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  1. Newby to Taneycomo

    I agree with Phil. We started last year and hired Brett at, chartered waters as our guide. He helped us so much. Little things that mean a lot to further your success. Good luck.
  2. Size vs Quantity?

    Well said Seth
  3. Size vs Quantity?

    I would like to see them do whatever creates more like this one my son caught this fall. We keep no fish. I like to hope some other angler get the same thrill we get . That’s why we practice catch and release. Can it be promoted in the area to practice catch and release or is that going to hurt resorts and guides. We are just getting to know the lake better.
  4. Trolling for larger browns

    Any idea on depth to start at . We can put the baits at any depth with riggers. Thought to try a off shore smaller planter board on shore side to get closer to shore and away from boat
  5. Trolling for larger browns

    Thanks for the information. We will try the bombers first chance we get. Phil’s shop helped us tremendously this year with all our flys and gear. The young men were knowledgeable and great to deal with ,The resort reminds me of Maine’s resorts .
  6. Like to start off by staying thank you for all the information I have learned from all of you. My sons and I have waded this fall and created great memories with some great trout, also made new friends in the process. We also fished by boat with lots of ideas from Phil. And the rest of this crew. Now that it appears that the browns have moved down the river. Can they be caught by trolling like in other lakes that hold trout. If so what areas would work. Cooper ramp area. Rockaway? I’m wanting 5omfocus all our fishing at Taney and want to learn more techniques. Any info would be much appreciated . Thanks and happ 2018

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