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  1. Oh, thanks. Measure is new to me. I'll go look. . . . . . . . I did it using 14 straight shots, and got 19.43 miles. That's a ways to push a dock! I wonder what speed you do that at?
  2. What do the circles represent? I used the index on the Corps' dock zoning map, and guessed around 16 miles. I'm planning on moving a dock from just north of 14 to just east of 8. Need to figure out how many 6-packs we'll need! Not quite Cape Fair Bridge to Mill Creek, but close.
  3. Anyone? I need to move a dock that distance, and need to know how far it is. Thanks
  4. How about Point 8 to Point 14?
  5. What could go wrong giving the Corps unlimited, unchecked power over private property?
  6. Beware of this: Docks are approved for the mooring of the owner’s vessel and the storage of gear essential to the 15 vessel’s operation. No other equipment or personal property is allowed to be stored on the dock. It is written by the Federal Government, giving the Federal Government vague, unlimited power over private property. It is apposed to how docks have always been used.
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