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  1. A Little late posting this but my partner and I almost won the FLW College National Qualifier on Table rock last weekend. Mizzou showed out at this event taking 5th, 7th, 16th, and a 50 something. Any how me and Jonny found our pattern tp be much different than I anticipated. my partner Jonny usually struggles on Table Rock so we ran around to areas that I have had success on in the past. We fished the lower end all week. We could catch a few on a jerk bait if there was cloud cover or in the morning, but it seemed once the sun came out the fish went a lot deeper. All we did was fish timber 20-40 foot deep with a 2.8 Keitech. Justin and his little brother did the same thing. We didn't get a ton of bites like this pattern will be soon, or probably is now, but we caught those first big largemouth that were moving up. I lost a giant in practice because it broke me off in a tree but it was very big. New pb for me for sure. Any was Jonny and I got 5th with 15-15, Justin and his little bro got 7th with 15-12. The 4 of us qualified for the FLW National championship and a MLF College Shootout. Not as detailed of a report or as timely of a report as I usually give but I have a very busy week this week. I've made it to the final stage in a competition at Mizzou to try and win 30k in seed money to start a guide service so I'm working on that a lot. I've got 1 out of 8 chance now. Also, I'm trying to come down to table rock again this weekend and just sleep in the car and fish for 3 days lol. Tight lines everyone.
  2. Well after all of this rain that is probably a good decision. That part of the lake will be Missouri River mud by now
  3. I've caught them before PB #1 headed toward swinging bridges
  4. The second Mizzou club tournament of the year was Saturday. We put in at McCubbins Point. @Justin92297 and I ran WAY up the river in the jet. White bass were everywhere. Couldn't keep them off the line, so that was fun. caught about 50 bass. 25 white bass and we never fished for them. Saw an old timer that caught a crappie every cast for 30 minutes. I had never seen anything like it in my life and I've crappie fished a lot. He just pulled up on a brush pile and started casting a bobber and a jig and bobber and caught one every single cast. caught our bass flipping shallow wood all over the glaize but the creek was full of shorts. Ran almost all the way up to swinging bridges. We got 1st and 2nd in our club tournament. Justin beat me because he had a 4+ pound largemouth even though he only had 4 fish. I had all three species in my bag though and a 5 fish limit. Very fun day. Definitely going to try to do it again sometime. Had 14 lbs for out biggest 5. We're headed to table rock to fish Wednesday-Sunday for spring break. Cannot wait to get back on my favorite Missouri lake. Tight lines everybody This post has been promoted to an article
  5. I completely agree. I wish that Table Rock would lower the limit on KYs to 12" and I'm not really sure why they haven't yet.
  6. @Justin92297 and I left Columbia around 3:30 a.m. and got on the water at like 7:30 on Saturday the 25th. I fished a 2.8 keitech on a 1/4th oz head all day through trees. Justin threw the same small swimbait and an a-rig. We caught over 40 keepers and probably 55ish bass and fished all day. Most fish were 20-40 feet deep. The key was to mark bait and then count the swimbait down to that depth and just reel it back in very slow. Creeks without bait didn't have any fish in them that we could catch and most of the bait seemed to be in the middle of the creeks. Had 16.60 lbs for our best 5. Sunday we did the same thing. Drive till you find bait and catch them. It was that simple. Had 31 keepers and probably 45ish fish. Lots of boats out on Sunday. Didn't see too many people catching though. Fish are so fat right now. When you reel them up they are spewing up shad like crazy. Really hoping to be back down soon. Anyone know what those smallmouth are doing? We didn't catch a single one.
  7. I too have caught some real solid brown bass and spotted dawgs off that point, but a 7-12 holy cow!!!!! Do you have a picture? I'd love to see it!
  8. Dang that looks like some awfully fun fishing.
  9. I can attest to this. I caught a 3.78 lb shoalie last summer and it was one of the hardest fighting fish I've ever caught. Stretches of the streams there in Georgia are incredibly remote and the scenery is amazing. 10/10 would recommend doing that. It had been on my bucket list since I was a little kid.
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