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  1. @Al Agnew Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. I think I'll drive down there sometime in the next month to check it out. @Cwallis and @Gavin thank you for your help as well. Good luck on the water and be safe!
  2. Thank you Al and Gavin, I had heard the access was no longer maintained but wasn't sure if it was sold or shut down. Too bad there isn't an easy way to get in at the bridge. I was thinking about having my wife drop off us off early morning at Blackwell (when the weather and water warms ups) and parking the truck at the 21 boat ramp. Sounds like its possible but not ideal access. I'll make a run down there sometime soon and scope it out. 21 to Wash SP is an option or Wash SP to Mammoth. I used to run my old War Eagle from Mammoth to the SP but was looking for different waters to kayak and fish.
  3. I've been looking for a short float on the Big above 21 bridge. Is there still an access around Blackwell? I know there used to be an MDC access years ago when we'd float E highway to Blackwell but not sure if that access is still public or maintained by MDC. Was wanting to take my son on a short float and fish this summer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Just floated it this Saturday from Silver Mines to E hwy. Got on at 6am, started raining around 930 and quit when we got to the bridge at 1:15. Fishing was not bad. Thought it would be better with the rain but I think the cold front shut it down. Here are some before the rain pics.
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