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  1. One of my old clients, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, has a patient in lock-down now. Got back from Wuhan and is having respiratory issues..
  2. Been looking into fishing Crane Creek and was wondering where the best access points are for wading? The older article on here was helpful but the maps wouldn't load. Thanks for any input! Milo
  3. Just didn't get cold enough North of here for a good push. Up until this weekend there was still open water in Nebraska and Iowa..I mean come on. Of course some birds just go based on the photoperiod, but I think December 29th was the only big migration day this year--and that was mediocre at best. I saw probably 5k birds, all high-fliers, that day. Last year it was November 18th--and I saw probably 30k birds flying. Hell, it was 55 on January 5th where I was hunting. Last year it was all locked up. That should explain everything. Still had a good season but I think people are looking way too much into it.
  4. Also, I am seeing pics from guys in Iowa and Nebraska with loads of ducks still there. It just hasn't locked up. No wonder the boys down South are struggling. And we struggled for parts. It was a really warm winter and I think we probably got one good push where I was in December. The flooded corn/heated pond conspirators are looney. But what isn't looney is 55 degrees in Missouri on January 6th.
  5. Had a good closing weekend of Middle Zone. Looking to explore South Zone perhaps..any good areas south of KC area?
  6. Yep I hear ya. About the same thing I experienced. I think with the weather this weekend we should have some fun! Going to run the ice eater all night Friday to have an open hole.
  7. I think the warm temps really altered or hindered everything. It was 55 in Clinton the other day and at the same time was 52 in Nebraska..on January 6th. That's not ideal. And from what I hear nothing is truly locked up north of us. So why would they leave? I think this weekend will be a good end for the Middle Zone, though, with single digits and snow.
  8. Haven't seen a duck since 12/30 in Clinton. They are around on big duck clubs just sitting put. Or gone. Anybody else doing anything this late?
  9. I hear ya there. Now that duck season is about over I am coming back down to earth and realizing I enjoy other aspects lol. Baldwin is a nice area. Unlike the meth/quadruple-homicidal tendencies of Pomona..
  10. Looks fun! Wish I could have made it down but work is work. I assume I'll see some of you boys at the tourneys. It's finally trout time for me. Been a looonnggg duck season.
  11. Good ol Baldwin City. Go through there all the time on the way to my buddy's place in Pomona. Might have to give Eckman's a try! Looks like a blast.
  12. Ryan Miloshewski

    Cast iron

    Oh I don't pamper it. But the dishwasher rusted the hell out of it.
  13. Ryan Miloshewski

    Cast iron

    My very urban, non-cooking roommates put my cast iron in the dishwasher last year... I got it back to normal with a lot of work. Dicks.
  14. I am not able to take off tomorrow like I originally planned. I may shoot down Saturday, though.
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