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  1. Zack Lokey

    Lake Norfork Fishing Boat Rental?

    Check out 101 boat docks. I think their "bass boats" have rental periods of 24 hours so you can take out the boat whenever.
  2. Zack Lokey

    Bank Fishing Spots

    Hey guys, This weekend I am making a trip down to Norfork with the family. We will be on the lake Sunday. I am the only one wanting to do some fishing, but oh well! I dont have a boat to use so I am stuck to the bank. We will be up by Fout Boat Dock. I was wondering if anyone knew of some decent spots around that area that I could fish from. I dont mind walking and or driving a bit to get there. I would be mainly looking for bass, crappie, and bluegill.

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