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  1. All in all had a great trip! Caught 2 on the places that you marked but didn't seem to be happening. Fished bluff ends with a jerkbait and swimbait and caught some really nice walleyes, smallmouth, and largemouth!
  2. Thanks Steve I'll definitely check that out!!!
  3. Thank you! You're ever on tabke rock, LOZ, or Truman and need some help let me know!
  4. With all my favorite streams blown out and Table Rock fishing tough my Thanksgiving fishing trip plan A and B are out the window. My nephew's 12th birthday is right around this time so I thought I'd take him on his first fishing trip. I know there's tournaments this weekend so if anyone doesn't want to give any info I totally understand, but have they been biting on Stockton? Some guys say jts alot like Table Rock and I've never fished it so I'm just curious. Not looking for spots just general patterns. Like I said I've never fished Stockton before and would just like my nephew to get on
  5. You know you hit the nail on the head there bill. I would love to get rolling into things in the fishing industry. Not even sure really where to start to be honest. I appreciate all the kind words from everyone though! Means alot coming from a hammer like Bill!
  6. If you fished a different arm of the lake you definitely could've been. We fished the Kimberling city and dam area.
  7. Haha hopefully I'll buy a boat too. The job definitely has it upsides when it comes to fishing!
  8. Yeah you're probably right about that 🤣
  9. New boat is definitely going to have to be worked into my budget!
  10. A gamakatsu football head. They have a small hook that works really well on the 2.8
  11. Its been a minute since I have posted in here and seems like forever since I have been fishing. Corona-Rona took away almost all of my senior season of bass fishing for Mizzou and made it one hell of a time to enter the job market. I was fortunate enough to get an offer to work for Marcus Sykora at State Farm and I have really enjoyed that so if any of you need any insurance give me a call (573)365-5088. Any how I am getting married Aug. 8th so for my bachelor party a group of us went down to my favorite lake in the US that I have ever fished. Justin and I fished Friday the 24th . Caught
  12. A Little late posting this but my partner and I almost won the FLW College National Qualifier on Table rock last weekend. Mizzou showed out at this event taking 5th, 7th, 16th, and a 50 something. Any how me and Jonny found our pattern tp be much different than I anticipated. my partner Jonny usually struggles on Table Rock so we ran around to areas that I have had success on in the past. We fished the lower end all week. We could catch a few on a jerk bait if there was cloud cover or in the morning, but it seemed once the sun came out the fish went a lot deeper. All we did was fish timber 20-
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