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  1. I assume like most I cut my teeth squirrel hunting. Still like my .410 if I am actually squirrel hunting. These days it seems I find myself opportunistically plugging them with a .20 or 12 ga. Or undergoing pest removal. Little SOBs destroyed three flower pots this fall. Have a nice batch in the freezer. Urban greys taste just as good as "wild."
  2. I hate them SOBs. Worse than chiggers or a tick bite. I got lit up by them last weekend. Miserable.
  3. That is him. He is a POS. He tried to wave me up on the gravel bar in the narrows in Lilley's boat once. I went by at a foot and said "I know this f***ing game John."
  4. Get some! Hope you guys get into a mondo.
  5. I know most of them and the only one who is a dbag normally is Sappington. Gets his boat sideways and tries to be a bully. Most know the drill though. Even he was nice about it when I was down there. Just something you have to live with, with all the people on there. It really is crazy how much traffic is on the lake now. I remember even 3-4 years ago it'd be nothing to be the only boat fishing late in certain (productive) areas.
  6. When I was down in August for a week, both weekends I had to idle from Cooper Creek to Short Creek..the entire way. Between the fishing boats, stupid kayaks, and abysmal jet skiers, Taney has been insane with traffic this year. Can't wait until the winter.
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  8. Yup that's them. Of course a lot in the group are really good fishermen and great guys. Quite a few OAF members in it. But the "core" of the group is about the phoniest, most pretentious a-holes I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. They use pellet flies when they feed at the hatchery and call it dry fly fishing..
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  10. Yea Michael Marriott. Charged in Chilicothe a while back. Moved down here and thinks he's the King of Taneycomo. He was recently completely wiped on Facebook so I assume he was doing some more pedo things on there.
  11. @laker67 that Facebook group is full of some of the phoniest, scummiest, know-it-alls I have ever seen in the outdoors. I have seen those guys, on many occasions, do what they were criticizing this angler for doing/not doing. I'm not listening to anybody who associates with a pedophile or sits right at the outlets while others stand at the waterfalls and chuck fish food in the water. They can kick rocks.
  12. There's some teal already in KC. Saw 50 or so the other day on the local creek. A few near Clinton on the rivers. They'll be there soon.
  13. They really are pretty snakes. And not nearly as aggressive, overall, as everyone thinks. That being said, I hate early teal season because of them hah.
  14. Because of this the woods around the outlets and trails below TRD have been blessed by yours truly multiple times this summer. The port-o-potty is open finally down by the ramp at least.
  15. Sorry I didn't get to meet up. Didn't even turn on my computer this week. Looks like it was good though! Hope your wife is doing better.
  16. Monkeys?? Is there a reason for this? 😄
  17. Yep we gassed em, but it was a fine line between enough and not enough haha! When they started twitching, we hastened up quickly.
  18. Found a couple of old pics of surgery haha. Kitchen table of one of my professors in Lawrence.
  19. I love TRs. I used to track them and do surgery on them in college for an independent study. They are mostly calm as hell, unlike their cousins. A few times we were standing right over them and they just sat there trying to use their camo. Only time one ever rattled at us was when we had to capture it from under a porch..that was less than ideal. Pretty snakes with good demeanor!
  20. That's normal power pool for the designated time frame indicated.
  21. Travis hit the nail on the head. Jig will get you the most bites and fish. Stop into Lilley's Landing and pick up some jigs from 1/8-ounce to 1/32-ounce.
  22. I love it. Makes me ready for doves, teal, deer and cool mornings fishing. Only a month or so..
  23. I love Nola. But man does it stink!
  24. I used to hunt by it a lot when drawn for Busch. Directly NE of the Lake 33 dam there are some deep pools. Never fished it but may be worth exploring. It'd be a walk I think. Last time I was there the road to go park by the marsh ponds was gated off because of "nefarious activity."
  25. Crappie is pretty good right now. Fourth of July weekend we trolled main lake points in the 20-25 ft range and were getting two-man limits in about an hour. 11-13-inch fish, too. Normally they get in the deep timber and can be caught on jigs but from what I've been told they just aren't there yet. At least not in droves like normal. When you troll, too, you catch a variety. Walleye, crappie, whites, hybrids, and the elusive drum ha. Stop in the Bucksaw marina and they'll point you in the right direction. I'd go to Pretty Bob or Otter creeks.
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