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  1. bassfisher2017

    Wiggle Warts

    I have some. Very good. Just looking for other colors is all.
  2. bassfisher2017

    Wiggle Warts

    Is there a way to order without going in store?
  3. bassfisher2017

    Wiggle Warts

    Looking for some fall creek lures warts that may be for sale. I don’t have any painters at this time or time to wait. Looking for PBJ, gp blue, and lawyer craw. Can anyone help? Will pay top dollar. Doesnt have to be pre rap, can be predator baits or rk crawler thank you in advance
  4. bassfisher2017

    Bass Boat For Sale

    Selling my 2016 Tracker 195 TXW. 2016 Mercury 4 Stroke 150 HP. 2017 Trailer. Hours on engine are around 55. Upgraded MinnKota Fortrex 80lb 24V. Batteries are 2 years old. 2 Garmin 93SV graphs with DI SI and GPS. T-H Marine trolling motor upgrades. 24 pitch Tempest Prop. Runs 51-52 by myself and 54-55 in the colder months. Handles like a fiberglass. Will put in brand new seats as the seats are rough. Has $895 Tracker Ratchet cover as well. Asking $19,500 and located in Joplin. Can meet and we can take on Stockton.
  5. bassfisher2017

    Splitting the island

    Does anyone know if you can still run between the first island and main land where the lake splits? I know the water level is down. Just wasn’t sure if there was enough water to cut it or not. Thanks
  6. bassfisher2017

    High Point

    Other than that nothing major to worry about?
  7. bassfisher2017

    High Point

    Running from State Park to High Point ramp. Anything to watch out for or is just a straight shot?
  8. bassfisher2017

    Sons Creek

    How far back can I run before the need to slow down and idle to avoid trees?
  9. bassfisher2017


    Weekend is looking nice for weather. Small cold front Saturday. Not sure it will mess up the bite much.
  10. bassfisher2017


    What was temp and water color? It was all stained up the river on Friday when I was there. 43-46 degrees then
  11. bassfisher2017


    Heading up tomorrow. Anyone know the temp or current water colors? Thanks
  12. bassfisher2017

    Creeks to Run

    Bass tracker. Looking more for bass than walleye and whites. I am just not familiar with the lake much and don't want to hit anything.
  13. bassfisher2017

    Creeks to Run

    what creeks can you run?
  14. bassfisher2017

    Creeks to Run

    What creeks can you run to the back of and be fine? I've noticed on google earth that birch, sons, maze and even price branch look like you can't run too far without the possibility of hitting stumps/trees. I am definitely not interested in outboard repair from hitting things lol
  15. bassfisher2017

    Creeks to Run

    What creeks can you run without much knowledge? Also, in sons maze and birch, should you just start idling at the mouth?

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