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  1. You guys get any good deals on fishing gear? Best deal I found was a pfleuger summit at bass pro originally $70 for $35
  2. Seriously though has anyone had luck fishing the elk fork recently?
  3. I am happy to help this topic live on 😝
  4. Fished the salt twice this year near the union covered bridge. Really enjoyed fishing there and will be fishing there a lot from now on. Was hoping to catch as few smallies but only caught largemouth. Still a great stretch of water to fish and I would recommend it. Also didn't realize until after I got done typing this that this thread is from 2012. Oh well
  5. I have a relative that lives near the lake. He says with all the bass in the lake there are no Walleye left and that guides won’t even take you out after Walleye because they can’t be found. Is any of this true? If there are fishable populations what techniques work the best there? Thanks in advance
  6. Long branch lake is about an hour from me and I’ve never fished it. Thinking about driving up for a day and giving it a try. I heard there are Walleye in the lake but I’m not sure. Can anyone confirm this? Also what are my best bets on what to fish for if not Walleye? Thanks
  7. Saw the new dragonflies at the store today and had to pick one up to try. You can never have too many top water lures. Anyone tried these yet and had any luck? I found it weird it comes with a ewg hook it doesn’t seem like the hookup ratio would be too good with the angle of the hook.
  8. Chatterbaits have sorta replaced spinnerbaits for me. Some days the fish prefer spinnerbaits but I always feel more confident throwing a chatterbait. I've had luck in smaller ponds where i can cast out to the deeper parts so far. Also lipless cranks have been good for me while its still been cold
  9. Im pretty late but welcome sir
  10. Saw these on tackle warehouse. I’d love to try one but I’m not paying over $10 for a frog so hopefully they aren’t too much
  11. Topwater is my go to walleye technique
  12. I think if I had to choose one type of fishing for the rest of my life it would be topwater
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