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  1. David Goddard

    Bass Fishing Bite was Very Good 10-25 & 10-27

    That is awesome! We were gawking at your R2D2 of a trolling motor as you put in lol
  2. Got down to Truman Thursday morning last week at about 7:30 and put in at Shawnee bend. It was a perfect day to fish in my opinion. Nice and cloudy with a little wind. My partner and I ran back all the way in a smaller creek and caught 3 keepers in about 15 minutes. 2 on a buzz bait and 1 flipping a beaver. The fish were way back in the flooded "grass." I call it buck brush but I don't know what it actually is. We ran that pattern all day and caught 9 keepers Thursday. Unfortunately, "all day" meant until about 1:30 since my buddy's motor started acting up. We had 18.14 pounds for our biggest 5. As fishing stories always go, I lost like a 5 pounder on a buzzer that got me all wrapped up in the brush. If I had caught that fish we would've had over 20 for sure. Saturday we took off for the 3rd Mizzou Bass Fishing club tournament of the year at 7:30 from Shawnee Bend. Almost immediately I noticed that the lake had dropped at least 2 feet. Most of the stuff that we wanted to fish was out of the water or in just inches. We ran around and looked for brush closer to the main lake thinking that the fish might've pulled out. We did catch 6 keepers, but the quality was not the same and the bite was not nearly as good. Did scrape together 12 pounds for our biggest 5. The bite was the same though. Buzz bait in the morning or if its cloudy, spinnerbait, and flipping where the brush is really thick. All in all I think Truman is a super fun place to fish in the fall. The stained water seems to keep the fish shallow and they don't get near the pressure that the LOZ fish get. Ill 100% be back. Especially if the water is high again.
  3. David Goddard

    Oct. 20-21. Slow but decent

    Made it down to Table Rock again, finally. Hadn't been since August and was excited to fish deep again. I had heard that guys were catching a few shallow, but I figured that with the thermocline broke up and the fish pretty well scattered everywhere that the deep bite would be the most consistent. We didn't get out on the water until like 3 in the afternoon on Saturday and got off fairly soon after that. Put in at Indian point and I had never seen so many fishing boats on the lake before. Caught one on a drop shot in about 25 ft. Sunday we put in at Mill Creek and my buddy's motor threw a rod after running for about 30 seconds so we fished off the tolling motor all day. Caught 3 keepers early shallower. 2 on and underspin and one on a spinnerbait. Coolest part was that it was a largemouth, smallmouth, and spot. Can't do that just anywhere. Then had a bit of a lull but got onto a good group of fish around noon-one o'clock and caught 5 more keepers 1 largemouth and 4 smallies. Smallies were good ones too. All 17-18 inchers. We were catching them mostly on a shakey head with a 4 inch senka on it in trees that topped out in about 25 foot. I'm fishing Truman tomorrow and Saturday and heading back to Table Rock for a long weekend in mid-Nov. Really hoping that there is a good jerk bait bite. I'll let everyone know how Truman goes this week. I think that lake can be very very good but we'll see. Tight lines.
  4. David Goddard

    Lost Thermocline and High Blue Did Me In.

    I'm heading down to fish Saturday and Sunday. What do you think it will be like by then?
  5. David Goddard

    Solid Bite in Warsaw

    Our second club tournament of the semester was out of Drake Harbor this past Saturday. We fun fished from there Thursday and found a good pattern fishing rocky 45 degree banks and docks which ended in about 5-7 foot of water. that nice 4.5 pounder Justin is holding in the picture anchored out 14 lb bag from Thursday. On Thursday they were running current, or at least it looked that way on the water because it was so windy, we never checked the dam report online. With the current, the bite on the broke up chunk rock steep banks was much better with a spook and spinnerbait. On Saturday they didn't run current so we only caught one keeper, which was actually a meanmouth, I think, in the morning fishing the chunk rock banks. We assumed that the dock bite would be better once the sun came out. However, the sun never came out and we started catching them on docks back in the creeks in that 5-7 foot range anyways just running a spinnerbait down the side. then we ran dome broke up bluff wall stuff and caught a few more pots and I caught a 3.80 on an underspin with a keitech. We had 13.6 lbs on Saturday and if we could've culled out the one little spot we had left would've had a pretty nice sack. If y'all do Instagram give us a follow we'd appreciate it. Again thanks for the support that Mizzou Bass Fishing has received from everyone. We really do appreciate it. Tight lines.
  6. David Goddard

    Pond to the East

    Unfortunately I live like 3.5 hours away from Table Rock. Every time I go down I fish the Lower end because its what I know. Next time ill be in the James. That's an awesome brown bass.
  7. We practice fished on Thursday and Friday and the college tournament Saturday. All 3 days we fished about half of the day from Coffman and Half of the Day from PB1. Day 1, on Thursday we caught good fish off of main lake docks and docks off secondary points in the Lower end area on jigs and wacky rigged senkas. We put in at PB1 at about 3 in the afternoon and made it al the way to the Swinging Bridges in a 20 ft fiberglass bass boat. Didn't catch many fish up there accept off one specific bank we caught 5 fish in about 3 minutes, one of them being a 5+. We left the rest of that bank saving it for tourney day. Shad were everywhere. I have never seen so many shad in my life that were up the creek. Day 2 we started at PB1 and fished a ton of the bank that was similar to the places where we were catching fish on Thursday but caught only a few shorts and one that was 3.25. Could not figure out why the fish were only in that one stretch yesterday but we presumed that they would still be there on tournament day. When we fished Coffman we fished some shallow docks with a fair amount of success catching a couple nice Kentucky's and one decent 3 pound largemouth. Fished some brush that was in 10-20 feet and the deeper the brush was the better it seemed but didn't catch many keepers out of there and if they were keepers they were only 15-16 inchers. Day 3 we ran from PB2 to the dam area to where we had been catching a ton of keepers for the last month and couldn't catch a fish over 13 inches. Ran to a spot around Alhonna and caught 2 keepers. The sun came out and we ran back to our good docks at the dam area and that's when I caught the 5.5 pounder on a neko rig. Then we ran all the way from within sight of the dam all the way up the Glaize past PB1 where we caught them on Thursday and we only caught 2 shorts. Got beat to death in the boat traffic, it was absolutely terrible. I guess everyone with a big cruiser thought it was their last day to get some decent weather because they were everywhere. Very frustrating day of driving. My partner and I should have just stayed in the lower end and tried to catch 2 more keepers instead of running up the river, but hindsight is always 20-20. None of the 9 teams from Mizzou qualified for nationals. One team missed by half a pound. My partner and I had 9-8 for 3 fish. It took 14-00 to qualify, so if we could've caught 2 more keepers that were 2.25 or a little bigger we would have made it. Get 'em next time I guess. Thanks for reading guys. Tight Lines.
  8. David Goddard

    Tough bite on 9-23-18

    I think it's a mean mouth. Or just a really brown spot. Not 100% sure. He definitely looks a little funky though.
  9. David Goddard

    Tough bite on 9-23-18

    Fished the Mizzou Bass Team's 1st club tournament of the year on this last Sunday. Practicing for the FLW National Qualifier this Saturday. My partner and I didn't really do that hot but we did catch 6 keepers a piece. His were nicer than mine. Had one spot that was 3 pounds so it was a nice fish. Saw schoolers in the morning and then the afternoon when we got a bit of cloud cover. Caught a lot of short schoolers. But caught keepers in anywhere from 2-40 feet. Squarebill and spinnerbait/chatterbait down the faces and sides of docks and breakwalls was really our best bite. Reading other reports makes me wish we had fished some mid-depth docks that are about 20 at the front at 8 at the back. Gotta thank everyone for the support. Hoping to qualify a few teams for nationals this weekend. MIZ-ZOU
  10. David Goddard

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    I have heard about this. I think its an awesome idea. I absolutely love it. I just wonder how much guys tactics will change since its no longer a format where you can just chase 5 biggins
  11. David Goddard

    Osage River Magic

    However, two access that I have had a fair amount of success at have been Pines Bluff and the access at Bagnell Dam just below it. Both have treated me to very good quality fish.
  12. David Goddard

    Osage River Magic

    I will definitely take you up on that. Is this forum a good place to contact you from?
  13. David Goddard

    Osage River Magic

    Well I was actually showed a few stretches of the river by a friend of mine so I can't really tell you that accesses. Wouldn't want to publish buddy spots if you know what I mean.
  14. David Goddard

    Osage River Magic

    Well if you ever want to get out the jet is ready to roll
  15. David Goddard

    Osage River Magic

    This isn't really only smallmouth fishing but I couldn't find a topic page for the Osage River so here it is. I went out on the Osage yesterday with my girlfriend and our kitten. I had been out on the river a handful of times this summer and had some successful trips but never one like I had yesterday. Earlier this summer I caught my PB Ozark smallmouth at 4.17 from the Osage, my PB spot at 3.63, and my PB meanmouth at 3.05. I never thought it would turn out another PB, but I was throwin' the ol' buzzer around yesterday evening and thought I had snagged a carp when I got bit. Turns out it was a 7.76 Largemouth which broke my old PB that was from a private pond by half a pound. I've included some pics of all of these fish and some other nice fish catches as well. I am very excited to see how this amazing place fishes in the winter. Lastly, I'm the president of the Mizzou Bass Fishing team so I appreciate all of the local support. Thanks guys, Tight Lines.

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