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  1. Ryan Miloshewski

    midge, scud and other fly questions

    Favorite double midge is Primrose and Pearl and a blood worm dropper. Really like scud with a soft hackle, like Phil said. That is probably my favorite. I like just stripping the soft hackle, too. Use an indicator and a BB1 or BB2 weight, depending on current. Need them close to the bottom/on the bottom. I am a fan of the Megaworms in current, at any time, but you can use it with no current. I usually just let it drift, bouncing along the bottom. They'll eat it mid-sink, but I have a lot pick them up off the bottom. I also have pine squirrels ready to strip at a given moment. Oh...and jerkbaits
  2. Ryan Miloshewski

    Larry Dablemont Article

    Very well could be we are paying more attention to it. Hard to say. I'd be interested to see the individual cases (i.e. were they hunters?). Until there is a 100% confirmed case you can't say CWD caused it, though. The increase could be due to hundreds of factors---increase in human population, more overall meat consumption, evolution of C-J to increase its symptoms/fatality rates, etc. He still made up the statistics and STILL contradicts himself by saying we should be deathly worried about it but at the same time do nothing. Makes ZERO sense. I'm not going to eat a CWD infected deer, but I also won't stand for somebody blatantly lying to his readership. That's unethical.
  3. Ryan Miloshewski

    Larry Dablemont Article

    He 100% made up the CWD stats. There is no proof, ever, anywhere, in any scientific literature CWD has been transferred to humans by eating venison. He claims 75 people died from ingesting CWD contaminated meat in Colorado. Will it eventually be able to transfer from deer to humans? Maybe. Heck, even probably. But right now it doesn't. And that is an absolute fact. I've had lengthy talks with Dr. Kelly Straka, a widllife veterinarian, around this. Which, in and of itself, contradicts himself. Because he vehemently complains about the MDC wanting to have the CWD management zones, and the thinning out of deer in certain areas. So he says people are dying of CWD but says the MDC is way out of line for trying to contain it. Which is it, Larry?? He can't even keep his stories straight.
  4. Ryan Miloshewski

    Larry Dablemont Article

    Sometimes I wonder if one day I'll wake up and everything he's said turns out to be true, like some sort of alternate reality lol. Fat chance, but wouldn't it be funny?
  5. Ryan Miloshewski

    Larry Dablemont Article

    Because he's trying to be unique I guess. Or he actually believes the stuff he writes. Not sure. A majority of us do not associate with him. Only a couple that I know. And they are fringe members, at best. Almost all of us are freelance/independent so we could write that type of stuff, but I think it's because we are not certifiable.
  6. Ryan Miloshewski

    Larry Dablemont Article

    He's met with Sara twice this year so that's inaccurate. I'm not defending him. Just telling you facts.
  7. Ryan Miloshewski

    Larry Dablemont Article

    Being an outdoor writer, I've had my exposure to Larry quite a bit over the years. He has his cult following of conspiracy theorists, libertarians, and MDC-haters. Most people dismiss his vindictive nature and inaccurate "stories." I don't agree with anything he writes or says. Never have. He offered me an autograph one time and I laughed. However, I do think it's beneficial to have somebody constantly questioning our state government. A necessary gadfly, to use a Socratic comparison (Socrates, he is not). Even if it's always wrong, it probably keeps them on their toes a bit, knowing Larry is lurking in the shadows.
  8. Ryan Miloshewski

    San Juan River

    Great information @netboy and @Greasy B! Really appreciate the help. I've heard small is the way to go. I'll be out there for work so I'll have some free time in the evenings so it should be doable. Heading to Durango one day as well, so that's perfect.
  9. Ryan Miloshewski

    San Juan River

    Hi Everyone: I will be in Farmington, New Mexico in August and I want to fish the San Juan River. Has anybody ever fished near there? If not, does anybody have any contact information of local guides/fly shops I could visit while there? Thanks in advance! Ryan
  10. Ryan Miloshewski

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Haha I've only lost like 3 Megabass, and two were on fish. So, it's their fault not mine. I'm sticking to that story.
  11. Ryan Miloshewski

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Yea it's an occupational hazard. Luckily @duckydoty was there to rip it out for me..on the second try, that is hah!
  12. Ryan Miloshewski

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Lol yea I'm not a fan. I stick with the Provokes and Megabass. But that big brown ate the RCSTK like it was his last meal. Must've been in a good mood..
  13. Ryan Miloshewski

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Going after big fish on Taneycomo is a challenge, but I think I'm close to getting it narrowed down. I spent a week on Taney last week and fished three ways, exclusively--dragging cranks (which Duane and I have written about), jigs, and throwing jerkbaits. Jerkbaits produced the biggest fish this time around I am a big fan of the 6th Sense Provoke 106x and 106DD jerkbaits in Ozark Juice, Grape-Treuse, and French Bone Pearl colors. They are only $10, as opposed to a Megabass (which I do like, too, but at $25 a pop they can get expensive). Word must have gotten out because they are almost sold out of everything. But here's the link: https://6thsensefishing.com/collections/6th-sense-provoke-106-jerkbait. We also threw Spro McStick's, Megabass 110s and 110+1s, and Luck-E Strike Rick Clunn STK jerkbaits. Anything that looked like a shad worked well, as expected. When they cranked the water on in the afternoons we boated up to the cable and beat the heck out of the banks all the way to Lookout. Then did it again. We'd average 2 fish on a drift, which is not a ton, but the fish were always 15-22-inches. My buddy hooked into a giant brown below Rebar but it broke the line. He set the hook, it jumped three times (giving us a great look), and swam straight at the boat. He gained the line but as soon as it reached the boat, it immediately turned for a big run. At that point, it was over. The brown was at least 26-inches long, but I think it was closer to 28-inches. I got good looks at him in the air and under the water before he swam out of our lives. When the water was off, we jig fished on the bend above Monkey Island. There's a big school of fish up there and most were 13-15-inches. We also beat the banks around the landing. On one occasion I had a tank of a brown chase my jerkbait out from the shade right across from Garfield's on the bluff bank. Right above the dike about 30 feet. He was 10-pounds or so, easily. Duane and I have talked, and I think if you hit the bluff banks from the landing down you'd get into some big ones. I have caught some nice browns across the lake from the resorts on Lakeshore Drive over the years, too. Just didn't get a chance to try it this time. Another thing we were catching was giant white bass by the cable on the south side of the lake. They schooled up toward the early evenings every day (from 4-6pm) and we caught 2-4 each day. All of them measured 16-17.5-inches long, and were easily 2-3 pounds. Such a blast! Went with Duane early one morning and ended up catching three nice walleye, too. That day we ended up with seven species from Lookout to the cable (whites, walleye, kentuckies, smallies, browns, rainbows, and a sucker) on the jerkbaits. I landed a 22-inch rainbow where the whites were schooled up, too. Weighed 4 lbs and fought like a tank. On the last day, finally landed a 20-inch brown below the boat ramp. Didn't weigh him. It was extremely fun (and tiring) but required some persistence. If you're going to fish this way, stick with it! It can be hard work, but you know the reward is swimming around out there. We worked them all different ways, too. Jerk-jerk-pause, constant jerking to the boat, and sometimes 6-8 jerks and a pause. They hit each way. Just try different techniques and when you get bit, replicate that--until it stops working! We went some drifts without a bite, and on the second drift on the same bank hooked into a 17 or 18-incher. We had a bunch of fish following and "rising" at our jerkbaits on every drift, too. They were usually browns in the 18-20-inch range. Sometimes they bite, but 9 out of 10 they would investigate and scurry back to the bottom. My grandpa even landed a 19-inch rainbow, his biggest trout in eight years! We were using 8-lb test on medium-heavy baitcasting rods. We were prepared for the big one, but he had a little more in him than we liked! Until next time...
  14. Ryan Miloshewski

    Venting a little......

    I had to pull a swamped kayaker out of the lake near Cooper Creek last week. Guy was freezing and definitely afraid. I saw some get caught around Trophy Run, too, and couldn't get out safely as the water rose. They needed help and some guy up there assisted. I think it's a nice idea to have recreation like that, and sure they have every right to be there, but I agree with Travis. It's getting to be dangerous. I've been coming to Taney since I was a baby, and it's always been mainly a fishing lake, not a recreational lake like LOZ, TRL, etc. I saw a jetskier hauling around by Monkey Island, as fast as he could go, last week, too. I'm sure you all know how crowded it gets in that area. Why on earth would you want to jetski anywhere above the Gold Mine?? Too dang cold!
  15. Ryan Miloshewski

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Definitely a fun time! The end goal is always the sea monster brown! We had him hooked..just couldn't seal the deal. I can still hear my buddy pleading "No, no, no!" as the brown turned haha. When we caught the walleyes, the water was off and we were using small Megabass-looking baits on 4 lb test--now that was fun! Careful though, the hooks are sharp. Took one in the finger...

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