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  1. Nice to meet you Tyler! We will have to meet up again. Gates are off and fishing is really good today between work meetings. We did ok last night..couple of solid 18-19" rainbows. No walleye..
  2. Treat it like Table Rock or any other bass lake. As you get near Powersite there is a big weed bed on the south side of the lake. Hit it with frogs and jigs. Hit the docks with a spook or anything you'd normally pitch to a dock. There are some giant largemouth to be caught. Crappie--wouldn't waste your time unless you find a school.
  3. I just think it's hilarious he wrote the check for $.69
  4. You are making me want to come down! Had my turkey season pause now the itch is coming back. Nice fish!
  5. Let's just say she earned her living that night..
  6. Truth. I love grilled striper and spoonbill. Actually has some flavor. I think bluegill have a good flavor, too, honestly.
  7. What about strippers?? There's one in New Orleans who probably remembers me..
  8. Might be best to just wait until Monday I suppose
  9. I am in the East side of the the state for the foreseeable future looking after my grandpa after some back surgery. I went by Feathercraft the other day and they were closed. Any other fly shops here that are worth a darn? Wanting to just get some materials, maybe a reel, and patronize a small business in the area. @snagged in outlet 3 sorry to infect your area.. Thanks in advance!
  10. Yep black woolly. Anything big and black at night works well. Could use a variety of flies.
  11. Several 8-9 lb largemouth caught down there every year. I have seen the biggest bass in my life in Taney, for what it's worth. Go back!
  12. Here is what I buy: https://www.amazon.com/Louisiana-Fish-Fry-Seafood-Breading/dp/B07D4CHNRC. It's common. Should be in smaller packages in the grocery store. I know Wally World sells it.
  13. I like good old fashioned cornmeal, honestly. If I don't have it on hand, I like the Louisiana Spicy Fry like Quillback mentioned. Hard to beat cornmeal, though.
  14. Thanks man, it was a trip for the ages. Likely won't ever happen again in the same day or two-day period. We could have landed seven trophy browns in one day if we could've got them all landed..that is just insane!
  15. Blake Wilson caught a big brown yesterday evening, too. 5.56 lbs
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