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  1. Fishing Pomme de Terre Sunday with my buddy. I have only ever been there once to target muskie. Any tips on crappie, bass and walleye right now? I have zero experience on this lake. Any tips are much appreciated!
  2. I always go to Fitz's since it's close to where I fish. Never had any issues there, but granted I've only been in 15-20 times. I honestly don't know anywhere else that's worth a darn near the dam area. I always wonder why tackle shop owners like to act like d***s. It's to their detriment.
  3. Did we ever bring up "walk this way" from Young Frankenstein? As stupid as it is, it might be the most I've laughed ever.
  4. Grandpa always says "it'll make a turd."
  5. I posted this tidbit on a Facebook group but wanted to post it here. This is one of the essential ways I learned to fly fish on Taneycomo. I have been fishing Taneycomo since I was able to walk. Videos of me on the banks of The Mistress, as I call her, moving around in a walker are out there somewhere. I caught my first fish on the lake (a sucker) and have been fishing it ever since. It holds a special place in my heart. A moment that truly sticks out from the rest is from June 2002. I was a young, 11-year-old kid cutting my teeth on fly fishing by outlet two. I tried to imitate everybody I saw. How they casts their flies, how they stood, and how they carried themselves. Gramps always liked to get away from the crowds and wade out into deeper water. Me being short and young--I stayed near the outlets. I caught a lot of fish, don't get me wrong, but I was young. One day while wading near the outflow of outlet two, a white-haired man came over and said, "Son, do you mind if I give you a few pointers?" I said of course. I was, and still am, always eager to learn. He told me to back up from where the fish were, get rid of my indicator and use a tiny split shot on my scud to get it on the bottom. I caught fish after fish while he stood there and coached me, netted fish for me, and told me how good of a job I was doing. He helped me for hours, all while never wetting his line. It was amazing. I thanked him profusely, as did my grandpa when he came to pry my wader boots off the rocks for dinner that night. The lessons I have learned from that day in June 2002 still resonate with me and I always think "what would he do?" when fishing Taney. If you have fished Taney for a while, you probably already know who I am talking about. I learned, years later, the nice man that helped me was a legend named Duffy.
  6. Thawed out some tukey bfast sausage tonight @BilletHead. Sure keeps well in the freezer. So good.
  7. Never thought I'd see the day where wrench is posting on this thread 😄. Looks awesome!
  8. Absolute classic lol. "Daddy says I'm the best" *cut scene* Harold Remis/John Hughes genius comedy
  9. One of my personal favorites: "you serious, Clark?"
  10. I talked to a guy recently at K&K who says he uses a big mouse fly in July/August when the water is off. Wades out 50 feet or so and casts towards the bank and crushes nice browns. Honestly for me I started tying a year and a half or so ago and really got into it last year. Now I just want to see if my stuff will catch fish lol! So far, so good.
  11. Space exploration literally would not have been possible without her orbital mechanics calculations. How crazy is that? I agree with the bass ackwards priorities of media and our culture, but I also disagree with the Kobe hate. He inspired a generation of people, including myself, on what it means to work hard for success. That is a lesson you can apply to every aspect of your life.
  12. Man that stinks. As long as you have good fly line, the rest really doesn't matter in my opinion. Splurge on line and you can cast fine and handle fish with your beater set up. You don't need a $1200 Winston. It's hard to put down a jig rod when you have confidence and are adept at it. Once you set some time aside to catch them on a fly rod, you'll start making time in the future.
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