  10. Maybe they are expecting more rain than what's been forecasted
  11. It was my brother-in-law's first trout fishing trip and he loved it. I guess I'll be going again very soon.
  12. We hooked 8, landed 5 and threw one back because it was little. We failed to take pictures though. I'm still freezing but it was fun.
  13. Well last week I promised my brother-in-law we'd go fishing tomorrow. Now I'm starting to question my sanity. Who else is going to brave/nuts and join in the fishing fun this weekend? *If* we catch anything I'll post pics
  14. Ah, so 35 megawatts so... over 60% ((35/55)*100 = 63.63%) of one unit is scheduled to run this Saturday. Well that helps a ton. Thank you.
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