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  1. Trav - there are lots of good fisherman reading and posting on this board. Some local guides and some just folks who happen to be very good fisherman. I can guarantee some of them can top your fish stories but you won't see them "Bragging" on this board because that's not what it's all about. I'm sure you have some good information for folks fishing the lower lake but the way you put it out there seems more like you're trying to satisfy your own ego than help out. Keep throwing out the reports, I'm sure someone is getting good info from them, just quit trying to convince us that you're the bes
  2. jj - I have shopped with these guys before and actually had great service for a mail order company. I purchased a Lamson reel a couple years ago and have purchased misc. items since then when they send me a clearance flyer. Another place I have found good flyfishing gear at clearance prices is sierratradingpost.com. They don't always have anything worth a hoot but once in a while they have some good stuff at great prices.
  3. Thanks to Brian and others who posted advice for my trip. Unfortunately it looks like we'll be postponing it for another (hopefully warmer!) weekend. With temps not supposed to get above freezing on Saturday we decided it might not be the most comfortable day to spend floating from sunrise to sunset. As i sit here at work it's 13 degrees right now and the winds blowing about 15. I think I'm ready for SPRING!!!
  4. What show is this in West Plains Brian and what's the date?? I think that the single handed spey would be really interesting. I've been contemplating buying one of the new switch rod blanks and tying myself one up. I would imagine that I could use some of those spey techniques with that rod. I know it's a little more difficult to demonstrate without moving water but I would think that proper mending techniques is an area where most fisherman(myself included)could use the most guidance. I read of lots of different mending methods which would probably improve my fishing if I only took the time t
  5. Sounds Great. Barring bad weather or unseen emergencies we should be there. I'll post later in the week to let you know for sure nothing has changed. Thanks for all the information, it sure is nice to have someone knowledgeable about the area that is so willing to help out. Makes planning a trip like this so much easier!
  6. Thanks for all the info guys. Only looking to fish trout on this trip so we wouldn't want to do the Hammond float for sure. Brian, funny that you posted a pic of that fly cause I was just up at K&K flyshop yesterday and Ned was telling me about their favorite NFOW fly and that's exactly what it was! We plan on floating all day on Saturday, if you're interested in joining us we'd love to have you. It looks like we'll probably camp at Sunburst Friday night and Saturday.I'll be coming from KC but I'm meeting a couple of guys that I met at Conclave this year from the area. I plan on being down
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I checked out the websites for both ROLF and Sunburst. Sunburst offers a float from Hammonds Mill to their place as a day float, would that be a good float for fishing as well or is it perhaps too long to allow enough quality fishing time? Any advice will help, too long of a float and you don't get to fish the likely spots and too short of a float and your done before you're ready to be! It's looking like maybe next weekend if everyone can get out and the weather cooperates. Any suggestions on flies to tie up before we come? I would assume stones, copper johns, prince
  8. The C&R season is Fri-Mon from 8:00 to 4:00. As far as flies to use I havn't tried anything that didn't work the last few times I've been. My favorites are G-Bugs, small olive scuds, soft hackles and for a dry have something size 22-26 a light cream color. I've been 3 times since Christmas and all 3 days were great fishing although those days were 2 Fridays and 1 Monday so the lack of fisherman definitely improves your odds. Good Luck!
  9. You should try some of his other books also, they are all very good reading. He is one of my favorite authors on the subject of flyfishing.
  10. I am planning a float on the NFOW later this month and was wondering what would be the best section for a single day float with lots of fishing time? I am only interested in the trout water. Not sure how much river is doable in a day float since the gradient here is quite a bit more than most I've floated. Also we'll be looking for somewhere to pitch a camp, any suggestions on places that are open this time of year and might also offer a shuttle if needed? I have fished/floated the river once several years ago and stayed at ROLF but that was more of a float trip with the wife and this is going
  11. I personally have had several "good" days at BTW and don't consider myself to be much of a fisherman. Like I said if you're a numbers guy and that's all that's important to you stick with Taney. As was pointed out so clearly by others, all you have to do is look in the phone book at long lists of fishing guides for the other tailwaters to see where the majority of people fish. That tidbit also tells you which parking lots are going to be full all week long! I'm definitely not knocking the White or Norfork, they are incredible waters to fish and I make several trips a year to fish them. I just
  12. I second the Chota's. Just got them this year and they are extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  13. One hour from the dam at taney to Beaver tailwaters. While I would agree that the fish are not of the same quality as the other White River tailwaters the fishing is a different story. Each of the tailwaters has there good points and bad, that being said, for numbers and quality of fish I'll take Taney anyday. If you're like me it's not always about numbers or size and Beaver offers some beautiful scenic shorelines with far less pressure than the other tailwaters as a general rule. Generation here is also slightly more predictable than Taney in my opinion. If you find generation at Taney and w
  14. They are available through Chartered Waters although he doesn't show them on his website. An egg pattern Brett developed that has been working extremely well this year and will probably get better with the rainbow spawn on the way. This pattern is something a little different than most eggs and seems to get more looks than the typical yarn egg.
  15. I don't own Simms waders but I do know that the quality of their waders is second to none (neither is the price though). Many folks will tell you they are the only brand to buy and I can't argue with their reasoning. Now I do presently wear a pair of Cabela's Guide-Tech waders and am very happy with them. This is about my 3rd set of waders from Cabela's in 10 years( I fish often and fairly hard so my waders see quite a bit of use all year long) and the thing that keeps me going back is that if I ever had a problem I simply took them back and they replaced them for me free of charge no question
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