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  1. We camped at Meramec Springs and caught a lot of Trout in the park Rented Kayaks on Tue. from Outdoor Adventures and floated to Indian Springs, the water was still up and pretty murky from a rain they had gotten on Sunday and the fishing was tough for us, think we caught 7-9 small mouth and Goggle eye no size to any. Packed up Thursday and moved to Bennett Springs and beat up on some more park Trout. All in all it was a good trip just blazing hot but made the spring water feel good! Thanks for all the info and advise, Rg
  2. Thanks again for all the help guys and yes we will be fishing from Monday-Thursday
  3. When you say walking distance from Meramec Springs are you saying we can wade fish above and below from camp?
  4. Hello everyone, my 16 year old son and I are planning a trip next week. It will be our first time on the Meramec and his first time ever to fish for Small mouth. Looking to camp (pop up camper) and rent a couple of Kayaks. We had originally planned to stay at Meramec Springs and Trout fish the Park for a day then fish for Bass on the river the following Two days or so. I guess I'm open for any and all suggestions as to what stretch to float, what to use, and where to rent the Kayaks? We are not interested in Keeping our catch so CPR works for us, I would just like to see him catch numbers! One day floats are fine not looking for an over night float. I have been reading previous posts and kinda get lost as to where to start. I do appreciate any and all advice I can get, Thank You
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