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  1. Any good water anywhere right now? Considering looking for clean water here or at pomme doing hoping to find some crappie or chase some whites. If those are unsuccessful we will just fish for the green ones
  2. How is the water right now? Is it chocolate milk or even fishable? Want to give it a try tomorrow or Saturday
  3. Feeling sad tonight, came home for spring break hoping to spend all my time one the river. Seems every time I’m able to come home the rains come with me. Sad thing is that it was perfect this past week.
  4. Surprises the hell out of me that the river is staying in it’s banks. You would think it would be flooded out with how wet it has been this winter. And it dropped a good amount last night from looking at the graphs. Anyone know why the Niangua doesn’t seem to really ever flood?
  5. Found some slower moving water and that was the trick, tried other spots but water was moving too quickly. Wasn’t a numbers day but caught and released some good ones and a personal best
  6. Several on Facebook, check Lilly’s resort Facebook page
  7. Anyone here about the potenital state record brown trout today caught in a trout tournament on lake Taneycomo? Ive read that it measures 40 inches and 38 in girth. 33lbs. It is off for further measurements now. They plan on trying to keep it alive and to release it.
  8. The river fished well for me this morning
  9. Thank you, I will try them both today. Should I try real worms are stay with something like a zoom trick worm?
  10. Where have all the goggle eye gone? I have caught 60< smallies this winter and not one goggle eye. I wanna catch some and bring it back up to college for my STL buddies to try. Was gonna bring crappie but struggled today with my dad on LOZ. Hoping to find some goggle eye in the next few days.
  11. Well I got some new waders and went to the river in between Bennet and Barclay and had a double digit smallmouth day. Not a lot of size biggest being a little over 16. River seemed to be down since Thursday but still pretty muddy. And the new waders are awesome. Have one more week until I have to go back to reality (college)
  12. I know that the big N is still up and flowing pretty good, it is coming down but still running pretty high. I was in the Barclay area on Thursday and I don’t think it would have been safe to be on. I’m pretty bummed about the river still being up with how nice it is going to be. Anyone seen it since Thursday?
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