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  1. Thank you for the update. I’m going to try to get out Saturday. Still waiting on new boat to arrive, so I have to go when a spot opens up in friends boats.
  2. I agree its tough to get anyone to talk unless you go to the table rock forum. Bull Shoals and Beaver reports are few and far between.
  3. I will be up there around April 17th.
  4. Yes I would love access to the maps
  5. JMCat

    Beaver 3-27

    Jerkbait was easily the best option for us. I tried a rock crawler and my partner tried an A rig, but nothing would catch them like a jerkbait.
  6. JMCat

    Beaver 3-27

    Had a great day with over 20 bass. We scratched out a limit of keepers in our little tournament. Had two good keepers, but we just couldn’t cull a couple of smaller Ks. Water temp 57 was the highest we saw and 54 was the lowest. We heard there was a mudline right below the cut, so we didn’t go any further south than horseshoe.
  7. I'm just happy someone provides a little info on Beaver. Thank you for the update.
  8. Great report. It’s nice to see someone share their report for beaver. Heading there this weekend.
  9. The number of boats out was crazy. We had a couple fish mid lake but like you said it was tough finding an open bank to fish. There were some real idiots out too. We were idling graphing a channel swing about 70 yds from the bank and some idiot blasts by between us and the bank at 60+ mph. He had 700 yds of wide open lake to pass by us but chose to go by between us and the bank.
  10. Crazy sack for beaver
  11. Thanks I will let you know. Local guy is going to look at it today. Said it might be the compressor instead of blown. It didn’t clank like a cylinder was blown when he cranked the motor.
  12. I can drive further no problem. Where are ya located? thanks
  13. Just curious if anyone can recommend a Mercury mechanic . Thanks
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