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  1. I love Nola. But man does it stink!
  2. I used to hunt by it a lot when drawn for Busch. Directly NE of the Lake 33 dam there are some deep pools. Never fished it but may be worth exploring. It'd be a walk I think. Last time I was there the road to go park by the marsh ponds was gated off because of "nefarious activity."
  3. Crappie is pretty good right now. Fourth of July weekend we trolled main lake points in the 20-25 ft range and were getting two-man limits in about an hour. 11-13-inch fish, too. Normally they get in the deep timber and can be caught on jigs but from what I've been told they just aren't there yet. At least not in droves like normal. When you troll, too, you catch a variety. Walleye, crappie, whites, hybrids, and the elusive drum ha. Stop in the Bucksaw marina and they'll point you in the right direction. I'd go to Pretty Bob or Otter creeks.
  4. I've recently really began to appreciate the sunfishes in Missouri. I love microfishing for bluegill, redear, longear and pumpkinseed. Almost like I needed another thing to spend money and time on. What a cool fish!
  5. the clock hands and 1224 from 1234 is tricky..-------
  6. If you can't get your hands on the Ozark Trout Runners SS jerkbaits, McSticks, Megabass, and Provokes work well. Not much success on Cutters or RC STKs but I'm sure they'd work.
  7. Do as you say! It was a gar! lol. Man that sucks...
  8. Unfortunately have a client Go LIve this week so I am married to the computer. Good luck fellas!
  9. Lol I don't think it was, but who knows! I will tell myself that to make it better
  10. Went down to Taney last Friday to do an afternoon of fishing and it was the first tip I've had in a while that was lights out. I think a fairly consistent generation pattern has a ton to do with it. Went with my friend Lauren Plunkett, who had never fished Taney before, and she landed a couple of 18 and 19-inch rainbows--her biggest trout ever. That was pretty neat! Went out of Lilley's around 2pm and fished until 6pm or so, with an hour delay due to a thunderstorm. Fishing was great before and after. We solely fished the Signature Series jerkbaits from the cable through the Narrows. Casting the 110+1 in french pearl and dragging the 606 in ghost shad was the ticket. Our best spot was Lookout to the top of the Narrows. I landed a 19-inch football brown by the tennis courts, and most of our fish came in that area. The Narrows was a bit slow, surprisingly. On our last drift we went clear down to River Point. Right in front of the dock in the middle of the lake near the seam I had a big fish hit. I felt two head shakes and said "oh, man!" I had caught three rocks (yes, three) prior and thought they were big fish. Don't knock it..they feel like giants! Lauren said "another rock?" Right then my drag SCREAMED. That fish took off and straight up ripped 100 feet of line from my reel. She yelled "oh s*^! not a rock!" and grabbed the net. Before I could switch to start back reeling the fish the line broke. I've caught a couple 10-pound trout before, and this felt way bigger than any of those. It was a sour way to end the day. I wish I would have at least seen the thing. But still a great day on Taney. We caught one fish under 17-inches in four hours.
  11. Hey all! I am getting bored having to work and being stuck at home so I am starting a new series I've dubbed "Six Packs and Flies." The basic premise is I will have two guests a month to tie one of their signature flies, discuss fishing topics and how-to info. All while enjoying some adult beverages. I like an array of beers so I will be showcasing those a bit for those interested. Anyway, the link to the meeting this evening is below. Starting around 5:30 pm. Just going to introduce the series, tie a couple easy flies, and enjoy a couple cold ones. Will be doing it a couple times a month on Zoom. Would love to see some folks stop by, and join as guest tiers! Topic: Six Packs and Flies Time: Jun 25, 2020 05:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78555768227?pwd=OXVFSCtQUGhWYnlWUm1UbXZtb1dDZz09 Meeting ID: 785 5576 8227 Password: Milo
  12. Told you those work! Lol. Congrats, Tyler.
  13. Peach mega worm has been really good lately, too. Tried pink, chartreuse, light pink, and red. Only ones they wanted were white and peach.
  14. My buddy's pond is full of bass and crappie. Need to take out hundreds each year to keep it healthy. I took out a small amount yesterday and decided to grill the bass ala Hank Shaw. Holy hell were they good! Salted the piss out of them and coated with neutral oil. Amazing.
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