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  1. Possible shad bite on the rise. Dragging white crankbaits on the bottom of the upper lake seemed to trigger a bite on the bigger fish. Tried jig fishing from the cable down to lookout, caught a few decent ones on 1/8 ounce white and grey jigs but over all jig fishing proved to be ineffective for us. Managed to catch a few on white shad flys but nothing of addequit size.
  2. With the water level up, the bigger fish seemed to be on a shad bite, but only on the bottom of the lake, any other method of fishing seemed to be useless. Dragging white crankbaits on the bottom seemed to trigger bigger fish to be aggressive. Caught some smaller rainbows here and there from the cable to lookout using 1/8 ounce white and grey Maribou jigs.
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