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  1. Or literally any time nowadays. It's a nightmare. I am going to pick the nastiest, coldest days to fish coming up.
  2. My worst duck rankings are as follows: 1) mergansers 2) ring necks 3) redheads I have legit gagged cleaning ringed necks and redheads.
  3. I like crappie meat hauls if I'm being honest lol. It will be on forever!
  4. I agree with this. It's almost too easy if you use it too much.
  5. I do not think he did. He's not a big organ guy, unlike me lol. I have a plethora of gadwall. I think I singlehandedly hurt the population this year. Ended up shooting 48. Lots of mallards as well. 'Twas a good season.
  6. Yep he's a good dude. Use a lot of his recipes as well. Making some mallard and teal tonight.
  7. Buddy made coot risotto last night ala Hank Shaw. He said it was fantastic. Great flavor and texture. So I say phooey to all you coot haters! The ivory billed whistler reigns on.
  8. He has an attachment for the transducer on a pole on the side of his boat. He moves it manually so he can keep the boat sideways. A lot of folks put it on their trolling motor so whichever way the head is pointing is what you are seeing on the screen. And yep, you could see a bass and cast to it. It's pretty remarkable the level of detail. I mean you can tell what a bass, catfish, crappie, etc. is by the display.
  9. I've used it for bass on Bull Shoals and TR with my buddy. Get on a point and you can see each fish, their depth, and behavior. Last March I watched a ball of thousands of shad on a point on BS. Occasionally 5-10 of them would separate from the larger group. As soon as they did, three or four bass would ambush them from below and just annihilate them. It was so cool just to watch. We caught quite a few, as well. You could see, say, an A-rig coming through the water in relation to where the fish are. I've noticed with A-rigs you think it's deeper than it is running. That is valuable to see.
  10. The hide in 3 and 2A is atrocious. Unless you have Invisimans or layout boats they flare almost every single time.
  11. Lol the only benefit of the Covid situation is I am remote forever now. And do not have meetings until 9 am most days. So that leaves mornings open!
  12. Last two days have been bangers. Finally some water all the walk in spots. And the mallards are thick
  13. I did it a lot last year. Going to do it more this year. It's a workout but it can be worth it. Good luck.
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