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  1. That's awesome! Now I'm wishing I would have gone on Friday
  2. Not much to report from my son's Creek trip. Only put two fish in the live well. They where both caught in 18' of water about 12'down on minnows
  3. Where would you fish tomorrow? I'm headed out again in the morning to try for some crappie. If you where going out tomorrow what part of the lake would you go and why? I'm bound and determined to figure out how to catch fish on this lake lol. I'm thinking about trying the googer Creek area
  4. I'm headed out in the morning if it's not storming and thought I would try son's Creek. I have never fished it before (I usually go out of cc) I will be fishing for crappie. What boat ramp does everyone prefer for fishing this area? Any recent reports and anything I need watch out for besides trees and stumps. I will be spider rigging so hopefully I will be able to cover some water and find some fish.
  5. Went up turnback today for the first time. We were fishing for white bass also the first time. Ended the day with 14. My son had a blast so it was a great day. Thanks to everyone on this forum as I have learned allot!
  6. Wetfeet

    Fun night!

    We put in at CC trying to avoid the crowds. We put in at about 5:30pm and headed north. We cruised around trying to mark brush piles and fish. ( I just got a new Garmin so I was playing with it lol) after we found a couple spots we set up with a green light at dark and stayed put for several hours. Most of the fish were caught at around 10' on a variety of different colored jigs. All in all it was a fun night!
  7. Thanks for the info! We will keep trying and hopefully figure them out!
  8. Took my Dad and Grandad out today! We put in at Roark and headed west under the power lines and spent most of our time just south of the lines. Both my Dad and Grandad love catching walleye so that what we tried for. This was only the 4th time I have ever been on Stockton so we did not do any good. We fished everything from 10'-30' we tried trolling, vertical jigging and casting but came up empty handed. Now that I have a boat and live only 40 minutes from the lake I plan on spending allot more time on the water! I am determined to figure the walleye and crappie out! All in all I feel very blessed to have spent time on the water with my dad and Grandad! Hopefully I can put them on fish next time!
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