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  1. Mizzou's spring break is March 25th-31st. Any tournaments on table rock that weekend that dont require an expensive membership?
  2. We had our 1st Mizzou bass fishing club tournament this past weekend on Pomme. I'm very aware of just how good this lake can be in an early prespawn, but 37 degree water that was much dirtier than I would consider good, made for some very tough fishing. I know guys pull out multiple 20+ pound bags all spring and even 25+ and 30ish lb bags aren't unheard of at all, but we were about 3 weeks early, I think. Fished all day and got 2 bites. One was on a swing head with a menace grub that was 11 inches long and one on an Alabama rig that was 4 and a half pounds. Derek Louderbaugh, who's very much a local on that lake, managed to scrape together 5 keepers for his boat by fishing jerkbaits shallow (less than 20 ft) over brush piles and other places that he had caught them in the past. We all put in at Hermitage and I dont think anyone went farther than 5 miles from the ramp especially once the wind picked up in the afternoon. Pomme is a phenomenal bass fishing lake that for whatever reason is highly overlooked, in my opinion. I'll be back for sure. Also the Mizzou bass team will be doing hospitality (donuts, coffee, and hotdogs at take-off and weigh-in) for Bassing Bob and accepting donations at major tournaments on Lake of the Ozarks this spring. As soon as we get apparel figured out, we will be selling shirts at those events too. Also, we have that fundraiser tournament on April 6th on Lake of the Ozarks at PB#2 which should be a lot of fun. By that time of year the lake should be fishing amazing. Thanks guys tight lines.
  3. Man this is a incredibly technical and loaded question in my humble opinion. I dont have near the experience that most of the guys commenting here have but i have caught more than a few bass on jerk baits and i throw my jerkbaits on both mono and floro leaders attached to braided line and heres why. I think that the floro (even 6 or 8 lb test) pulls the bait nose down not because of the weight of the line because of the movement of the water. Very very rarely (if ever) are you fishing completely still water and the movement of the water on the sinking floro drags the bait nose down. Sometimes I want it nose down to get it a bit deeper. I use an 8 lb mono leader to get the bait parallel or nose up. I dont like a floating jerk bait however and want them suspending or just barely sinking (less than a foot every 10 seconds.) I use braid because it has no stretch giving me a bit harder snap on my jerkbait which I think is essential to reaching maximum diving depth and achieving the best action when using mono a leader.
  4. That smaller one is a beautiful meanmouth. I love catching them. Such neat fish. I'm with ya on the weather...mother nature sure doesn't want to let winter go this time around it seems
  5. Honestly, my cat is pretty much just like having a dog. He goes on walks almost daily on a leash, plays fetch with his toys, and is toilet trained (which in my opinion is better than having to take them outside.) You would be surprised what you can do with a cat that has a little early training.
  6. The Mizzou Bass Fishing Team will be hosting a tournament in collaboration with Bassing Bob on April 6th out of PB #2. We hope to see a bunch of OAF fisherman there as we have received a ton of support from this forum. You can register and pay here https://bassingbob.com/shop/product/4-6-mizzou-bass-fishing-fundraiser-tournament/ Thanks guys, tight lines.
  7. That is an awesome looking meanmouth! I love catching them. I use 15 lb power pro super slick 8 to a 6-15 lb flourocarbon leader probably 75% of the time whether I'm using casting or spinning gear. On casting gear I just beef up the lb test. To avoid the chance of line shyness I usually make my leader 10-15 ft long. I had the pleasure of talking one on one with Brandon Palaniuk at quite length about this at the Collinsville Let's Go Fishing show in 2017 and this is what he does. This is a meanmouth I caught in the osage river that looked like the perfect 50-50 mix.
  8. Thanks! I like the mill creek area and did fairly well there a weekend this fall. I mainly asked because I'm curious about different sections of the lake. One of my favorite things about Table Rock is the diversity throughout different arms of the lake.
  9. Dang those are a couple TRL studs! What arm of the lake?
  10. Dang thats quite a bit better than I did this past weekend; for numbers anyways. I've never went way up a major river arm on Table Rock, but I've been dying to go way up the White and see what I can do. I always have a hard time leaving the lower end. Maybe next trip!
  11. I ran up long creek a pretty good ways but the water got pretty muddy and scared me away
  12. Finally made it back down to the best lake in Missouri (in my opinion) last weekend. @Justin92297 and I found the bite to be fairly tough; atleast after 9 or 10 a.m. caught fish on an a-rig, single swimbait, and ned rig. I hate throwing that stupid a-rig, but after struggling I thought it might work well. It didn't. Fish seemed to be very scattered. I dont really have good enough electronics to fish deep since I was in my dads aluminum jet. What the heck happened to the jerk bait bite that everyone was talking about? I threw a jerk bait a ton and never even had a bite on it. We put in a bunch of hours too. Fished pretty much dawn to dark both Sunday and Saturday for 14 fish, 9 of which were keepers. 2 smallmouth, 2 largemouth, and 5 spots. I broke my pb spot with one that went 3.20. The spots are freaking huge right now. They almost all look like theyve swallowed a softball. We caught all of our fish on mainlake points 10-40 foot of water. I love this lake so much. Hoping to move there after I'm done with school. Tight lines everyone.
  13. Me too man. I used to say smallies were the hardest fighters on every body of water but, I'm tellin' you what, one of those mean ol' spots will give any smallie a run for their money in my opinion.
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