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  1. Mississippi Man

    Trout Jigs For Sell

    I have hand-tied marabou jigs for sell. They are made of quality materials with powder coated heads. The colors in picture are available or I can tie you custom colors. 1/8oz sz6 hk, 1/16 oz size 6 hk, 1/32 oz sz 8 hk, 1/100 oz size 10 hk are the sizes I have. 1/8oz and 1/116 oz are $6.75 per half dozen (6) with Free Shipping. 1/32 oz is $6.50/6 with Free Shipping. 1/100 oz is $6.25/6 with Free Shipping. I will mix colors on an order if you would like more than one color jig. That price is check or money order. I do accept Paypal but the will be a .75 cent surcharge on the aforementioned price.
  2. Mississippi Man

    First Taneycomo trip is finally here

    Thanks Seth, That works
  3. Mississippi Man

    First Taneycomo trip is finally here

    Maybe I am not looking in the right place. " Watch Phil’s One Cast for daily updates on the bite and water conditions . " All I can find when I go on one cast is stuff from 2016. Any suggestions
  4. After months of anticipation the time is finally here. I will be there to fish Monday - Wednesday next week. Staying at FAll Creek Suites behind the marina. What is the fishing expected to be like at that time? (I am usually on a cycle of "they were biting good before you got here and the fishing will be great tomorrow when you leave.lol)
  5. Bothering everyone one more time, I need to know the best size and brand of leader and tippet for fishing midges and scuds, etc. Brand, length, etc, appretiated.
  6. Mississippi Man

    Favorite spinning line

    Do you using leader or tippet material when using the polymer line.Never used braid or polymer before to add a piece of tippet or leader. How long should the leader be?
  7. Mississippi Man

    Favorite spinning line

    Looking for opinions on line before respooling my reels before an upcoming trip to Taney. Mono or polymer?
  8. Mississippi Man

    Newby to Taneycomo

    Duckydot, what colors are favorites in jerkbaits. What is the best rig for drifting bait.
  9. Mississippi Man

    Newby to Taneycomo

    Thanks for your responses. Does flash tinsel in the jig hurt or help the bite on taneycomo. out of curiosity , do you ever tie on a smaller jig to a heavier jig to get the bite when the current is up?
  10. Mississippi Man

    Newby to Taneycomo

    Thanks guys. what weight, hook size and color marabous work best. Does flash tinsels in a jig help or hurt the bite there?
  11. Mississippi Man

    Newby to Taneycomo

    I will be making my first trip to Taneycomo in mid-March. I have fished the White River before and am somewhat familiar with tailwater fishing. I was going to hire a guide the first day to learn techniques and then rent a boat for a couple of days. My wife and grown kids will be fishing with me part of the time. I have fly rods and spinning rods, just want to be sure and have all the proper tackle/lures with me when i get there and don't have to make shopping trips. I tie my own flies and jigs.We like to catch fish. I am not a purist on any style of fishing, whatever works best. This is a broad question but thanks for any help.

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