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  1. Well, there's docks and then there's docks. From the water, visitors using the lake don't know who owns what docks. There is a way of managing lake use by events.
  2. Well, another season of boating and fishing is here, and hope springs eternal. 😁 Busy, busy, busy tournament fishing this weekend, with the parade of boats going by starting at 6:00 AM. Because of the high water I was down moving docks a lot yesterday, and saw a lot of fisherpeople back in our cove. Nice, quiet, polite, well-mannered fisherpeople getting back up into the trees and weeds, trying to figure out where all the spawning bass went when they had to leave their nests. Hmmm!!! Maybe this year will be different. But, then (and there's almost always a but then), that last boat, at 3:00, the only one left, back at the very end of the cove, got on it, full power, past two no wake buoys, and put full wakes on six docks. Oh well . . . just oh well.
  3. Swim around an unfamiliar dock at your own risk. You have no idea if the electricity is properly grounded.
  4. As a dock owner, I welcome anyone who needs help . . . shelter from a storm, engine problems, needing to bring me a Bud Light . . . . As a long-time TRL/Branson resident, I can tell you there are a lot of old buttheads who live here. So, take your chances. 😎
  5. Anyone know anyone looking for a dock?
  6. We have $45-For-Life Clink in the Lampe area, and it's just fine 99.99999999% of the time. Much better than it used to be.
  7. Just found this. We have solar on our dock, and I know many who do. How many batteries, and what panels you need depends on how the slipowners use electricity. For instance, it would take quite a system for 20 boat lift pumps to be running at the same time. I did our system myself about ten years ago. I could do it again now for: Engineered plans: $500 Panels kit from Harbor Freight: Less than $200 Inverter: Less than $200 Two deep cycle batteries from Wal Mart: $250 Plus the cost of wiring, outlets, etc., and inspection by a certified electrician.
  8. In the OP, I said, " I'm not the only lake resident that feels this way, . . . " Now there's a new No Wake buoy splitting the difference between our dock and the one across the cove, so I guess the folks in that dock were annoyed by disrespectful tournament fishermen, too.
  9. 😎 Improper Speed or Distance A proper speed or distance must be maintained while operating a motorboat or PWC or while towing a person on water skis or any similar device. Specifically, it is illegal to: ■ Operate a motorboat or PWC at speeds that may cause danger, injury, damage, or unnecessary inconvenience. Be aware of and obey all regulatory markers, including those marked as “idle speed” or “no wake.” ■ Operate a vessel at a speed in excess of “slow, no wake speed” within 100 feet of any emergency vessel that has red or blue emergency lights displayed. ■ Operate a motorboat or PWC at speeds greater than “idle speed” or “slow, no wake speed” within 100 feet of: • A dock or pier • An occupied, anchored vessel • A buoyed restricted area “Idle Speed” or “Slow, No Wake Speed” When you see these buoys or signs, they indicate a boating restricted area established to protect the safety of the public and property. In these areas, a vessel may not proceed at a speed greater than necessary to maintain steering. https://www.boat-ed.com/assets/pdf/handbook/mo_handbook_entire.pdf
  10. Posted May 11 Regulations happen when people won't regulate themselves. - - - - - - The new Missouri Boat Wake Law changed three major things, effective Aug. 28, 2018. (Here's a link to the full text of HB 2116, if you'd rather comb through the legal jargon.) 1. Boat wake violators can be charged a $25 fine. That means wakes are treated more like traffic tickets, rather than a violation that requires a court date. State Rep. David Wood, who represents some of the Lake of the Ozarks area and pushed for the passage of HB 2116, said he hopes that $25 fine will encourage Missouri State Highway Patrol/Water Patrol troopers to actually enforce boat wake laws and cite violators. (Wondering what counts as a boat wake violation? See below!) 2. Boat owners can be fined for drivers' violations. The new law specifies that if the operator of the watercraft that violated a wake can not be identified, the owner of that watercraft can be subject to the fine. MSHP Marine Division Director Matt Walz explained that could apply in situations where a dock owner obtains the registration number of a boat that violated a no-wake area; a patrolman could then contact the boat operator or owner to discuss the issue. Walz explained the Patrol's goal is to educate boaters on minding their wake and boating safely; some situations call for a warning and a conversation, while other call for a citation, he said. Dock owners that have photo or video evidence of wake violations—or even if they need to report a violation using the boat's registration number—can contact the Patrol by dialing *55 or calling Troop F. Walz emphasized troopers use the "totality of the circumstances" to determine whether a violation needs to be penalized. 3. More coves can now become No-Wake Coves... at least for the largest boats. Formerly, coves up to 400 feet at the mouth (entrance) could be designated "No Wake" by the Missouri State Highway Patrol/Water Patrol. But HB 2116 changed that. Now coves up to 800 feet wide at the mouth can be designated "No Wake." But this new class of coves—between 400 and 800 feet at the mouth—can only be "No Wake" for the largest boats: those 40 feet and longer. That special designation/specification will be displayed on No Wake buoys at the entrance of coves. The Patrol already has the prerogative to set No Wake coves ad hoc (within the parameters of the law), but it also accepts applications from cove residents who want wakes banned in their entire cove. Seventy-five percent of property owners in the cove have to sign the petition, and the Patrol still has the option of rejecting it, after weighing the situation and holding a hearing. In 2016, Miller Hollow Cove—known as "Redhead Cove," since it's home to the popular Redhead Yacht Club/Redhead's Lakeside Grill/Performance Boat Center—became a No Wake cove, after property owners successfully petitioned the Patrol for the change. https://www.lakeexpo.com/boating/boat_safety/what-boaters-need-to-know-about-missouri-s-new-boat/article_593ba520-6902-11e8-8041-cfe43f546d7b.html
  11. When we first moved here 20 years ago, we went to a few of the meetings the Old Farts have and we listened to them whine about others using what they seem to believe was theirs, and only theirs. We stopped going to those meetings and stopped associating with old farts like that. We still are not like that. We want everyone to enjoy the things we enjoy. What we do believe in is respect and consideration. In this day and age, when the examples being set from the top are so inconsiderate and disrespectful, I understand why some people are like they are. That, too, shall pass. 😊
  12. Any chance it was dark brown metallic, big Evinrude on the back, and no numbers? A boat like that fished by our dock yesterday. "Flat Creek" makes me hungry for catfish.
  13. I remember that article, and that it reminds me of our Florida home. When we boat with our pontoon, we have a lot of no wake, then a stretch of of the ICW before we can get over to other side of the bay, to the pass where everyone hangs out, or to the dolphin wall. &, yeah, there is a drawbridge, and some HUGE vessels. Most of them don't slow down, so I either get us out of harm's way, or our doggy, who sits guard at the front gate, gets a drenching.
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