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  1. Good job quill.Have a tournament on Saturday out of prairie creek.Any suggestions?Also nice looking smallmouth.
  2. Nice fish thinking about going out Wednesday out of prairie creek for a tournament Saturday any suggestions?
  3. Sorry everyone I was sick a dog Sunday and Monday. It was a tough tournament.We caught a lot of shorts on rock crawlers and a-rigs.Then we caught only two keepers on a rig at the last hour.I would like to thank everybody for the advice tho.
  4. We do not have a very big boat and only has a 30 horse yamaha on it so we cant run too far so we are just looking for places to fish around eagle rock and panther creek.
  5. What brand of jigs do you use quill.
  6. Do you think a nu tech zinc spoon or a war eagle spoon would work better.
  7. No this is for my tournament on the 16th
  8. Do you guys think this is good line up.Black buzz bait in the morning.Then throw rockcrawler on chunk rock and jigs off deep gravel points then drop shot as a limit filler and follow up bait and spinnerbait of the bite gets tough.Will also be adding a jerkbait and a squarebill on my other two rods.
  9. Well I am actually a freshman so The tournament is for us.
  10. It is a tournament we have in Arkansas for high school anglers that we go around to different lakes.And it is out of eagle rock.
  11. So me and my partner have a tournament on the 16th.What are some good places like hotels or resorts by eagle rock to stay overnight
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