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  1. FishermanTodd

    Mountain Creek to Lead Mine

    Also wondering this, did you use mountain creek to shuttle?
  2. FishermanTodd

    Taking my native kayak in the ocean?

    Thank you! Here’s to the 18 hour trip that starts at 4am tomorrow
  3. FishermanTodd

    Taking my native kayak in the ocean?

    That’s what I was thinking, gonna spray everything down with a hose as soon as we get back to where I’m staying. Any suggestions on keeping the metal rails and bolts safe?
  4. Just a question, how much damage if any would the saltwater have on my kayak and the metal bolts on it?
  5. FishermanTodd

    Smallie Talk

    So I was in Springfield tonight to do some shopping for dorm stuff and picked up some bubblegum trick worms. Hopefully taking out a buddy on the river tomorrow evening after floaters are out. He’s never caught a smallie before so hoping to get him hooked. Side note* he doesn’t have a kayak so I’m gonna put him in mine. 2 guys one kayak. I’m sure we will get some looks 🤣
  6. FishermanTodd

    Smallie Talk

    🤣 gonna have to add this to the list of good quotes also Lol
  7. FishermanTodd

    Smallie Talk

    I don’t keep any bass I catch but as long as regulations are followed I’m not gonna hold a grudge for you keeping legal fish. With that being said I hope you don’t fish the same hole as me 😂😂😂
  8. FishermanTodd

    Smallie Talk

    Oneshot 😂😂 I feel like I’ve read on here before that you said “I’ll stop eating them when they quit making them out of meat” probably the funniest thing I’ve read on this website. Lol
  9. FishermanTodd

    Smallie Talk

    That is a really good fish!! I’m addicted to those Niangua River smallies! I will get some bigger hooks and try some new colors also! I was using zoom water melon
  10. FishermanTodd

    Smallie Talk

    Well had the gf come over to the house tonight and we headed out to the river with my kayak. Went to the closest access to my house which I’ve been told doesn’t hold many fish. Didn’t expect great results considering there was going to be 2 of us in my one person yak and I never catch fish if I’m with my gf. So I’m throwing something new to me a weightless trick worm on a size 3. First cast I get a hit and knew it was a good fish fought it for around 30 seconds got it close to me and as soon as I got a look at her she spit it. Easily the biggest smallmouth I have ever hooked in my life. Traigic moment. Casts later I get another one which was 13 inches. She managed to lose the trick worm (I forgot my fishing backpack in my truck) so I was left with no other choice than to call it a day and spend the rest of the night swimming. A potential epic evening ruined due to a bonehead mistake.
  11. FishermanTodd

    This weekend

    Thank you, with gas being as expensive as it is I didn’t wanna have a wasted trip to the river where I wouldn’t even be able to fish much more optimistic about the trip now. Lol
  12. FishermanTodd

    This weekend

    Going to fort Niangua for the mud runs Saturday with the gf and her family. Was hoping to go up early and fish for smallies but with all the rain we have got and the chances for rain this weekend is there even a point to bring the poles?
  13. Got to take it out on the LOZ today for about 3 hours, didn’t really focus on catching fish much but it is a solid boat much quicker than my old kayak from point a to point b. Also much more stable can move around fine and have not tried standing yet but I’m sure it will be no problem. I sat with the seat in the high position the whole time and it was very comfortable. Very happy with the boat. Next test: the river.
  14. Will do! Probably take it out on the LOZ this week and have a float planned starting at Bennet Sunday
  15. FishermanTodd

    Top Water Bonanza

    Awesome man! Which river are you on?

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