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  1. Also got to take my buddy from St. Louis out. His first time in a kayak.
  2. Found them today, didn’t catch a ton of numbers but not were they hefty and mad. Good day on the Niangua. True Niangua Smallmouth River Beasts.
  3. Not saying I don’t keep fish. When I’m not on the river, I crappie fish. I take home and clean a lot of crappie. I believe some fish are made for sport, some for the frying pan. For me, if it’s a LM or or smallie, it’s going back. It takes a long time to grow a big smallmouth.
  4. Did you end up getting to go out? I fished my usually stretch around the access and did well on a wiggle wart despite the high murky water which surprised me. Found a guy at the ramp who was bleeding from his head pretty good. Said he got his kayak pinned in a root wad from the high water. He was out alone and said he was feeling lucky to be alive.
  5. Did not know that. That sucks. Is the Niangua in any better shape? I do not have eyes on the river, but I do have eyes on the Niangua arm of the LOZ and it is straight chocolate milk as well. The 4 inches of rain Sunday night got the river flowing pretty good according the the tunnel dam gauge.
  6. I think you would have a better day going to the gasconade.
  7. I’d say put in above tunnel dam and run up as far as you can, the Niangua opens up and matures a little more on the end with a 20 footer. You’re going to have floaters from prosperine up. The best way to avoid floaters is to go up from leadmine. There are floaters from living water. They drop off at lead mine and take out above lake Niangua
  8. Went out and found them tonight, same stretch. Whopper plopper. I normally fish a jig or a weightless trick would. Learning I need to probably fish things with treble hooks. Does anyone throw soft swimbaits?
  9. I think the biggest problem are the “locals” for the most part.
  10. Yes I was. Tried to avoid the crowds. But living water did a huge float yesterday that came in 3 waves of about 30-40 canoes kayaks per wave.
  11. From what I observed from a distance, canoes pinned up in front of root wads and log jams vertical jigging I think minnows (never really know with them). I just don’t think I could ever justify my self to fish for bass let alone smallmouth with live bait.
  12. Thanks for the advice, and I just hate to see people keep them. Even if the MDC did away with the right to keep them. Amish and such folks would still do it. Sad
  13. 1. Just can’t seem to catch fish on the Niangua this summer. Fishing some different parts, but lures have not changed from last summer. 2. Watched menonites keep 3 limits of smallmouth today. One of those was an easy 19-20 in fish.
  14. If you like a good time, try to get above
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