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  1. Talk to mountain creek Campground about a shuttle, I know they will do that shuttle for fisherman. It could be made a 3 day trip no problem.
  2. I know for me, it is still about a month early in the summer before I really start to tear into them however.
  3. That day I put in at Moon Valley conservation access and paddled upstream about a mile maybe a mile and a half. It was my first time on the upper Niangua and I really liked it. I will definitely be doing some more exploring up that way. You can also avoid the party crowd from prosperine down to lead mine which I heard is a really good over night trip fishing wise.
  4. So I did prosperine up to ho humm today. I think I like going up from moon valley better. Prosperine area and up is just not fishing well for me so far this summer.
  5. Some photos from the trip, sorry about my brothers choice of swimming trunks. This was his first time catching a smallmouth.
  6. Might have to stop in and meet the legendary oneshot sometime
  7. Ended up putting in at moon valley and paddling way upstream. They liked the swim bait. Ended up catching 10 with 3 at 14 in 14.5 in and 15.5 in.
  8. Might go back again this afternoon to investigate, also might go somewhere new. If I go somewhere new I’m thinking Lead Mine, Moon Valley? I normally paddle upstream and then fish down. What’s another accesses where that’s possible. Or if anyone on the fourm wants to go out today and self shuttle with me?
  9. I have been fishing this short stretch for a few years, last summer it was rare for me to catch less than 10 fish. Could the high waters have changed my hole?
  10. Well, river looks really good right now! That and finding a paddle in a log jam were the only good things about the trip. Fished 4-8 my normal 300 yard stretch and not a single fish. Didn’t even see one!
  11. Took the boat out with my dad early this morning and had some fun with the top water bite on the loz! Headed to hit a few different spots on the Niangua this evening to chase some smallmouth! Hoping to catch some on whopper plopper, shakey head, and a soft swimbaits! Report to follow. Any fished it lately?
  12. It’s what keeps me up at night
  13. Had the jet out on lake N this afternoon once the wind died down a little bit. It’s on its way down but was pretty muddy. Caught em on a spinnerbait again and also some swimbaits. I am still reluctant to give up on that area, I know there are big fish in it. I just struggle to find them there unless it’s winter.
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