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  1. This is at CC at Greenfield. Is there anyway the Corp could push it in so we can back our boats down the ramp
  2. A friend sent this pic taken today
  3. Michael_57

    CC Ramp

    Can anyone tell me if the ramp at CC at Greenfield is visible yet
  4. Michael_57


    You would have to back your truck back into the water quite a ways to pull a boat off of a trailer I think
  5. This is at Greenfield at THE CC Ramp
  6. Michael_57


    Lower parking at Aldrich under water.. 2 boat trailers there. They put in on the gravel rd that went to lower level..if you are REAL familar with ramp
  7. I do a little catfishing, has anybody seen any Shad pods on the surface yet where I could throw a net on them
  8. Hey Dutch we're they in the bank brush or out off bank?
  9. 221 people have looked at this and no offers of wisdom
  10. Usually I can catch bass but I need help, At CC, Greenfield, I need help, anybody catching bass, what are you using
  11. Caught last Friday ,Stockton Lake
  12. Planning on being out there myself looking for white bass,
  13. Wow ,great catch good taxidermy
  14. Small #05 jointed crankbait up river, a male
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