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  1. If I could ever become half the fisherman Champ 188 says he is, I'll be on the elite series in no time!!
  2. I knew this would ruffle some feather on here which is part of the fun. At age 51 myself I am an old dude to many as well. I didn't say they were all cranky. They have taken my money many many many times off and on over the years. I've been lucky enough to take theirs a few time's as well. But if you have ever fished it more than once you know there is a group of regulars who fit the description. I know of a few different times where there was controversy and it wasn't handled well. (Not by the tournament director, but by the regulars after it was all said and done). But hey no one said I have to fish it which is why I asked the question, are there any other daytime options?
  3. Thanks for the help. There are several night weekday tournaments. I was just curious about daytime one.
  4. I'm sure you'd like to try! I haven't fished it this year, but have won it years past a few different times (I'm no good too lol). It is fun, but I wouldn't brag too much about winning a 4 fish 9 boat tourney The original questions still is, are there any other weekday tournaments out there on TR?
  5. Are there any weekday day tournaments going on this summer besides the Wednesday Cape Fair? I've only heard that the Cape Fair boys are a bunch of old cranky dudes that are not big fans of younger guys that can only fish it once in a while. And when I say younger I mean anyone under the age of 50...
  6. JLEWS01

    Dang Fog

    That is Great!!!!
  7. JLEWS01

    Dang Fog

    Got up early to try and take advantage of the topwater bite but..... mother nature had other ideas. The dense fog kept me close to the ramp till almost 9 and when it burnt off it was high sun and no wind. Ended up with a decent amount of 12-14inchers but they were hard to come by. Where are the big fish? ha Hope you'll catch em this weekend.
  8. Great report and thanks for the info. In my experience, the Friday night Mill Creek guys are some of the worse (not all but several). There are a bunch of big headed, in debt up to their eyeballs local guys that fish that one. Don't get me wrong there are several salt of the earth guys fishing that tournament, but they get outweighed by some real pricks. It's a weekly local tournament guys, not an elite series. Go take a cold shower and calm yourself. I love tournament fishing as much as anyone, but hey you know what they say, "common sense is not so common anymore"! FISH ON!!
  9. The Ultrex is would be a game changer. Surely, the spawn will happen next week. It's been an odd spring for me. Several killer days and several extremely slow days. But hey, that's part of the fun!
  10. I was around the Aunts Creek area today and did terrible.... I threw everything in the book at them minus soft plastics (it was too windy for me to feel confident finessing anything) warts, square bill, rock crawls, spinners, under spins, and more. I had high hopes with warmer weather but I was humbled big time. I didnt get out on the main part of the lake because of wind. Anyone have any luck?????
  11. Has anyone been down over the past couple days to the Aunts Creek/Cape Fair? I curious as to watercolor and temp?
  12. Thanks for guys! Keep me posted if you get any updates.
  13. After all the rain how dirty and how much floating junk is in the water? I'm thinking about going down on Friday. Anyone going today or tomorrow?
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