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  1. Just seeing this so I am adding mine. In no particular order.. 1) The Quiet Man 2) The Big Lebowski 3) Planes, Trains and Automobiles 4) The Shawshank Redemption 5) Saving Private Ryan
  2. Ah yea didn't pick up on that. Thought you meant Feb. 24th @mhall02. I used to see that all the time when I lived in St. Louis. One time at 28 a guy was fishing with minnows right on the ramp. Like everyone is saying, it's rampant. All you can do is educate and hope they realize what they're doing.
  3. It becomes catch and keep, being able to use bait and soft plastics, after February 1st every year. They weren't cheating.
  4. Oh this is totally different. I've done the same deal shocking up walleye and it is an unreal commotion. I'm with Rick--how do they even get anything?
  5. Yea they have not shocked up a 59-inch brown haha. Biggest they've shocked up was 39 lbs a few years ago. They also only shock the trophy area.
  6. Wasn't this fish caught multiple times, too?
  7. Yea that would work. I would use a float, though. Or a San Juan or chamois. Or just throw a jig if push comes to shove hah.
  8. Use what Chuck calls the "handicapped rig." A float with weight 6-10" above an egg fly and scud dropper (about 12-18" off the egg). You'll need weight. You want the flies on the bottom, where they are naturally occurring. Depending on water flow, use a BB or AAA, or combination of any size until you get bit. You want the float to be, usually, about twice the depth above the flies. So if you are fishing 4 feet of water, have the float 8 feet above your flies.
  9. I remember a winter when I was 8 years old fishing between Outlet 2 and 3 with my grandpa. It was sleeting and about 15 degrees but man were we catching fish. I ended up catching my PB brown (so far). Gramps had a thing of blackberry brandy with him and we waded over to me and said "here, take a little sip. It'll warm you up. But don't tell anyone back at the cabin." I took a nip and it did warm me up. First thing I said when we got back was "well, had my first sip of brandy today!" That went over well..
  10. Too bad the darn weather is so miserable. I'd like to "field test" them soon.
  11. Thanks guys! I think I finally got it down. Now to move on to different sizes..
  12. Cool, learning already. I think I am just going to have to waste a lot of dubbing and thread to finally get it down. I also have the problem of the dubbing coming undone as a wind. I assume it's just a product of not wrapping i tightly on the thread. I'll tie one and it looks good, then the other I immediately cut everything off the hook and start over.
  13. So I have recently gotten back into tying my own flies. I started with jigs, and am now tying egg flies that look pretty good. I am attempting scuds and sows now, but I cannot seem to get it down with the amount of dubbing. How much dubbing do you use for, say, a #12 scud? And what is the trick on getting it wound around the thread nicely so it doesn't go everywhere when winding? I have dubbing wax. I feel like I am just missing one little cog in the wheel. Any help appreciated!
  14. Lol what? Like they are scouts going to warn the others? Give me a break.
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