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  1. Who knows what gets into where by accident or release by a fisherman. Looks like a small muskie to me. Where I grew up in St. Louis, there was a little lake (really a concrete hole) in St. Ferdinand Park that had a few 5 lb largemouths, 60-80 lb flatheads and blues, and numerous decent crappie. All released by anglers from LOZ and Truman that I guess wanted to see if they'd live or didn't want to clean the fish upon getting home.
  2. Flysmallie you and I would get along well lol!
  3. Ok, @ness I'm not trying to cry tonight..
  4. "I'm in psychoville and Finkel's the mayor!" Name that movie..
  5. Why don't ya go home and get your shinebox?
  6. For all times sake.. "Surely you can't be serious." "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley." Funny aside: I caught a beautiful cutthroat in Jackson Lake in 2001. I kept it and the lodge prepared it for me. My uncle told them my name was Shirley. So when they brought it out they were asking for Shirley..he pointed them to me and I had my cutty. Douche.
  7. I agree. It's a satire. Showed me how ridiculous life was in the past. But still hysterical..
  8. hahah laughed aloud. Forgot about that line
  9. I am an old soul so "Of all the gin joints in all the world, she walks into mine" is a great one, too.
  10. The handcart line hahaha. Kills me every time. Almost as good as "Where the white women at?!"
  11. Also, the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Scene in the Holy Grail is up there..
  12. Love it. Breakfast for dinner just hits different...
  13. We have a thread from @ness on favorite movies. But I am bored being stuck at home all week. What is your favorite movie quote? I will start. Tombstone. Holliday emerges from the trees to meet Johnny Ringo. "Fights not with you lunger. "I beg to differ sir, we started a game we didn't finish." "I was just fooling about. "I wasn't." Gets me every time. I have countless others, but this one is just plain awesome.
  14. Haha I am glad to inspire! I will be making more of it for sure.
  15. What's everyone's favorite movie quote? One that comes to mind is from Tombstone. "Fights not with you lunger." "I beg to differ sir. We started a game we didn't finish." "I was just fooling about." "I wasn't."
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