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  1. Touch of Class

    10" Crappie Length Limit

    Will the length limit ever change to 10"? In my opinion there's no point to clean a 9", most of the time you get only a small slither of meat off of them.
  2. Touch of Class

    Osage Bluff 5/31

    Heading down a week from Friday staying at Osage Bluff and KK Island is right there, don't know much about the hybrids but hopefully their still on. Surely between a swim bait and top water a guy could catch some, I've never specifically fished for them?
  3. Touch of Class

    Bass 13 pounds? why not???

    Pretty sure it has a lot to do with our climate of the area. Southern states are warmer, shad spawn more often, fish are more active, eat more, which creates bigger fish.
  4. Touch of Class

    Crappie Fishing

    Might have to give it a try this summer. Its only 45 min from our condo at LOZ and would be a nice break from the madness there. Thanks,
  5. Touch of Class

    Crappie Fishing

    Is there trees to dip for crappie on this lake or is it wide open like LOZ? Never been, thinking of maybe making a trip this summer just curious.
  6. Touch of Class

    Annual Lake Trip Annual Post!!!!

    If the bass are not on you should be able to catch a mess of crappie.
  7. Touch of Class

    Crappie Attempt

    Any Crappie Reports this week?
  8. Touch of Class

    Crappie Attempt

    what is the water temp? Was 47-50 down by the dam last weekend
  9. Touch of Class

    Where to stay at Truman

    With my experience on that lake. If you think you're in the clear after coming out of a cove, idle out another 150 feet
  10. Touch of Class

    Truman Walleye

    I know who he is I will have to talk to him prior. I'm new to it we've caught some walleye crappie fishing just would like to give it a whirl. I've talked to some guys who have caught them jigging spoons around cedars and crankbaits and stuff on flats. I don't really have a preferred method just thought I'd maybe give it a shot. Thanks,
  11. Touch of Class

    Truman Walleye

    Heading down to Truman middle of June staying at Osage Bluff. Any summertime Walleye Pointers? Crappie fish there every spring and hear a lot about the summer walleye bite, would like to try it out.

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