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  1. The harvest rate of 1% really, really surprises me. I wonder if the time of year has any bearing on this? Just based on my interactions with other anglers, I don't think this is normal in the Ozarks especially in the summer.
  2. It is due to how I am parking. I have no flat ground to park on. I'm gonna have to get a long portable carport to park under I guess.
  3. I think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Food tastes good and is obviously healthier than real frying. Any measurable amount of oil in them is a no no unless you enjoy fighting fires. You can brush whatever your cooking in oil and be fine. We've cooked burgers, fish, steaks, deer, sausage, bacon, etc. I would get the biggest one you can afford. They are small. I have cooked walleye fillets in mine and enjoyed it. You will want a recipe for broiling or baking. It is essentially a broiler or convection oven except it also moves the hot air around the food.
  4. Has anyone found a fix for the leaking dry storage box issue on the supreme boats? Specifically, the two side boxes. If the boat is on any kind of uneven ground, the water will collect in one of the two boxes. Which ever is lowest. Thanks.
  5. I would want a cabin style tent. Tons more room. I have the biggest Glacier tent by Browning. It is built like a tank and is a 4 season tent. I'm 6'4" and can stand up in this tent. Easy to set up with one person too which was shocking to me. I have been in it in some rough weather conditions and its solid. https://www.sportsmans.com/browning/browning-glacier-extreme-6-person-tent/p/1270379 But, even though it says 6 person, its getting crowded for more than 4. I would consider this one with two seperate rooms- https://www.alpsbrands.com/browningcamping/products/tents/big-horn-two-room
  6. Btw, I did buy a supreme L48XP back in the spring. I love it, it fishes great. I'm glad I went with the 20 foot version for sure.
  7. No one is asking but surely everyone is curious why one would rent a carp?
  8. So all four species could be there. I was wondering about that. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Does anyone know what all species of trout are in the spring river? I see that the AGFC only stock rainbows currently. Many thanks.
  10. Just get one of the cheap converters that use a cigarette lighter plug. Less than $20 online. You can buy the male plug for a couple bucks at an auto supply store. The male plug will have a pigtail that can be wired.
  11. Who here has had to drag a fiberglass river boat over a shoal, gravel bar, etc? How hard is it with no one in the boat?
  12. I googled this and it looks like Missouri does have this same way of avoiding probate if conditions apply. I would make a visit to your county courthouse to see the right way to proceed with this method. I say county courthouse first instead of state of Missouri because each county may (or may not) have a say in the process.
  13. I dont live in Missouri so i dont know if they have this or a similar law, but in Arkansas there is a state form that can be filled out skipping the probate process as long as the transfer value is less than $100,000 and involves personal property(such as a boat, car, etc) and not real property(real estate) You might check into this.
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