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  1. It really did blossom into something else. Have to keep it going.
  2. So....anybody shoot any doves lately?
  3. Really is remarkable Frank was successfully released and survived. Honestly the only record I can think of that was caught and released. Most die. Just how the cookie crumbles. Congrats, Bill, and be proud of your accomplishment!
  4. Best colors I have used by lure company below: Megabass 110+1: elegy bone, ghost pro blue, ghost shad McStick: table rock shad,,ghost table rock shad, normal flake, ghost norman flake 6th Sense Provoke: ozark juice, threadfin flash, spanish bone Doty SS: any color--varies on the day which they prefer I don't think you need just dark colors at all (sure, certain days dark is better). Those look like food, that's all that matters.
  5. Ok you are right about that. I got absolutely destroyed by the same thing you mention. Maybe oak mites? Whatever they are I am miserable today.
  6. I have noticed the jerkbait bite this year is very hit or miss. Wonder if they're getting used to the constant barrage? I noticed I got a lot more bites just letting the lure float with the current. Make two or three jerks and just let it ride (instead of the ferocious jerking usually done).
  7. Always fun to just be outdoors! I've noticed a lot of waterfowl down early this year. Sounds like they are in Topeka, too. Saw a ton of teal. Can't wait for the opener Saturday.
  8. Got four this morning in an hour. Going back out to try and finish the limit. Flew really well 8-9am but dead after that. It's hot..
  9. I ended up with 8 yesterday. Flew really well. They are loving the corn fields. Every one I cleaned had corn it their crops. I assume it's from the lack of sunflower and other fields planted due to the flooding. Should of had a limit but..well, I missed a lot.
  10. Starting a thread to see how everyone does for dove. Can't wait to get out in the morning. I will be hunting near Clinton. Where are you hunting? After a dreadful summer of no hunting, dove is always great to get back into it. Comment on what you do tomorrow!
  11. Only the trout know! I think in the lower lake if you fished for them like they do on the Great Lakes you'd be surprised at what you pull up. Troll with downriggers in all areas of the water column. It'd take a ton of time to perfect it, but I bet you'd land a huge brown eventually. They have to be down there.
  12. Interesting points. I have noticed, after throwing jerkbaits and dragging cranks a lot, you do catch bigger fish. A ton of 18-22-inch fish. But, in the last three years I have only had one brown on a jerkbait that was bigger than 10-pounds. Maybe they move too quickly for them to want to expend the energy to chase it? No idea. Or, could be the jig just imitates what they feed on and see most often. And it moves slow and is worked throughout the water column. Threw a lot of jerkbaits a few weeks ago and caught plenty of nice fish. Biggest brown came on a white jig, however. A jig will always have a place on my line. All it takes is one in the mood, though, so I'll keep jerkin'!
  13. I was just thinking "what have I done??" haha! Sorry @Phil Lilley. But I enjoy it. I love the Holy Grail and had to comment on @ness great pic. I did get some nice new Simms thanks to the very, very early part of this thread lol.
  14. Great idea, but like Phil said most probably won't spend the money. They are great, though. They can dang near swallow it and it ends up right on the side of the lip. So much easier. With other hooks, I end up just cutting the line and losing a hook almost every fish.
  15. "What do we burn outside of witches?" "MORE WITCHES!!!"
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