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  1. Truth! Went to visit my buddy in Denver a couple Junes ago. Drove up to Boulder to fish. When I left his house that morning it was 67 deg and when I got to my fishing spot it was 34 deg. I was not complaining but holy hell was it cold.
  2. I think it's just because I'm stuck up here with all these 90 degree ponds year after year. If I lived in the Ozarks and was able to do that, I'd have a different view I'm sure.
  3. Also, after enjoying a Casey's breakfast of large Kona blend coffee, two slices of breakfast 'za, and a cake donut, getting out of waders fast enough to not fill them up is an extreme sport.
  4. Sitting here at work in KC and it is 97 degrees outside already. Heat index getting up to 110 this evening. All this does is make me think I have reverse seasonal depression! I hate summer. I hate "going to the lake," boating, etc. If I am going to a body of water, I want to fish it. Give me fall and spring--fishing is great, hunting seasons are open, you avoid a full-on flop sweat when walking to your car. Anyway, who else is preparing for teal season? What do you all think will happen this year for numbers? I've been hearing duck hatches have been excellent up north. I only hope! I need teal season and walleye fishing on Stockton.
  5. Probably not. Have to be in STL Saturday afternoon so I'd like to sleep some. But we shall see!
  6. I will be sure to blab the secrets any chance I get!
  7. I started a new job with Cerner in May and I have not fished since May 11th. That is 60 days. I am going nuts. I made the decision to take off Friday and I am coming down to fish Taneycomo for the first time since February (which was a good trip). Anybody going to be down? Plan on wading in the morning then seeing if Phil has a boat available for the afternoon. I will have a report after the day, assuming I catch fish. None of you care, I'm sure, but I had to post this somewhere haha. I am going crazy!
  8. Hammer down and let 'er rip then.! Only need a few inches of water. Lookout will be your barrier--go up and see what it looks like.
  9. If you ask @duckydoty if you have enough grit you can get there pretty much whenever. Then I remind him I am renting one of Phil's boats. If you're at 706+ you should be able to get up there.
  10. Oh boy..I sound way uglier than I am, I promise!
  11. Reminds of how to cook diving ducks so they taste great. Clean them thoroughly, remove the skin, wrap in bacon, place on a cedar board. Smoke or grill for 15 minutes. Remove from the board and take off the bacon. Eat the bacon and cedar board and toss the duck.
  12. In the immortal words of Dr. Iam Malcolm, "life..uhh..finds a way." We think we can control..but we can't.
  13. I get the point of showing it CAN be contracted, but this is extreme. They injected it into their brains and they developed it? I'll be darn. Countless other published studies had the other outcome when simply feeding them meat from CWD positive deer. Will it be able to cross over easily in the coming years? Yea, I think so. That's how evolution works. But the hysteria is ridiculous.
  14. This is what happens when humans think we can cure and fix everything--nature has its forest fires and maybe it's one of them? We need a plague anyway. If you don't think there is something lying in wait to knock out half our population (or more) in the next hundreds of years, you are naive. Also, as I've said before, LD is not credible and is a certifiable nut. He didn't get a job with the MDC years ago and went on a vendetta. It's sad.
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