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  1. Off topic, but did you know the gin and tonic originated because of malaria? Workers on the Panama Canal figured out the area willow bark boiled into a tea helped them stay healthy. They had no idea why, just drank it. (It has quinine in it, which is in tonic water). Problem is, it tasted like crap. So, they started cutting it with gin, creating a classic cocktail. There ya go--your free history lesson of the day.
  2. I'll respond for him. He caught three walleye and four whites and a drum lol.
  3. It's so odd because they did the same thing years ago and went to hell. Then they resurfaced and the store opened and they started back up strong. Good quality and service. Now it's just reverted back to, like others have said, caring about money and that's it. I have a lot of Lews gear but I am looking elsewhere now. I've heard the Shimano DC is a good reel. Not sure on rods yet. Loomis sounds like about the best for my budget.
  4. What'd you move to? I am in the same mindset, now.
  5. You literally post five times a day looking for attention or interaction and you get mad at people for asking what a trophy is for? LMAO.
  6. Shouldn't it be part of a guide trip to educate folks on handling trout, as well as preserving a fishery/resource so they can come back and spend the $300 again? Or, like you do, and holding the fish for them as mom or dad takes a pic? Too many newer guides, at Taney and other places, are not concerned about getting the client a pic, but a pic for their social media to show how good they are at catching fish.
  7. Trout fishermen using boga grips is just laughably stupid. I caught two this past week that had split jaws from this crap. A lot of guides do it, too. Net them, take the hook out, keep them in the water until you're ready to snap a pic. Take them out and snap it. Back in the net and released. If it is not a picture worthy fish, I just use my pliers (on jerkbaits) and grab the hooks and shake them off right into the water. It's pretty easy.
  8. Buddy wanted to learn to jerkbait fish so we went down Tuesday and Wednesday evenings solely with jerkbaits and smashed them. Four over 20-inches. Think outside of the box is all I can say.
  9. That's the point. It's the fishermen who are the problem, not the tool.
  10. I am so tired of hearing statements like this. It's not Livescope that is wrecking any body of water, it's the fishermen who take more than they need. Livescope is a tool. It falls on the users to ensure a lake is not "wrecked."
  11. Thanks! Yep, they are beautiful little guys and gals.
  12. Last two weekends hit the Niangua and Crane Creek. They were in great shape before this rain. Caught a lot on Crane on caddis dries and swining small brassies and soft hackles. Niangua we got them with traditional flies under indicators--midges, scuds, eggs, and a few on Pat's rubber legs. My buddy and I caught two on the Niangua and cooked them up with fried potatoes and onions on a gravel bar. Hard to beat that.
  13. I was going to head down there today, too. Saw Weaver's post on Facebook and immediately that thought left me.
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