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  1. I have made it down to my buddy and guide Steve Dickey's place to quarantine on Taneycomo. Did some fly fishing all weekend with my trout bumming buddy David Holzknecht. We slammed the trout during the day on midges and at night on dub leeches. Multiple 15-19" fish. They are fat and happy. Fished with Blake Wilson from Lilley's Landing a couple hours yesterday and we did really well dragging small jerkbaits from Lookout to Steve's place below Short Creek. Blake caught an 18.5" brown that spit up multiple 5-inch threadfin shad as we netted it. Shad were sticking out of its mouth and it was still eating. The Corps switched up their floodgate control to allow divers to fix unit four (according to Phil) and the lake turned to chocolate milk yesterday. So, we quit. Going out with Steve tomorrow to get some video and pics so I can put together something or him. He is still open, and has a six person cabin available, if anyone is interested. Fishing is good, you just need to hit the slower water. Good luck and be safe everyone!
  2. Taneycomo turned to chocolate milk soon after. I could watch the dirty water, as it came down, from Short Creek to the bend before the resort from Steve's place and it was wild. It looks ok this morning. But I swear it looked like the Mississippi River yesterday evening.
  3. Went to Truman yesterday to do some social distancing. Didn't work as I ended up seeing my buddies Jeff Faulkenberry and Tyler Schwartze at Bucksaw! Jeff is a stellar guide and Tyler is the ED of the Conservation Federation of Missouri. We chatted and decided to hit The Bob in the afternoon. Crappie are everywhere in almost any creek arm right now. You don't need a graph, but if you turn it on, you will honestly see fish 8-12-ft down everywhere. My buddy Jim and I were in one boat and Tyler and his crew fished with Jeff. They caught a lot more fish spider rigging with minnows. We caught a lot of fish but not nearly as many, but man they were big. 14-15-inch white crappie and close to 2-pounds. We did our best just putting the trolling motor on low and trolling around the open areas with a 1/16-oz or 1/8-oz jighead and a red/chartreuse Slab Slay'r (2 or 3-inch). Depended on how far back you went and how windy as to what size we used. Windier/deeper=heavier head. I also went old school and tied on a roadrunner and slow rolled it. I caught some slabs doing this. It was a 1/16-oz head and a chartreuse body. The water is high and fairly muddy so I just tied it on, on a whim, thinking the spinner may help. It did. I caught the biggest of the day on it. When it hit, it took drag. I thought for sure it was a white or a hybrid. Nope, just a slab! If you are a spider rigger, you should have no trouble getting your limit of crappie. Most were 10-12-ft down in literally any water depth. It could be 35-ft or 15-ft and they were in that 10-12-ft range. If you do not spider rig, you can scratch out a limit by trolling as we did I believe. I suspect they will start getting shallower in the coming weeks, but with the high water it's hard to say. And I am no Truman expert by any means. Hope this helps! Stay safe and get outdoors.
  4. This was years ago before it got taken over. I honestly haven't fished it in 9 years or so.
  5. Yep he is still there! So is Tocco, Turner White, Stack and Stellern. A lot have left even since I graduated but some are still around. I go back every year as a speaker for the Communication Department so I get all the gossip hah.
  6. It really did. My grandpa lives off West Florissant and New Halls Ferry and it's a different world now. He refuses to leave because he's old and stubborn.
  7. Dang, snagged, Six Degrees of Separation in effect
  8. Some of you may know I am a Senior Writer for Drury Outdoors. Well, today we finally got the news we were able to share individual works via a link. I write a TON for them so if you are interested either download the DeerCast App or go to www.deercast.com. I write about a lot of different things. My most popular stories include "How Deer See" and "Things that Go Bump in the Woods," which is about creepy encounters in the outdoors. This is a self promotion, I'll admit, but I tend to include some of the merry band of degenerates (you all) in stories when I can. One was in "In-Fishermen," actually. I appreciate the dialogue on here and wanted to share my latest story on turkey legs and thigh cooking. https://deercast.com/app/feed/item/19996
  9. My great Aunt and Uncle lived on Tennyson in Overland. Ashame the county is where it is. I did move back to STL for a year and stayed away in Lake St. Louis lol
  10. Lol oh yea NoCo born and raised..and still somewhat proud. Went to college at Rockhurst University. Liked KC so much I stayed..been 12 years now. Family still lives in NoCo and Creve Coeur.
  11. Lol hey I am from Florissant! I get a pass..
  12. Duck and portabello for lunch. Anybody ever shoot a club-footed duck??
  13. Agree it's dumb, but I've caught trout at Busch Wildlife Lake 28 in June/July/August on wiggle warts. Some are hearty I suppose.
  14. Somebody certainly posted "Gentlemen! You can't fight in here..this is the war room!" already? If not, that is definitely one of mine.
  15. Cool, I'll go grab some at the hardware store. Appreciate the tips! And yea, little far of a drive. I'm tempted to go fishing though..work is dead.
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