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  1. Ohhh I thought you meant you were tagging along with your wife in KC lol. Good luck!
  2. Where are you going? Please don't say Settle's Ford lol. It's the Wild West out there this year from what I hear..
  3. Not surprised. Draw areas are less than ideal. Pill 7 should do me well though! Will be breaking ice. You hunt it a lot this year?
  4. Had to use the ice eater for the first time all year this morning. 19 degree nights with no wind are not ideal.
  5. For sure! Good luck! Let me know how it goes
  6. You hunt four rivers a lot? I got drawn for next Tues/Weds and need some company..
  7. How's everyone's duck season going thus far? Been hit or miss for me. Lots of gaddies dead, few mallards. Let me know what you've done and where! Looking to give a report to ESPN soon. Will cite you!
  8. This thread reminds me of my question about which waders I should buy that turned into a quote-fest of Monty Python, Fargo and various other movies lol.
  9. @ness you live too close to me for me to have not experienced your food..shame lol. Always looks incredible.
  10. Thousands of ducks in Clinton, MO area right now. All species. Seeing a bunch of high flying specks, cans and ducks while deer hunting in the mornings, too. I sure hope this snow storm we are having this week doesn't send the masses down South.
  11. Just got all my decoys organized, cleaned up and ready to rock. Going to deer hunt until 11/9..try and get a few down. And then it's on for me in West Central MO. Except for the water everywhere you turn, I think we will have some good shooting.
  12. Anybody here ever done a whole venison shoulder? I saved a couple then got intimidated by my lack of kitchen ware as a young guy living on my own (ladies would hate my ktichen). I was thinking of crock pot or braising. Any tips helpful!
  13. I think their customer service is probably the best I have come across. I have had rods break, reels needing tuned up, etc. and every time they have replaced or fixed the issue I was having--and quickly. Honestly I fish a lot of Lew's stuff solely based on how well they have treated me. Plus, their products are great.
  14. Oh and I caught a (presumably) used condom once...simply cut the line..
  15. I caught a seagull once in Cape Cod. Using eels. Went for the back cast and felt a tug. Then it took off flying. darn near spooled me lol. But I reeled it in and got it out of its beak without incident.
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