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  1. Chatterbaits have sorta replaced spinnerbaits for me. Some days the fish prefer spinnerbaits but I always feel more confident throwing a chatterbait. I've had luck in smaller ponds where i can cast out to the deeper parts so far. Also lipless cranks have been good for me while its still been cold
  2. New Guy

    Im pretty late but welcome sir
  3. Booyah's new frog-plopper

    Saw these on tackle warehouse. I’d love to try one but I’m not paying over $10 for a frog so hopefully they aren’t too much
  4. The Fresh Start Thread

    Topwater is my go to walleye technique
  5. The Fresh Start Thread

    I think if I had to choose one type of fishing for the rest of my life it would be topwater
  6. The Fresh Start Thread

    I should give credit to the original video. Here is the link
  7. The Fresh Start Thread

    Just thought I would post one of my favorite gifs in here
  8. Reel Size for New St Croix Rod

    Somehow on my own I developed the habit of closing the bail by hand everytime. Its muscle memory by now.
  9. Reel Size for New St Croix Rod

    Thanks for all the advice. Thats a little out of my price range at the moment. I found a Daiwa Regal 2500 on sale and picked it up. From what ive read its very comparable to a president in quality for the price and I love it so far. I love hearing about what you guys like to use so feel free to keep the suggestions coming.
  10. Reel Size for New St Croix Rod

    I’d prefer to use 10lb mono with it. You think I can get enough line on a 2500?
  11. Reel Size for New St Croix Rod

    Is there any reel size difference between a 2500 and a 3000 besides the spool size? Looking at a Shimano Sedona fi probably
  12. Reel Size for New St Croix Rod

    surprised that the 2500 will hold 10lb mono. If thats the case i will probably get a 2500
  13. Hope this is the right place to post this. Got a new St Croix Premiere rod for christmas 6'6 medium fast. I cant decide what reel size to pair with it. I have decided on a shimano but not sure if I should go with a 2500 or a 3000. Going to be an all around rod for me but mostly used for more finesse bass tactics and rigging and jigging for walleye. Probably also fish some streams for smallies with it. IThanks for the advice btw I mostly use mono line
  14. Mid Mo Smallies

    When it warms up I will be posting my catches at these various locations for sure
  15. Mid Mo Smallies

    I’ve been up to Monroe county quite a bit didn’t know the fishing was so good there though

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