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  1. I hope they have moved up shallow
  2. I tried the big worm, deep swimbait crawled along bottom and spinner bait last weekend but the Jig was only keeper. Most bites were at bluff end channel swings. Looking back, I think we moved too much as there were shad everywhere on our first stop.
  3. I have same issue at night. We fished a little tournament Saturday and it was tough. Bluff Ends near channel swing seemed to be only place we could get a bite. Pretty amazing the weights that come in for the night tournaments up there.
  4. I have been in an X19 and they sure are nice. I would definitely get the 200HP SHO. The one i fish out of has a 175 and he always says he should have went with the 200. Super wide deck and lots of room. I wouldn't mind having one.
  5. I picked up the ABU Veritas crankbait rod Winch 7' 6 MH
  6. I am thinking about the magnum crankbait 3 rod in the custom speed stick series CMCBR3
  7. I am looking for recommendations for a deep crankbait rod. I like 6xds and DT20s and wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations?
  8. Sure envious of that awesome setup.
  9. Anyone been fishing Tucker Lead Hill area for bass? I havent been to Bull since late April, so i was looking for some fishing reports.
  10. Sorry I posted in wrong forum
  11. Anybody fished in tucker hollow area lately? Buddy of mind went Saturday and said it was tough. I was thinking about heading up there this weekend and wondering about fishing report. Is it full of debris and also.. What about ramp access there? Anyone been fishing upper Bull lately?
  12. I was sitting in 20-25 and throwing to get it right over tree tops around 15 Used a 110+1 Pro Blue
  13. We did really well on a megabass jerkbait last weekend.
  14. JMCat


    We went to 125 last weekend. Fished Friday and Saturday. 25 + bass per day on jerkbaits and swimbaits.
  15. Thanks so much for the updates guys. I went to Bull shoals last weekend and we had a blast. But I am going to try to get out to Beaver soon. Fish were mostly on main lake points and down inside bank to the first pocket. We caught 20+ smallmouth per day on swimbaits and megabass jerkbaits.
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