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  1. I have 762s in rainbow,sculpin, brook trout, and pearl. They work well in higher water. They are suspending with heavy hooks and rings. $8.95 each with $3.50 shipping on the first one and no extra charge for each additional bait in order. I also have 606,639,and 110+ painted by wildlife artist with 30 years experience.
  2. I have a few 110 + 1 style suspending jerkbaits. The colors available are clear shad, shad, rainbow and pearl. I handpaint each one so colors may vary slightly on each one.They are $11 each with $4.00 shipping on first one. No extra shipping on multiples. Paypal or Venmo accepted.
  3. just checked my email. i invoiced you on Venmo . Thanks
  4. I have a couple of new colors of the 606 jerkbait that is deadly on rainbows and browns. The baits are 3 1/4" long- 1/4oz and dive about 3 ft deep.. On low to medium flow of water this is had lure to beat. Dusky striped shiner is a new color that mimics the shiner that is staple food for trout in the White River system. Brook tout is another new color I have had good success with. Sculpin and Rainbow are avaiable at this time also.I have been a wildlife artist for 30 years and paint these like I do fish mounts. $9.99 each with $3.50 shipping for the first one and no extra shipping if you want
  5. I am in the market for some new trout reels. I mainly throw jigs and small crankbaits. What reels have you guys been the most pleased with?
  6. Any gurus have opinions about fishing the White the first of next week. They seem to holding water, don't really want to be there if they open the floodgates.
  7. I heard that. Thanks, we cancelled
  8. Making an annual trip to the white next week. Never fished 20,000+ cfs. Any suggestions from you local guys on improving my odds on catchings some fish. I can travel to any area to fish
  9. I have a few extra crankbaits in sculpin and baby rainbow made up if anyone is interested. They float up very slowly to stay in the strike zone longer. THe baits are $15 each with $4 shipping and handling. I will combine shipping on multiple lure orders. Paypal accepted.
  10. Danny Barker Buffalo City. Fly fishing or spinfishing 870 424 4110. Tell him John (aka Rootball)from Mississippi sent you
  11. Riley's, We stay there several times a year. Neat family that makes you feel at home. Gavin ,the son or Miles ,the Dad are great guides. If you can't get in there, there is another guide next door that has top of the line everything and a large boat that is very comfortable. Danny Barker, email is barker002@centurytel.net. Tell him his old freinds from Misissippi sent you.
  12. Congrats Ham on that accomplishment.
  13. A good guide from Buffalo city is Danny BArker. I don't have his # in reach this moment, but you can contact him by email at barker002@centurytel.net. Tell him Rootball told you about him.
  14. I had the opportunity last week when my son had a few days off from grad school to take him and my wife to the White. The chocolate milk coming out of the buffalo didn't help my feelings when we got there, but the small mouth seemed to love it. we caught hundreds of trout and around 40 smallmouth, one of which my wife caught was 19 1/2 " Can't wait for the chance to go again.
  15. Looks like you got it dialed in duckdoty. Thanks for the pics
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