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  1. Pretty tough on the glaize arm yesterday. Found some on the corners of docks about 15 feet deep. Ready for the water temp to start dropin. Waiting for it to get dark and fishing over the green light saved the day. Did end up with a 6lb flathead
  2. Haha! Really weekdays in the summer are fine. And night fishing on weekend summer nights if you are on the right part of the lake.
  3. Thsnkd for all the help! I’m itching to get back out and do more exploring
  4. Want to think everyone for the help and advice. Put in at mutton creek trolled flicker shad in 15-20 fow found white bass, smallmouth, largemouth, catfish, and one walleye and several drum. Can’t wait to get back out on that lake. Love at first sight. Definitely nice to be able to actually fish on Friday night in the summer unlike the LOZ where I come from.
  5. I’m a transfer as well. I was playing football at d2 school in Southern Illinois. Now I’m here and it’s definitely different.
  6. Fishing Stockton for the first time. In Springfield for school so I’m wanting to fish stockton. What’s the closest ramp coming from MSU campus in Springfield? What should I target? From lake of the Ozarks so I haven’t really had the chance to target walleye so I think I want to try and find them? Looking for some advice for a first timer on Stockton. Thank you.
  7. Also got to take my buddy from St. Louis out. His first time in a kayak.
  8. Found them today, didn’t catch a ton of numbers but not were they hefty and mad. Good day on the Niangua. True Niangua Smallmouth River Beasts.
  9. Not saying I don’t keep fish. When I’m not on the river, I crappie fish. I take home and clean a lot of crappie. I believe some fish are made for sport, some for the frying pan. For me, if it’s a LM or or smallie, it’s going back. It takes a long time to grow a big smallmouth.
  10. Did you end up getting to go out? I fished my usually stretch around the access and did well on a wiggle wart despite the high murky water which surprised me. Found a guy at the ramp who was bleeding from his head pretty good. Said he got his kayak pinned in a root wad from the high water. He was out alone and said he was feeling lucky to be alive.
  11. Did not know that. That sucks. Is the Niangua in any better shape? I do not have eyes on the river, but I do have eyes on the Niangua arm of the LOZ and it is straight chocolate milk as well. The 4 inches of rain Sunday night got the river flowing pretty good according the the tunnel dam gauge.
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