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  1. Intereesting! So, if no Stripers that would have to translate to no Hybrid Stripers either, due to the similar process. This is disappointing to hear, but probably puts in perspective the importance of Temperate Basses versus all other popular species that are produced and stocked from AR hatcheries. It would be only one year class of fish. Some fisheries are stocked every year and some every other year. Perhaps they will see fit to produce and stock larger than normal quantities of both species next year. Scientific variables would determine that, I'm sure. Quillback, can yo
  2. You didn’t say when unless I missed it.
  3. I’ve been using the RiverApp app by phone, after using River Watcher for years but it wasn’t updated for iOS some time ago. Anyway, the RiverApp seems to be working normally for the MO, AR and OK sites I watch.
  4. Jamie - your interest in hunting white bass is one that many fellow fly fishers in the Springfield area share. Suggest you check out Plateau Fly Shop where Ty, Alex and Wayne are all knowledgeable and experienced in the Temperate Basses. The shop is very much open and thriving and you will find the staff very friendly and accommodating. The suggestions from Fishingwrench are right on the money. The tackle and flies needed are a little different than basic trout and panfish fishing, but the single most important factor with white bass in the spring is locating the fish. There are
  5. When i read that you kept 123, i was assuming White Bass and wondered what happened to the longstanding limit of 20 per angler on that fishery. So, before i replied i looked it up. Apparently, this is either the first or second year that the 20 White Bass limit in all Grand Lake tributaries was changed to the statewide "No Limit, except where otherwise specified". Anglers do need to understand the statewide limit for Hybrid Stripers is 20 with no more than 5 being 20" or longer. Does anyone read the regulations differently?
  6. Like many of our fellow White Bass fishers, you are already thinking ahead to spring. The Spring River is one that seems to warm up a little sooner that most rivers in our region. I have kept a fishing journal of my trips for quite a few years and the earliest i have had a decent day of stream fishing for Whites was on the Spring River on February 22nd several years ago. It was a warm late winter which helped. More important than the date is the water temperature. I have to admit that I didn't record the temp in my journal that day, which is the opposite of what I suggest all people who chase
  7. That was a great report! A very good example of how important it is to be persistent and always have a plan B, C and so on. Many would have never fished at all once they saw the muddy water, and some would have tried the muddy water and then quit. Great job in being "relentless"! BTW, did you check the water temp where you fished, and possibly on the Little Sac, too? If you keep a journal of your experiences, water temp is a very important factor to track in the early spring.
  8. It goes without saying that every year (spring fishing) is different, but it's important to keep in mind the most important factors for success on spring run White Bass and their larger cousins: Water levels in the lakes affect where you will find the most fish. Generally, the best areas to focus are the first 3-4 major shoals above lake water to find the greatest concentrations of spawning fish. Right now, for example, if it was early April and the water levels were the same as today, the first few shoals above lake water would be much farther downstream than in normal years. With the la
  9. Laker, that is very cool that you've fished the C&R program every year. I had forgotten the exact year, until you revealed it. That program became my favorite time to fish the parks, due to the relative low pressure and the winter beauty. My parents lived inside BSSP from 77 to 87 and thoroughly enjoyed the slower pace and abundance of wildlife of the winter seasons there. The program's concept was first introduced by well-known author, artist, conservationist, Dave Whitlock, to the Springfield Chapter of the Missouri Trout Fishers' Assoc. just a few years prior. 1973, I think.
  10. You have exciting new opportunities ahead of you from your new location in Indiana. Call or go visit (Springfield MO native) Derrick Filkins at the FlyMasters of Indianapolis shop. All the best!!!
  11. Phil.....Simms has a great custom program. They of course are premium priced but never disappoint. Price only hurts once. Consistent performance on the water is hard to argue. Simms delivers and backs their products with service and satisfaction. All the best! Bill
  12. Hey OTF! When you get settled in Indiana, I would suggest looking up Derrick Filkins at Flymasters of Indianapolis, a very long-standing shop in Indy. Derrick is a great friend who grew up in Springfield and will understand your perceived pain of leaving our great Ozark region. He and his crew can give you some orientation to your new home area, I'm sure. God's speed! Bill
  13. Which business in the shopping center did he go into?
  14. Thumper, are you wanting to learn about Temperate Bass species on a specific fishery, or what is your primary interest? Do you fish with conventional gear or fly tackle, or both? If you are looking for fishing reports, on Beaver or Norfork lakes (which have all 3 of the Temperate species), the AR Fish and Game (AGFC) has a very good weekly report that you can request to be emailed to you automatically. There are multiple reports on each fishery, and they are really pretty good. Ditto for Greer's Ferry, which is of course a premier Hybrid Striper (I don't like the disrespectful term "wipe
  15. That is a great explanation, Al. Thinking of your second home area in Montana, the Yellowstone River begins its 600+ mile journey from Yellowstone Lake, inside Yellowstone Park (actually originates above the lake with two primary tributaries), flowing north into MT, then east and north again to its confluence with the MO RIver just over the ND border. The MO then continues southeast across western ND and southward across SD, before becoming the SD/NE border as it flows eastward, then again turning south becoming the NE/IA border for a ways, and then the KS/MO border, and finally acr
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