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  1. Looking for shad on the surface only works in the later summer, this time of year ur better off looking for balls of shad using sonar but ur likely to catch other species as well
  2. Wish u would have caught some fish but still looks like a good time
  3. Anyone ever done any good spider rigging at fellows? If so jigs or minnows?
  4. Nope I'm definitely talking about fellows, technically the lake starts where the river widens about 250 yards from 65. So I guess call me superman
  5. I haven't had the chance to make it to the lake in several weeks now but the weather has been less than stellar. Last i heard they were letting as much water out as possible and the lake was still going up. Anybody been into the crappie with the high water?
  6. This doesnt neccesarily affect me right now but some guys at work were discussing this topic and we never came up with a general consensus. My question is if I buy a boat from a a state that doesn't require a title( motor or trailer) can u get a title from Missouri for it?
  7. My nephews group ended up in 4th Saturday with big bass... where was this series when I was in school
  8. Finally got to build myself a rod and it turned out pretty sweet. Extremely light and it should be very sensitive. Rodgeeks 7 foot light blank, micro guides, minimalist carbon fiber grip/reel seat. Ready to wet a line
  9. Last time I had my boat up at pomme it wasn't running right, had some spare time this afternoon to look at it and do some troubleshooting. Bingo found it! 0 compression on cylinder 5.
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